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Funeral Home Records

The individual records are found on this website in both the every-name index, and in the individual book pages. The index contains the book number next to each name. The book pages usually contain additional information than what is found in the index, so it is adviable to check both sections. Book #2 seems to contain many of the same names and information found in Book #1, both are included here in their entirety.

As the funeral home is located in Chandlerville, Cass County, there are many burials from there, as well as many from Mason County and some from surrounding counties

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Transcribed by Judy Hofreiter, October 2006

Comments from Judy:
"This project was more than a small undertaking. I have tried to transcribe it to the best of my abiliity; however, with any transcriptions there are bound to be errors. I do believe the material written was determined by the penmanship and style of the original author, his time and his interest in making the entry.

These records are NOT death certificates. They are a Chandlerville funeral home's receipt records. Therefore, the date by each name is not necessarily the death date. It can provide an approximate date to use in search of perhaps court house records.

I started marking items with (sic), which are words or names that were transcribed as they appeared and were the misspellings of the original author. Those with (?) by them were names or words that are an educated guess by this transcriber. I started to include the notations in hopes they will provide a clue as to the true spelling. However, there were so many misspellings that I finally decided to type them as they appeared. Therefore, as you look through the material and see the misspellings, please remember that I have transcribed them as they appeared--as they were misspelled.

Under the age column I have used the following abbreviations:

Under the physician column the names listed are medical doctors except in the instances noted as coroners.

These records are the property of the Hurley Funeral Home. The owner is a personal friend and allowed me access to these records but requested the cause of death and the monetary notations not be used. We feel that discretion and privacy must be taken into consideration. If someone wants the cause of death for an ancestor before 1940, if they will contact me I will be glad to look that up if it is on the records. The only information not included in this transcription is the cause and the cost of the funeral. Not all information was listed for every name."