McDonough County, Illinois



Source: GNIS and "Place Names of McDonough County, Past and Present"

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Anderson Family Graveyard 403316N 0904857W aka Huff Cemetery
Arbogast Cemetery     aka Pearce Cemetery
Archer-Bethel Cemetery 402150N 0904522W  
Argyle Cemetery 402747N 0904823W  
Atkinson Cemetery 402758N 0904655W aka McCord
Bailey Cemetery 402535N 0904143W  
Banks Cemetery Unknown Unknown SW quarter of Sec. 30 in
Hire Twp
Barber Cemetery 402418N 0904622W  
(New) Bardolph Cemetery 402953N 0903410W  
(Old) Bardolph Cemetery Unknown Unknown  
Barnes Cemetery     aka Bedford Cemetery
Bayles Cemetery     aka White Flock Cemetery.
Bean Cemetery 402614N 0904622W  
Beckelhymer Unknown Unknown Sec. 15 of Sciota Twp
Bedford Cemetery     aka Barnes Cem.
Bethel Baptist Cemetery 402021N 0904354W  
Black Wayland Cemetery     aka Bowlin-Wayland Graves
Black's Graveyard     NW quarter of
Sec. 31 and the SW quarter of the SW quarter of
Sec. 30 in Industry Twp
Blandinsville Cemetery     aka Glade City Cemetery.
Bowlin - Wayland Graves     aka BLACK WAYLAND Cemetery
aka Riden Cemetery
Bowman Cemetery 401804N 0903753W  
Brooking Cemetery 403105N 0904016W Adjacent to McDonough County Poor Farm
Brundage Cemetery     aka Pioneer Cemetery.
Bushnell City Cemetery 403250N 0902935W  
Calvin Cemetery     aka Vawler Cemetery
Camp Creek Cemetery 402201N 0903848W  
Catholic Cemetery     Tennessee Twp
aka Old Roman Catholic Cemetery
aka Sacred Heart Cemetery
Central Cemetery 402951N 0905342W aka Rock Creek Cemetery
Chapel Cemetery 403545N 0905417W aka Wesley Chapel Cemetery.
Chockley Cemetery 401748N 0903154W  
Clark-Evans-Woods Cemetery Unknown Unknown  
Claybough Cemetery 401907N 0903650W aka Osbom Cemetery.
Clayton Cemetery     aka Clugston Cemetery
Clugston Cemetery     aka Clayton Cemetery
Coker Cemetery     aka Pennington Cemetery
Colchester South Cemetery     aka Lower Cemetery.
County Farm Cemetery     SE quarter
of Sec. 7 in Scotland Twp
Cost Cemetery 401908N 0904357W aka Pioneer Cemetery
Craig Cemetery 402216N 0903639W  
Crossroads Cemetery 401755N 0903532W aka Springer Grave
Dailey Family Cemetery     NW quarter of Sec. 6, in Eldorado Twp

aka Moore Cemetery
Dennis Cemetery 401732N 0902847W  
Doddsville Cemetery 401708N 0903902W aka Runkle Cemetery
Drowing Fork Graveyard Unknown Unknown  
Duncan Cemetery 403301N 0905401W  
Dunkard Cemetery 401944N 0904658W aka Camp Creek Church
Dunsworth Cemetery 402110N 0904627W  
Dye Cemetery Unknown Unknown aka Pope Cemetery
Dyer Cemetery     Upper Mound aka Cemetery
Family Cemetery Unknown Unknown  
Fandon Cemetery     aka Gibson Cemetery No. 1
Forest Lawn Cemetery 402709N 0904309W  
Foster Cemetery     aka New Hope Cemetery
Foster Point Cemetery 402129N 0902807W  
Friend gravesite     NW quarter of the SW quarter of Sec. 20 in Lamoine Twp
Friendship Cemetery 402737N 0905253W western part of this Cemetery is called Mourning Cemetery
Gibson Cemetery #1 402201N 0904630W aka Fandon Cemetery
Gibson Cemetery #2     aka White Flock Cemetery
Gin Ridge     aka Gunning Cemetery
aka Irish Cemetery
Remains were removed and reburied in the old Macomb cemetery and in the nearby Stoneking Cemetery
Glade City Cemetery 403328N 0905152W aka North Cemetery
Good Hope Cemetery 403356N 0904017W  
Gunning Cemetery 401818N 0904205W aka Gin Ridge Cemetery
Guy Cemetery 403002N 0904525W aka Pleasant View
Hageman Graveyard 403509N 0903516W aka Lynn Grove Cemetery.
Hainline Cemetery Unknown Unknown aka Head Cemetery
Hamilton Cemetery     aka Walnut Grove Cemetery
Harris Cemetery 402150N 0902657W  
Harris Family Cemetery Unknown Unknown NE quarter of Sec. 22 in Macomb Twp
Hays Family Cemetery Unknown Unknown  
Head Cemetery Unknown Unknown aka Spring Creek Cemetery
and first known as Hainline Cemetery
Herron Family Cemetery Unknown Unknown aka Heron Cemetery
Hickory Grove Cemetery 403619N 0903812W aka Sorghum Grove Cemetery
aka"Old Hickory
High Mound Cemetery     aka Upper Mound Cemetery.
Hills Grove Cemetery 402312N 0905325W aka Owens Cemetery
Hillsborough Cemetery 403603N 0905307W  
Hoagland Family Cemetery Unknown Unknown SE
quarter of Sec. 24 in Macomb Twp
Huff Cemetery     aka Anderson Graveyard
Humbard (Humbert) Cemetery     aka Spring Creek Cemetery
Hutchinson Cemetery 402232N 0904941W aka Oak Ridge Cemetery
Industry City Cemetery 401951N 0903621W  
Irish Cemetery     aka Gin Ridge Cemetery.
Jacoby Grave Unknown Unknown SW quarter of the
NE quarter of Sec. 14 in Emmet twp
Jenkins Cemetery     aka White Flock Cemetery
Jones Cemetery     aka Pioneer Cemetery
Kepple Burial Plot     south of Bardolph in
Mound Twp. No longer exists
King Tabler Cemetery Unknown Unknown aka Owen's Cemetery
Kost Cemetery     aka Pioneer Cemetery
Lansdown Cemetery Unknown Unknown aka Simmons Cemetery
Lantz Cemetery     aka Lynn Grove Cemetery
Larkins Cemetery 403750N 0903630W  
Lewis Cemetery     aka White Flock Cemetery
Liberty Cemetery 403447N 0905135W  
Lizden Cemetery     aka Mound Methodist Cemetery.
Logan Burial Grounds     aka New Hope Cemetery
Lower Cemetery 402353N 0904857W aka Colchester South Cemetery
Lynn Grove Cemetery     aka Hageman Graveyard, Lantz
Cemetery, or Lynn Center Cemetery
Macomb Cemetery 402751N 0904143W  
Mathews Cemetery     aka Archer-Bethel Cemetery
McCord Cemetery     aka Atkinson Cemetery
McGinnis Cemetery     aka Old St. Paul's Cemetery
McMahill Burying Grounds      
Miler Grave 402212N 0904559W  
Miles Cemetery 401900N 0902837W  
Millville Cemetery      
Moore Cemetery 402535N
aka Dailey Cemetery
Moore Cemetery 402535N
Colchester or Widow Moore Cemetery
Montee Cemetery     Pioneer Cemetery
Mound Chapel Cemetery     aka Mound Chapel Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery
aka Mound Methodist Cemetery
Mound Cemetery 402928N 0903015W  
Mound Cemetery 403014N 0902759W  
Mound United Brethren
    aka Upper Mound Cemetery
Mount Auburn Cemetery 402601N 0904754W  
Mourning Cemetery 402739N 0905256W  
Murray Grave Unknown Unknown Sec. 16 in Chalmers Twp
Mustain Cemetery 403610N 0905149W  
Naylor Cemetery Unknown Unknown  
Nayor Cemetery Unknown Unknown  
Neese (Neece) Cemetery 402351N 0904723W  
New Bardolph Cemetery     NW corner of the NE quarter of Sec. 24 in Macomb Twp
New Hope Cemetery     aka Baptist Cemetery No. 2, South or
Old South Cemetery, Logan Burial Ground, and
Foster Cemetery

North Cemetery
    aka Glade City Cemetery
Nubbin Ridge Cemetery Unknown Unknown  
Oak Ridge Cemetery     aka Hutchinson Cem
Oakwood Cemetery 402815N 0904007W  
Old Bardolph Cemetery     NE quarter of Sec. 13 in Macomb twp
Old Bedford Cemetery 403818N 0905338W  
Old Catholic Cemetery 402719N 0904250W aka Old St. Paul's Cemetery
Old Chapel Methodist Cemetery     aka Wesley Chapel Cemetery
Old Colchester Cemetery     aka Widow Moore Cemetery
Old County Home Cemetery     aka County Farm Cemetery
Old Head Cemetery     aka Head Graveyard
Old Hickory Graveyard     aka Hickory Grove Cemetery
Old Macomb Cemetery 402750N 0904144W aka Old McDonough Cemetery
aka Old City Cemetery
aka Wigwam Hollow Cemetery
First Cemetery in Macomb, est. in 1836, but with burials dating as early as 1830
Old Pennington Cemetery     Walker Cemetery
Old Plymouth Cemetery Unknown Unknown aka Whittington Cemetery
aka Smith Cemetery
Located at SW quarter of the SW quarter of Sec. 30 in
Lamoine Twp.
Old Roman Catholic Cemetery     aka Catholic Cemetery in Tennessee Twp.
Old South Cemetery     aka New Hope Cemetery
Old St. Paul's Cemetery     sometimes called
"Old Catholic" and "McGinnis" Cemetery
Old Walker Cemetery     Walker Cemetery
Osborn Cemetery     aka Claybaugh Cem
Owen's or Owens Cemetery      
Payne Cemetery     White Flock Cemetery
Pearce (Pierce) Cemetery 403355N 0903552W aka Scottsburg, Arbogast, Spicer, and Solan Cemeteries
Peck Cemetery 401855N 0903549W  
Pennington Cemetery 401949N 0903833W in Industry Twp.
aka Coker Cemetery
Pennington Number 1 Cemetery 403124N 0904613W aka Walker Cemetery
Pennington Point Cemetery 402347N 0903320W  
Pioneer Cemetery     SW quarter of the NW quarter of Sec. 22 in Bethel Twp. in what was known as the Eagle District

aka Brundage and also by names of the
subsequent owners of the land, T.C. Montee, Iverson Jones, and Kost/Cost
Pleasant Grove Cemetery 401755N 0903532W aka Springer Grave
Pleasant View Cemetery     aka Guy Cemetery
Pope Cemetery     aka Dye Cemetery
Post Shippey Cemetery Unknown Unknown SW quarter of Sec. 32 in Emmet
Prairie City Cemetery 403740N 0902816W

Burials by Surnames:
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Pruitt (Pruett) Cemetery 401748N 0904347W  
Rabbit Cemetery     NE
quarter of Sec. 2 in Chalmers Twp
Rice's Cemetery or Burial Ground     aka White Flock Cemetery
Riden (Ridon) Cemetery 402235N 0904342W aka Bowlin-Wayland Graves
Rigg Cemetery 402117N 0904142W  
Rinehart Cemetery     Bethel Twp
Robinson Cemetery Unknown Unknown SW quarter of Sec. 30 in Bushnell Twp
aka Solon-Robinson Cemetery

Rock Creek Cemetery
    aka Central Cemetery
Runkle Cemetery     See Doddsville Cemetery
Russell Cemetery     See Spring Creek Cemetery
Sacred Heart Cemetery 402538N 0905039W See Catholic Cemetery (Tennessee Twp.)
Saint Pauls Cemetery 402816N 0904022W  

Salem Cemetery
    See Chockley Cemetery
Sanford Cemetery     See White Flock Cemetery
Sciota Cemetery     See Spring Creek Cemetery
Scott's Cemetery 401758N 0904732W  
Scottsburg Cemetery     aka Pearce Cemetery
Shannon Cemetery     Simpson Cemetery
Simmons Cemetery     aka Lansdown Cemetery
Simpson Cemetery 402925N 0904020W aka Shannon
Smith Cemetery     See Old Plymouth Cemetery
Solon-Robinson Cemetery 403350N 0903328W  
South Cemetery 403321N 0905158W  
Sorghum Grove Cemetery     See Hickory Grove Cemetery
South Cemetery     aka New Hope Cemetery
Spicer Cemetery     See Pearce Cemetery
Spring Creek Cemetery 403216N 0904517W aka Spring Grove,
Head, Humbard or Humbert, Sciota and
Spring Grove Cemetery 401755N 0903532W SPRING GROVE Cemetery

See Spring Creek Cemetery
Springer Grave     aka Crossroads or Pleasant Grove
Standard Cemetery 401832N 0903438W  
Stevens Cemetery Unknown Unknown SE quarter of Sec. 17 in Colchester Twp
Stickle Cemetery Unknown Unknown SW quarter of the SW quarter of Sec. 11 in Emmet
Stoneking Cemetery 401757N 0904441W  
Stoneking Cemetery 401712N 0904407W  
Strader Cemetery 402236N 0904354W aka Strader-Nankivel Cemetery
Sugar Grove Cemetery     See Hickory Grove Cemetery
Sullivan Cemetery 402051N 0904522W aka Archer-Bethel Cemetery
Tabler Cemetery     aka King Cemetery
Upper Mound Cemetery     aka Dyer, High Mound, Sheets, and Mound United Brethren Cemetery
Vail Cemetery 401957N 0903616W  
Vance Cemetery 401919N 0903443W  
Vawter Cemetery 402010N 0904235W aka Calvin Cemetery
Walker Cemetery 403124N 0904613W aka Old Walker Cemetery, Old Pennington Cemetery or Pennington Cemetery No. 1
Walnut Grove Cemetery 403242N 0903823W  
Warmack Cemetery 402051N 0904502W See Waymack Cemetery
Wayland Cemetery 402235N 0904342W aka Bowlin-Wayland Cemetery.
Waymack Cemetery 402051N 0904502W Warmack Cemetery
Wesley Chapel Cemetery      
West Bethel Cemetery     aka Archer-Bethel Cemetery
White Cemetery Unknown Unknown NW quarter of the NE quarter of Sec. 9 in Tennessee Twp.
White Flock Cemetery 402113N 0904948W aka Lewis, Jenkins, Payne, Bayles, Gibson, Sanford, and Rice Cemetery
Whittington Cemetery     See Old Plymouth Cemetery
Widow Moore Cemetery     aka Moore Cemetery
aka Old Colchester Cemetery
Widow Taise Grave     unmarked grave in Tennessee Twp
Wigwam Hollow Cemetery     aka Old Macomb Cemetery
Wilhelm Cemetery 401854N 0903544W  
Willey Cemetery 401719N 0904201W  
Wilson Cemetery 403456N 0905303W  
Wilson Cemetery Unknown Unknown  
Wormack Cemetery     aka Waymack or Warmack Cemetery
Wright Cemetery     possibly located in Tennessee Twp

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