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Veteran Biographies

Submitted by Martin W. Johnson

This information is from the 1877 McHenry County Directory, which we have transcribed in full

Listed below are extracts from only the veterans' biographies in that Directory.
Some biographies have more information than was transcribed by Mr. Johnson, so view our
full transcription.
Also some information has been added by the transcriber from muster rolls and local records.

Abbott, Abija C. -- b. 1826 Chautauqua Co. N.Y. Co. I. 147 Ill. Algonquin Twp..
Allen, Morris H. (=Brother) -- b. 1842 Lodi, Cattaraugus Co. N.Y.; 95 Ill.? or Co. D. 15 Ill. Dunham Twp..
Ames, George W. -- b. Waukonda, Lake Co. Ill.; Co. I. 52 Ill. Nunda Twp.
Armstrong, Charles -- b. 1-11-1815 New London Co. Conn.; Sgt. Co. C. 95 Ill.. Chemung Twp..
Ayer, Ed E. (Ayers) -- b. 11-16-1841 Kenosha Wisc.; Co. E 1 Calif. Cav. Chemung Twp..
Banner, George P. -- b. 8-30-1838 England; Cpl. Co. B 8 Ill. Cav. Coral Twp..
Barnard, George -- b. -- b. 10-4-1823 Bradford Co. Penn; Co. H. 95 Ill.. Greenwood Twp.
Barrows, Darwin A. (=Son) Co. E. 95 Ill. Dunham Twp..
Barrows, G.M.D. (George?) (=Son) Co. E. 95 Ill.? Died Red River Expedition. Dunham Twp.
Barrows, Lathrop H. S. -- b. 10-8-1826 Columbus, Chenango Co, N.Y.; Co. A. 15 Ill. Dorr Twp..
Beckley, John E. -- b. 4-11-1826 Granby, Hartford Co. Conn.; Capt. Co. D. 95 Ill. Nunda Twp..
Beebe, Augustus -- b. 10-16-1839 Manchester, Bennington Co. Vt.; Sgt. Co. K. 127 Ill. Coral Twp..
Benedict, Harley E. -- b. 4-29-1842 Madison Co. N.Y;. Co. I. 33 Wisconsin. Hebron Twp.
Billings, Wm G. -- b. 6-14-1822 Potsdam, St. Lawrence Co.N.Y.; Capt. Co. B 153 Ill. & 1lt. Co. C. 142 Ill.
Blossom, Edmond W. -- b. 9-10-1839 Batavia, Genesee Co. N.Y.; 1 lt. Co. D.1 N.Y.Cav.&2lt. Co C. 3 N.Y. Cav.
Brotzman, Nathan/Nahun -- b. Geauga Co. Ohio; 9 Ohio Indt. Lt. Art. Riley Twp.
Buck, George -- b. 1-15-1825 Lycoming Co. Penn; Enlisted 95 Ill. Rejected. Riley Twp.
Bunker, Alvin S. -- b. 1842 Geneva, Penn. Co; H. 36 Ill. Fell @ Stone River, Tenn. 12-31-1862. Dorr Twp..
Church, John R. -- b. 10-17-1829 Alleghany Co. or Portage, Livingston Co.N.Y.; Sgt. Co.I 95 Ill. Coral Twp.
Clapp, M. (Norman) -- b. 1823 Bridgewater, Woodstock Co. Vt.; Co. E. 95 Ill.. Riley Twp.
Clark, Alvah M. -- b. 6-23-1842 Underhill, Chittendon Co. Vt.; Co. D. 95 Ill. Nunda Twp.
Clendening, Jonathan M. -- b. 4-27-1840 Henry Co.Ill.; Capt. Chaplain Co. F. 15 &96 Ill. Alden Twp.
Colgrove, John Wesley/Wesley J. (=Son) -- b. 1839 Jefferson Co. N.Y; Co. E 95 Ill. D. Memphis, Tenn. 1862.
Colgrove, Uri L. (=2nd Son In Co. E. 95 Ill..) See Other One. -- b. 8-6-1833 Ellisburg, N.Y. Coral Twp..
Crabtree, Edwin K. R. -- b. 1837 Phillipville, Alleghany Co. Ny; Sgt. Co. I. 95 Ill. Algonquin Twp..
Crane, _____ (=2nd Son In Army) See The Other Son. Alden Twp..
Crane, Anson E. (=Son) -- b. 1842 Waverly, N.Y.; d. of disease from army- 1874. Co. I. 37 Ill. Alden Twp.
Cummins, Alvin W. -- b. 9-22-1830 Onondaga, Onondaga Co. N.Y.; Sgt. Co. F.&A. 15 Ill. Dorr Twp..
Cutter, Samuel -- b. 3-17-1826 Groton, Tompkins Co.N.Y.; 2lt. Co. C. 95 Ill. Alden Twp..
Dailey, Peleg (Daily) 1823 Greenwich, Washington Co. N.Y.; Co. I. 16 N.Y. Hvy. Art. Greenwood Twp.
Dake, Isaiah -- b. 10-20-1839 Stowe Twp. Lamoile Co. Vt.; Co.E. 13 Wisc. Coral Twp..
De Groat, John -- b. 1843 Dunham Twp. Killed Vicksburg 5-22-1863. Dunham Twp..
Dean, Henry -- b. 9-3-1845 Maryland, Ostego Co. N.Y.; Co. M. 9 Ill. Cav. Coral Twp..
Dickerson, Morris -- b. 1820 Trumbull Co. Ohio.; Co. A. 15 Ill. Seneca Twp..
Doran, John H. -- b. 10-12-1841 Lisbon, Kendall Co. Ill.; Cpl. Co. D. 95 Ill. Nunda Twp.
Eddy, John -- b. 3-26-1812 Middleton, Rutland Co.Vt. ; Qmstr. Co. E. 95 Ill.. Coral Twp..
Elbridge, Charles T. Eldridge -- b. 6-15-1841 Randall, Kenosha Co. Wisc.; Co. M. 1 Wisc. Hvy Art.Mchenry.
Engle, Richard -- b. 7-23-1836 Nearstine, Hess Darmstadt, Germany; Co. G. 1 Wisc. Chemung Twp..
Evans, John J. -- b. 1824 Cardigan, Wales.; Co. C. 153 Ill.. Grafton Twp..
Ford, H. -- b. (Henry?) (Brother Of Vernon) -- b. 1838 N.Y.; Co. H. 36 Ill. Algonquin Twp..
Ford, Vernon N. -- b. 1843 Algonquin, Ill.; Cpl. Co. I. 95 Ill.. Algonquin Twp..
Foster, Charles William -- b. 1835 Ontario, N.Y.; Co.D 95 Ill. d. 11-21-1864 Mississippi River. Richmond Twp.
Foster, Frederick H. (=Son) -- b. 1844 Richmond, Ill; Co. D. 95 Ill. Richmond, Ill.
Foster, George (=Son) In War. One Of Four Brothers In War. Richmond Twp.
Foster, Samuel (=Son) -- b. 1837 Ontario Co. N.Y.; Cpl. Co. D. 95 Ill. Richmond Twp.
Freeman, Henry -- b. 6-28-1837 Posdam, St. Lawrence Co.N.Y.; Sgt. Co. H. 95 Ill. Greenwood Twp.
Gale, Charles H. (=Son) One Of Three Sons In War. Richmond Twp.
Gale, John A. (=Son) -- b. 1843 Alexander, Ohio; Co. C.141 Ill. Richmond, Ill..
Gale, Lewis E. -- b. 1843 Eaton, Preble Co. Ohio; Co. H. 95 Ill. D. 6-26-1864 Mobile Prison. Richmond Twp.
Gates, Sumner E. (=Son) -- b. 1844 . Co. H. 8 Ill. Cav. Algonquin Twp..
Giddings, Josiah H. -- b. 8-2-1805; Blackhawk War Veteran. Hebron Twp.
Gratton, E. O.(Henry?) Dr. -- b. 5-24-1827; Mississippi Army, Medical Dept. Co. B 72 Ill.? Hebron Twp.
Gray, Thomas L. -- b. 9-12-1842 Ulster Co. N.Y.; Co. D. 20 N.Y. Riley Twp.
Grinley, Thomas (Grimley) -- b. 1822 Warwarsing, Ulster Co. N.Y.; 1 Lt. Co. I. 8 Ill. Cav.. Grafton
Groesbeck, John W. -- b. Wayne Co. N.Y.; Ast. Surgeon 81 Ill.. Chemung Twp.
Groesbeck, V. K. M. -- b. 4-26-1843 Rome Or Floyd, Oneida Co.N.Y.; Co. C. 95 Ill.. Alden Twp..
Ham, Henry -- b. 8-13-1843 Kenosha, Co. Wisc. Or Syracuse, Onondaga Co. N.Y.; Co. D. 15 Ill. Coral Twp..
Hamiltomn, Jay (=Son) -- b. Kane Co. Ill.; Capt. Co. G. 52 Ill. Algonquin Twp..
Harrington, James H. -- b. 11-12-1846 Oswego Co.N.Y.; Co. H. 141 Ill..
Hart, Bailey S. -- b. 8-18-1823 Vanburen, Onondaga Co. N.Y.; Co. A. 95 Ill..
Havens, Wm H. -- b. 5-26-1841 Benton, Yates Co. N.Y.; Co. I. 37 Ill. Marengo Twp..
Heath, Sidney R. (=Son) -- b. 1843 Concord, Penn.; Co. A. 95 Ill. D. 4-29-1863 Lake Providence. Coral Twp..
Henderson, Andrew -- b. 12-15-1817 Denny, Sterlingshire, Scotland.; Co. D. 95 Ill. Nunda Twp.
Hoffmann, Aaron -- b. 10-1-1824 Somerset Co. Penn.; Capt. Colorado Vols. Burton Twp..
Hoffmann, William H. (Huffman) -- b. 6-20-1827 Livingston Co. N.Y.; 1lt. Co. D. 95 Ill. Nunda Twp.
Hubbard, Orren -- b. 6-21-1831 Cayuga Co. N.Y.; Co. A. 95 Ill. Marengo Twp..
Hubbell, Alonzo D. (=Son) Cpl. Co. F. 27 Iowa. Dunham Twp..
Hubbell, Marcus Mark A. (=Son) -- b. 1831 Rutland, Meigs Co. Ohio; Co. C. 95 Ill. Dunham Twp.
Huntley, ______ (=Son). 3 Sons In Civil War. See Other Two. Algonquin Twp..
Huntley, David F. (Huntly) (=Son) -- b. 1840 Penn.; Co. I. 95 Ill. Killed @ Vicksburg. Algonquin.Twp..
Huntley, William S.. (=Son) -- b. 1838 Penn; Co. I. 52 Ill.. Shot At Battle Of Corinth. Algonquin Twp..
Ingersoll, Charles W. -- b. 11-14-1829 Evans, Erie Co. N.Y; Lt. Co. F. 141 Ill. Marengo Twp.
Jackson, ______& _____ (2nd & Third Son Were In Army). See Other Son. Coral Twp.
Jackson, George P. -- b. Cass, Dekalb Co. Ill.; Co. H. 36 Ill. Killed @ Chickamauga 9-20-1863. Coral Twp.
Jayne, George D. -- b. 1840 Cuba, Lake Co. Ill.; 52 Ill. Cav & Co. G 15 Ill. Cav. & Co.H. 12 Ill. Cav. Algonq.
Jefferson, Rufus C. -- b. 4-24-1843 Gainesville, Wyoming Co. N.Y.;b Co. A. 1 N.Y. Dragoons. Dorr Twp..
Jewitt, Walter P. -- b. 11-18-1835 Bennington Co. Vt.; 15 Ill. Dorr Twp.
Johnson, Daniel -- b. -- b. 1-14-1827 North Harpersfield, Delaware Co. N.Y.; Co. A. 1 N.Y. Cav. Alden Twp..
Kee , James (=Son) -- b. 1841 Yonkers, West Chester Co. N.Y.; Co. I. 95 Ill. Algonquin Twp..
Keeney, Don A. (=Son) -- b. 1845 Elgin, Ill.; Co. K. 17 Ill. Cav. Marengo Twp.
Keeney, Edrick H.(=Son) -- b. 1841 Ill;. Co. K. 65 Ill. Marengo Twp.
Kelly, Louis D. -- b. 11-24-1830 Plymouth Co. N.Y.; Capt. Co. A. 15 Ill. & Co. G. 17 Ill Cav. Nunda Twp..
King, John Henry -- b. 1848 Hebron, Ill.; Co. F. 95 Ill. & Co. D. 147 Ill. Alden Twp..
Knapp, Ezra O. -- b. 1-8-1838 Marengo, Ill.; Co. E. 95 Ill. Marengo Twp..
Mead, Frank W. -- b. 5-25-1843 Pittsford, Rutland Co. Vt.; Battery M. 1 Ill Lt. Art. Richmond Twp.
Mead, H. C. (Henry?0 -- b. 7-3-1839 Pittsford, Rutland Co. Vt.; Co. A. 15 Ill. Mchenry Twp..
Mead, Wm. S. (=Father) -- b. 4-30-1809.; Capt. Of Independent Riffle Co. D. 4-17-1876. Mchenry Twp.
Merry, Waterman S. -- b. 9-24-1836 Schenectady, N.Y.; Co. C. 95 Ill.. Alden Twp..
Nason, Wm. A. Md. -- b. 6-21-1842.; Asst. Surgeon Gordonvill & Yorktown Hospt. Algonquin Twp.
Nelsom, John -- b. 10-15-1828 Fairview, Erie Co. Penn.; Co. D. 95 Ill. Nunda Twp.
Nish, James -- b. 5-3-1824 Wigtonshire, Scotland.; Capt. Co. I. 95 Ill.. Dorr Twp..
Paine, Newton M. -- b. 1844 Cayuga Co. N.Y.; Sgt. Co. H. 11 N.Y. Dorr Twp..
Parker, Chauncey D. -- b. Wilna, Jefferson Co.N.Y.; Cpl. Co. D. 95 Ill. Nunda Twp.
Parker, David (=Son) -- Co. H. 95 Ill. Died 11-6-1870. Greenwood Twp..
Paynter, Henry H. -- b. 9-14-1832 Lennox, Berkshire Co. Mass.; Co. A. 95 Ill.. Alden Twp..
Peak, Alonzo S. (=Son) Co. B 17 Ill. Cav.
Pease, Mervin/Marion (=Son) Co. C. 95 Ill. Killed Vicksburg 5-22-1863. Marengo Twp.
Philip, Robert -- b. 6-4-1834 Cornwell Co. England; Qm. In Rebellion. Nunda Twp..
Renisch, Fred -- b. 3-19-1842 Berne, Switzerland; Co. L 9 Ill. Cav. Dorr Twp..
Rich, Caleb -- b. 1824 St. Lawrence Co. N.Y.; Co. A. 15 Ill. Seneca Twp.
Talcott, Marlon N. -- b. 1833 Waightfield, Washington Co; Co. A. 92 N.Y. Seneca Twp.
Richards, E. Emory -- b. 2-12-1838 Norfold,Co. Mass.; 15 Ill. Dorr Twp.
Richardson, James S. -- Co. I. 37 Ill. Died @ Springfield, Mo. Hospt. In Rebellion. Marengo Twp.
Robinson, James B -- b. 1836 Pawlet, Rutland Co. Vt.; Lt. Co. C. 141 Ill. Algonquin Twp..
Rogers, J. H. -- b. 1846 Sullivan Co. Penn.; Co. D. 7 Penn. Cav. Riley Twp.
Rogers, O. Clark (Rodgers) -- b. 12-13-1840 Coral Twp.; Sgt. Co. E. 95 Ill. Coral Twp..
Sanford, W. H. (Wm.? -- b. 7-23-1827 N.Y. City.; Co. A. 15 Ill.. Dorr Twp..
Schneider, Joseph -- b. 9-5-1839 Beinheim, Alsace, France.; Cpl. Co. A. 95 Ill.. Coral Twp..
Skinner, Myron F. (=Son) -- Co. D. 13th (30th) Indiana Vols. D. Chattanooga, Tenn. 6-18-1864. Nunda Twp.
Smith, (Four Sons In Union Army) Coral Twp..
Southworth, Gardner S. -- b. 1-26-1835 West Fairle, Orange Co. Vt.; Qmstr. 95 Ill. Dorr Twp..
Southworth, John M. -- b. 5-21-1839 Bradford, Orange Co. Vt.; Maj. Co. H. 8 Ill. Cav. & 7 Ill. . Dorr Twp.
Spaulding, Jared F. -- b. 1844 Stueben Co.N.Y.; Co. I. 3rd Colorado Vols. Grafton Twp..
Stedman, Daniel A. -- b. 8-22-1836 Chautauqua Co. N.Y.; Co. E. 95 Ill. Dorr Twp..
Stevenson, James (=Son) -- Co. E. 95 Ill. Dunham Twp..
Still. Abraham -- b. 2-17-1844 England; Co. G. 17 Ill. Nunda Twp.
Stoddard, ____ See Other Son. Coral Twp..
Stoddard, Merrit C. (1 of 2 Sons) -- b. Hartford, Conn.; Co. E. 95 Ill. Coral Twp.
Tulip, James -- b. 2-5-1823 St. Lawrence Co. N.Y.; Co. C. 95 Ill.. Alden Twp..
Van Slyke, J. -- b. 8-21-1837 St. Lawrence Co. N.Y.; Capt. In Army. Mchenry Twp.
Vanness, C. -- b. 7-6-1844 Albany Co. N.Y.; 10th Tenn. Regt.. Alden Twp..
Vermilya, Edgar (=Son) -- b. 1843 N.Y. Co. C.; 2nd Ill. Lt. Art. D. Fort Donelson 6-9-1865. Nunda Twp.
Wallace, John -- b. 10-5-1844 Scotland. Co. A.; 95 Ill. Riley Twp..
Weaver, James J. -- b. 5-15-1839 Holmesville, Holmes Co. Ohio.; Co. A. 15 Ill. Marengo Twp.
Weber, Ira (Webber ) -- b. 12-3-1832 Chautauqua Co. N.Y.; Co E. 95 Ill. Coral Twp..
Wedgewood, William W. -- b. 5-16-1835 Richland, Oswego Co. N.Y.; 1 lt. Co. C. 95 Ill.. Alden Twp..
West, W. E. (Warham E.) -- b. 8-4-1823 Madison Co. Ohio.; Co. B 129 Ill. Marengo Twp..
Weter, James H -- b. 5-23-1830 Palmyra,Wayne Co.N.Y.; Co.L. 15 N.Y. Cav. Died Melon, Ga. Prison. Aldentp.
Wetlaufer, George P. (Wetlufer/Etc.) -- b. 1841 N.Y.; Co. C. 95 Ill. Killed In War. Alden Twp..
Wheeler, Nehemiah J. -- b. 1841 Fredrickton, New Brunswick Province.; Hq. 142 & 153 Ill. Riley Twp.
Wood, Israel -- b. 1841 Kent, England. Or Wales; Co. E. 95 Ill. Dunham Twp..


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