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Algonquin Facts
First called: 
1839-Denny's Ferry
1840-Cornish's Ferry
Finally Named in 1847 for: 
The Algonquin- A ship that Samuel Edwards had sailed on,(some say owned). The boat had supposedly 
been named after the Indian tribe.
First Settlers: 
Samuel and Margaret Gillilan and their eight children were  the first family to enter and settle in the county, near what was later known as the
Village of Cary.
November 18, 1834. 

First Marriage:
March 10, 1839. Franklin Wallace married Hannah S. Beardsley. Miss Beardsley had taught the first school 
in the area, in nearby Crystal Lake, 1838.

First Death: 
Deila Gillilan, who died at the age of 
fifteen on August 26, 1835.

First Post Office in the Town:
1836, Postmaster-Dr. Cornish,(First of the County), who also ran his general store, distillery, mill, and a ferry-crossing on the Fox River.

First Arrest:
A counterfeiter named Abnir Kirn, who was chased to this town and arrested by Allan Pinkerton of Dundee. Mr. Pinkerton later guarded President Lincoln during the Civil War, and began the Pinkerton Detective Agency.


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