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First Annual Meeting of the Marshall Co. Teachers' Association

Henry Weekly Courier, Jan. 9, 1857

The Association was called to order in the Union School House of Lacon by the President, F. W. Shaw. The Secretary being absent, O. H. Britt on motion acted in his place. Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved. On motion, the officers for the next year were elected by ballot as follows: S. M. Etter, President; T. McMorris, Vice President; O. H. Britt, Secretary and Messrs. M. E. Etter and T. J. Connatty Executive Committee. Mrs. Frost and Mr. Geo. Bidwell were elected honorary members. Motion passes that our annual meetings be held on the 3d Friday and Saturday of Dec. and our Quarterly Meetings arranged accordingly. Mr. Bidwlll suggested the propriety of discussion on the subject of Township Associations auxiliary to the County Association, and the subject was taken up and discussed freely for an hour. Adjourned till evening.

Evening Session

Opened at 7 o'clock, and though very inclement without, yet a respectable number was present and listened to an eloquent and instructive address from Prof. E. D. Bangs of Henry on the subject of the Teacher's mission. If we would elevate our Profession to a standing among the learned Professions, we must aim at high intellectual attainments. Teachers should be persons of all knowledge &c. The association tendered him a vote of thanks, after which a spirited discussion followed on the subject of the address engaged in by Messrs. Mark Bangs, H. Miller, S. M. Etter, H. A. Ford, Wm. Maxwell, O. H. Britt, and T. A. McMorris.

The folloiwng Resolutions were passed:
Resolved: That the several Editors of our County papers be requested to devote a portion of their columns to the cause of Popular Education.
Resolved: That the Editors be appointed to take charge of the columns thus set apart for educational purposes.
The following persons were appointed as such Editors. T. J. Conatty for Henry Courier, S. M. Etter Lacon Gazette & O. H. Britt Lacon Intelligencer. The association adjourned till morning.

Saturday Morning Session

Opened with prayer by Prof. E. D. Bangs, minutes read and approved. Business was then arranged for next meeting as follows:
Mr. Mark Bangs was appointed to deliver an address, Mrs. M. E. Etter and Miss J. E. Robinson to read essays. And the question "What is Conscience and its Office" was appointed for discussion. Mr. Etter then read an essay on School government which contained many valuable suggestions, not only to teachers, but to parents in the government of their families. Teach self-government as the best government. The association gave him also a vote of thanks and appointed a committee consisting of H. Miller, T. J. Conatty and O. H. Britt to request a copy of his address and that of Prof. Bangs for publication. The question, "Government, its aims and means," was also presented for discussion at next meeting of the Association. The association then adjourned to meet in Henry, on the 3d Saturday in March, 1857.

S. M. Etter, Pres.
O. H. Barry, Sec.

Henry Republican, Henry, IL, February 1, 1883

Henry Teachers Accused of Not Controlling Students at the Wirt Stree School Building
Public School Notes

The teachers of the Wirt Street School building desire, Mr. Burt, to correct a mistake in a late item, in which he reflects upon the discipline of the school, charging children of that building with frightening teams. As the incident referred to occurred in another part of the town and on Saturday, when children are supposed to be under the jurisdiction of their parents, the teachers protest against the imputation of remissness on their part, as their supervision does not extend to the pupils homes, nor throughout Saturday and Sunday. In self-defense they feel obliged to state that they keep a general watch over pupils conduct recess, noons and nights, and have heard of but one case of infringement of well-known rules during the past month.

It seems that the teachers are anxious to have credit for having one month kept the pupils of the Wirt's street building from making an intolerable nuisance of themselves when at play about the school buildings, by throwing snowballs at passing teams, yelling like so many madcaps at them, hanging on to sleighs and vehicles, or frightening teams in other ways. It cost young Hoyt a dear lesson for these teachers to come to a realizing sense that their jurisdiction extends to the street about the school building and that they must abate the evil. WE hope they have suppressed the nuisance for all time, for which we shall ever pray.

Attendance Record for Miss Nerva Whitney's Class

Public School Notes
The following in Miss Nerva Whitney's room were neither absent nor tardy during the first term: Dennie Hartley, Willie Tomasson, Katie Sutton, May Crompton, Lulu Snyder, Pollie Perley, Lena Noll, Nerva Whitney. Neither absent nor tardy during the month of December: Willie Swiger, Alvin Brown, Dennie Hartley, Freddie Smith, Freddie Becher, Ira Brown, Maud Camery, Lulu Snyder.

1883 Lacon High School Commencement
The Henry Republican, Henry Illinois, June 7, 1883
The citizens of Lacon take great pride in their public schools and never fail to evince their interest in them when an opportunity offers. Each year these commencement exercises of the high school have attracted more attention, until they for several years have been looked forward to with interest months before they occurred. Last Thursday night nearly 100 persons gathered in front of the Methodist church before the door was opened, so anxious were they to be present at the exercises. The people poured in until not only every seat was occupied, but every foot of standing space and the doors and aisles were crowded and the gallery packed. The class motto, back of the rostrum was neat and pretty. The blooming pot plants, decorations, etc., gave the rostrum a picturesque appearance. The essays from first to last were unusually well composed, finely read and duly appreciated. The crop of flowers being unusually large this season, many were the bouquets that gladdened the hearts of the graduates.600 programs melted away in the audience and yet there was a clamor for more. Their eyes struck something artistic and they appreciate it. Throw prejudice into an "intellectual crucible" and test them, are "men intellectually smarter than women?" We had a graduating class of eight ladies and one gentleman. The graduates were Miss Ollie Grieves, Julia Green, Nellie Vernay, Jennie Nevin, Clara Hoffrichter, Mabel Holloway, Nellie Boys, Mattie Aylwain and Wayland Thompson. Many persons from the country were present, which ws complimentary to the school. We noticed Prof. Kister and Geo. Burt, Jr., of Henry were present, also Prof. Stevenson from Sparland. The reception was held at the residence of Dr. F. O. Gale on Friday evening. A very large company were present, all the good talkers of the city were out, and the wit, wisdom and originality of the evening were an intellectual feast.

1915 Rural School Graduation

Henry Republican, Henry, IL June 17, 1915

On the week of July 26, will be held the annual County Teacher's institute in the school house at Lacon. The graduating exercises of the eighth grades of rural schools will take place on the afternoon of July 28. Seventy children will participate and all from the rural schools throughout the county. Superintendent Nichols arranged with the superintendents of the seven city schools of the county to hold the graduation exercises of their eighth grade pupils at their own school buildings, thus separating them from the rural school exercises. This is a fine idea nd worthy of a great deal of thought, consideration and preparation. - Transcribed by Nancy Piper

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