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The Town of Greenwood

Greenwood Firsts
First organized as a Township in 1850.
First school taught by Miss
Ann Tuttle, in 1843.
The first school was built in 1845.
First postoffice, 1850
First Postmaster,
CM Goodsell
First Marriage (by County records): 

Charles Frame to Miss Mary Dufield, February 1, 1838.
First white child born in Greenwood Township: 
Eldridge Boon

Early Greenwood Township settlers:
CM Goodsell
JN Barber
Henry Weston
GT Barrows
William Willis
HJ Willis
S[Sebrean] Baldwin
William Given
AC Thompson
Burton Wright
George Soudricker
Lewis Boon
Henry Westerman
Alden Stone
Almon Stone
William Stone
Elijah Slafon
James Watson
George Wellwe
Amos Scofield
Daniel Cattle
Nathan Dufield
Jacob Eckert
Jacob Eckert
Henry Eckert
Mr. Herdklotz
Michael Herdklotz
Peter J. Herdklotz
Eldod Taylor
OJ Murphy
AW Murphy
Neill Donnelly
Lewis Boon
George Abbott
DH Brunson
Samuel Clark
Peleg Dailey
Henry Dietriech
Harry Fosdick
George Frey
Peter Frey
William D. Given
Cary Howell
James McDonald
Jeremiah Quinlan
William H. Rider
Michael Senger
Peter Senger
Dwight Smith
Aristedes Stevens
Leroy Wright
MJ Wright

All names from the 1885 History of  McHenry County
[Transcribed by Anne Kunzen]

This picture was contributed by  Amy

Greenwood, Il District No. 7

 Gordon Howe is the second from the top right. 
Goldie Howe  is second from the right in the second row. 
Gordon was born in 1890 and Goldie was born in 1891. This photo is probably from the late 1890's.
Gordon was always short so may appear to be younger in the photo.


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