The Atkinson Cemetery

Emmet Township, 
McDonough County, Illinois


(aka McCord Cemetery)

Located in Section 31, Emmet Township, just north of the Argyle State Park.
The land was at one time owned by the Atkinson, and then Shelor families

Inscriptions recorded in 1964 with genealogical notes added by Virgil Foster and Goldie McCord.
Published in the Central Illinois Genealogical Quarterly, November 1969, Vol. V., No. 4

Transcribed by K. Torp
[Transcriber's Note: I assume this is a PARTIAL listing of burials] 


Job Yard (1st husb. of Frances Warren)
Sept 11, 1839, aged 40 yrs

Simeon Atkinson (2nd husb. of Frances Warren)
d. Sept 9, 1850, aged 40 yrs.

Frances Warren - Mother
d. Sept 4, 1872, aged 66 yrs, 8 mos

J.W. Atkinson, son of Simeon & Frances
d. June 29, 1851, aged 15 yr, 9 mos

Emma Louise, dau of Thomas Colvin & Louisa (Phelps) Yard
Aug 9, 1862 - Sept 9, 1863

Isabell, dau of Job Jr. and S. Yard
d. June 30, 1878, aged 1 yr, 3 mo, 11das

John Bosserman
d. Nov. 28, 1851, aged 38 yr, 3m, 20d

Infant son of John & E.M. Bosserman
d. July 22, 1850

wife of Jefferson Bayless
May 22, 1827 - Jan 8, 1857

Robert Russell
d. Aug 29, 1855, aged 63 yr, 5m, 23d

Katharine, wife of Robert Russell
Oct 15, 1797 - Mar. 22, 1857

Frances C., dau of Robert & C. Russell
d. Apr. 23, 1853, aged 25yr, 1mo, 13das

John McCord
born N. Carolina
d. Dec 23, 1863, aged 83yr, 11m, 7das

Mary Willard
born Va., wife of John McCord
dau of William Willard
d. June 17, 1861, aged 76 years

Elizabeth, dau of John & Mary (Willard) McCord
born Overton Co., Tenn.
d. Sept. 31, 1852
aged 30 yr, 6 mo, 14 days

James R. Welch, husb. of Margaret (McCord) Welch
d. Aug. 8, 1848
aged 38 yrs

Mary E., dau of James R. & Margaret (McCord) Welch
d. Mar. 27, 1859
aged 16 yr, 1m, 25 days

To the remains of Jack, the Black Man of John McCord: aged 45 yrs. (d. about 1870)

William Willard, husband of Jane Cooke, born State of Virginia, d. Nov. 9, 1846 in the 97th year of his age.

[William Willard was a soldier in the Rev. War; enlisted at Leesburg, Va. in 1778 July; served 7 mos. under Capt. James Ralican in Col. David Shephard's Regiment, General Martin commanding. Later in 1781 he enlisted to serve three months. His pension certificate was #7988 file 31489, issued May 2, 1833, Springfield, IL. Received $31.67 per annum]





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