Cemeteries of Mason County

Cemetery information for this index was taken from the following sources: Illinois State Genealogical Society Cemetery Project web site, research of Joan Lund, the Salt Creek DAR cemetery publication, the USGS/GNIS Geonames database, and researcher contributions.

This site is a work in progress and I will add to it as time and resources permit.
If you have any information on any of the cemeteries or burials there, please Email me and I'll add it to this site.

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Notes & Status
Albright Heyl Manito Complete listing
Allens Grove   Allen's Grove Partial listing
Ashurst-Friend   Bath Despoiled, complete listing of remnants
Baker   Kilbourne Complete listing
Baldwin, Lydia   Havana 1 grave, pioneer
Bath   Bath Partial listing
Baxter   Salt Creek  
Bethel   Bath Complete listing
Big Grove Hiawatha Salt Creek Partial listing
Bishop Zion Forest City Complete listing
Bowman-Cooper-Keith   Bath Complete listing
Carter   Crane Creek Complete listing
Chaney   Havana Complete listing
Cherry Grove Green Mound Mason City Partial listing
Conover, Susan   Bath 1 grave
Coon Grove   Manito Complete listing
Crane Creek Morgan or Webb Kilbourne Complete listing
Crites   Salt Creek Complete listing, 2 graves
Danville   Salt Creek  
Devermann   Bath Complete listing
Dierker   Bath  
Easton   Sherman Partial listing
Eckard Point Pleasant Havana Complete listing
Fairview   Lynchburg Complete listing
Feild's PrairiePrattKilbourne Complete listing
Finch Johnson or Old Fairview LynchburgComplete listing
Forest City   Forest City Complete listing
Fosket   Manito Complete listing
Fullerton Old Soldiers Havana Partial listing
Green Mound Cherry Grove Mason City Partial listing
Hancock Pioneer   Havana Complete listing
Heater New Jerusalem Sherman Complete listing
Heston Pleasant View Havana Partial listing
Heyl Albright Manito Complete listing
Hiawatha Big Grove Salt Creek Partial listing
Holstlaw Yardley Crane Creek Complete listing
Horstman   Bath  
Hoyt-Parker   Salt Creek 3 graves
Johnson Finch or Old Fairview LynchburgComplete listing
Jones Lane or Mastick Kilbourne  
Kilbourne   Kilbourne Complete listing
Kolb-Horstman   Bath  
Lane Jones or Mastick Sherman  
Langston   Manito Partial listing
Laurel Hill   Havana Partial listing
Lease's Grove   Salt Creek Complete listing
Leveldale   Pennsylvania Complete listing of remnants
Lewis   Sherman 6 graves, Complete listing
Liburger Quiver Presbyterian or Tight Row or Pleasant Row Quiver Partial listing
Long Branch Steging or Mowder Havana  
Martin   Forest City  
Mason City   Mason City Partial listing
Mason County Poor Farm   Pennsylvania No stones
Mastick Jones or Lane Sherman  
Matanza St. John's Lutheran Bath Complete listing
Meadow Lawn   Manito Complete listing
Melton   Mason City 4 graves
Minturn   Bath 1 stone
Montgomery   Crane Creek  
Morgan Webb or Crane Creek Kilbourne Complete listing
Moslander   Salt Creek 2 graves
Mt Carmel   Quiver Complete listing
Mt Zion   Bath Complete listing
Mowder Steging or Long Branch Havana  
Neikirk   Forest City Complete listing
Netler   Havana Partial listing
New Hope Walker's Grove Crane Creek Partial listing
New Lebanon   Kilbourne Complete listing
Oak Grove   Manito Partial listing
Old Bishop Wahfeld Forest City Complete listing
Old Fairview Finch or Johnson LynchburgComplete listing
Old Soldiers Fullerton Havana Partial listing
Patterson   Bath Complete listing
Paul-Scovil-Cross   Havana  
Pleasant Hill   Forest City Complete listing
Pleasant Row Quiver Presbyterian or Tight Row or Liburger Quiver Partial listing
Pleasant View Heston Havana Partial listing
Point Pleasant Eckard Havana Complete listing
Pratt Feild's Prairie Kilbourne Complete listing
Quiver Presbyterian Pleasant Row or Tight Row or Liburger Quiver Partial listing
Rakestraw Ringhouse   Complete listing
Ringhouse Rakestraw   Complete listing
Roat Yetter Havana Complete listing
St. Charles Catholic St. Marys Catholic Havana Partial listing
St. Fredericks Catholic   Manito Complete listing
St. Johns Lutheran   Forest City Complete listing
St. John's Lutheran Matanza Bath Complete listing
St. Marys Catholic St. Charles Catholic Havana Partial listing
Samms   Havana Complete listing
Sisson   Bath Single grave
Snicarte   Lynchburg Complete listing
Speckman   Havana Complete listing
Steging Mowder or Long Branch Havana  
Swings Grove   Mason City Partial listing
Tight Row Pleasant Row or Quiver Presbyterian or Liburger Quiver Partial listing
Tracy   Salt Creek 1 grave
Wahfeld Old Bishop Forest City Complete listing
Walkers Grove New Hope Crane Creek Partial listing
Webb Morgan or Crane Creek Kilbourne Complete listing
Wehmhoff   Forest City Complete listing
Yardley Holstlaw Crane Creek Complete listing
Yetter Roat Havana Complete listing
Young   Salt Creek Complete listing
Zion Bishop Forest City Complete listing