Marshall County  IL School Photos

Contributed by Joann Armstrong

Joann writes "Attached are the photos that I have. The locations of the schools: Fairview school is in Bell Plain Twp. on the south border in the center of Section 14. There is now a motorhome on the site.; LaRose photo, Varna, Sulphur School in Bell Plain on the south border a little off center to the west in Section 29, Maple Grove in Richland Twp. in Sec. 32. On the north border in the center. The names of the students are Roberta M. Tomlinson-Romans, Robert E. Tomlinson, Carl E. Tomlinson and Jennie M. Tomlinson-Quiram, and Harold D. Tomlinson. These are my brothers and sisters and they are all older than I am. We moved to Washburn went I was 4 years old, so I start school at Washburn Grade school."

Fairview School 1930's

LaRose Grade School - Teacher Miss Mass (1940's)

LaRose High School

Suphur Springs School 1942

Varna School

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