Walnut Grove
 McDonough County, Illinois
Larkin Cemetery

LARKINS CEMETERY is located in the NW quarter section of Section 3, Walnut Grove Township. It is three and one quarter miles east of U S Hwy 67, on Road 000 N., (Warren-McDonough County Line), on the south side of the road. The Ralph Wolf home is located directly across the road, to the north.


CAMPBELL,Willis G; died Feb 17, 1869 age 2m8d, son of J A and M C

JUETT, Elizabeth died May 13, 1886 age 69y5m3d

KINNEY, Nancy G d. Jan 26, 1875 age 31y11m4d wife of E.S.
KINNEY, Ida May d Dec 13, 1872 age 11m16d daughter of E.S. & N G
KINNEY, William A d July 9 , 1871 4y3m son of E S and N G
KINNEY, James M d. Dec 5, 1862 1y3m14d son of E S and N G

LARKINS, Zeddekiah d. Aug 16, 1870 1m12d son of JW and M C
LARKINS, John W d Dec 2, 1872 60y10m9d
LARKINS, John H d. Oct 5, 1862 14y3m6d son of J W & L
LARKINS, William H d. Sept 19, 1862 8y11m9d son of James and Parthena "W.H.L."
LARKINS, Samuel d. Nov 29, 1859 age 26 years
LARKINS, James d. Aug 18, 1864 81y1m16d
LARKINS, D.C.Elmira d Jan 13, 1858 4y2m dau of J and M.A.
LARKINS, ?Sarah? D Oct 29, 1859 1y3m dau of J and M.A.
LARKINS, ?_____? D Feb 26 1862 11m9d son of J and M.A.

RYLANDER, Gog age 5 months

TRASEY, Mary J d. June 29, 1862 age 3 years dau of W and M Trasey

TRACY, Mary, d. June 29,1869 35y9m wife of Warnel
TRACY, James R d Aug 8, 1869 age 3 months son of W and M Tracy

WRIGHT, Valentine, according to oral history is buried here. Died between 1862 & 1872; grave is not marked.

name unreadable, age 40 years 7 months


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