Contribute Data to
Mason Co. Illinois Trails

Do you have a few obituaries, newspaper articles or old school photos? Or maybe you've walked one of the local cemeteries and written down some of the names or taken photos? If so, we would love for you to share your research data here to help other researchers.

It's easy to do! Simply email your submissions to Kristin and place "Mason Co" or something similar in the Subject line

We could use a few volunteers to help with typing biographies and chapters from history books, and especially someone willing to transcribe census records from original images. We can't pay you for your work, but we will provide the printed pages or the census image CDs to work from. Accuracy and dedication are more important than speed! Please email Kristin if interested.


  • All items must have a Mason County connection. For example: if an obituary is for a person that lived in Mason Co at one time, but died elsewhere, or if the surviving family include a Mason Co resident, then those are relative to this county and will be helpful to other researchers.

  • Please cite as much source information as possible, such as name of publication, date of publication and city/state. For photos, names, dates and locations if known. If you have some "Unknown" photos that you think are of Mason Co residents they may be submitted also as another researcher may know who they are.

  • Photos should be in .jpg format and reduced to 300K or less in size if possible

  • Obituaries and newspaper articles are often difficult to read when scanned, so it would be best if they were typed before submitting.

  • Written information may either be included in the body of the email, or attached as Word or text documents. Excel files are also accepted, especially for cemetery, census and other "table" type listings.

  • We do not accept family trees or GEDCOMS, but if you have them online at another source (such as Ancestry, WorldConnect, etc.) we will provide a link to them from this site.

  • Please observe copyright laws! Facts cannot be copyrighted but the format they are presented in can be. For example: we cannot upload the pages of a published cemetery book without the author's permission, but a person can go walk the same cemetery, write down the same names and dates and submit it for the website. The same applies to sending information from a marriage records book vs. recording the marriages directly from the courthouse. If the copyright has expired (as is the case with most of the biography and history books), the publication is in the public domain, or we have written permission from the author, then we will accept submissions from printed sources.

  • All submissions remain the property of the submitter, and we will remove submissions from this site at the request of the original submitter. We will never sell or in any way use submitted data for profit, or use it on another site without the permission of the original submitter.