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The town of McHenry

McHenry Township is bounded on the north by Richmond and Burton Townships; on the east by Lake County; on the south by Nunda Township: and on the west by Greenwood Township, and it is congressional township 45, range 8. The Fox River traverses it from north to south, and it contains half of Pistaqua Lake, which is in the north-eastern part; one-half of Lilly Lake, which is in the southeastern part; and McCollum's Lake, which is near the center of the township; while two branches of Boone Creek which is the main stream of the Nipper-sink, as well as many smaller water courses supply ample water and drainage. It is one of the most fertile and productive townships of Mc-Henry County, which has long had the reputation of being one of the leading agricultural sections of the state. McHenry County is one of the oldest settled townships in the county, and in it the county seat was located not only before Lake County was separated from McHenry, but for some time thereafter. [Source: "History of McHenry County, Illinois" Chicago: Munsell Pub. Co., 1922 - sub. by K. Torp]

McHenry Facts

First Marriage:
Joseph Fellows to Christiana Robinault, November 10, 1839.

First birth: 
Augusta Wheeler,daughter of Christy Wheeler and his wife, September 20, 1838

First death:
William Herrick, 1836.

First school: 
1840, taught by
Miss McComber.

First store:
Owned by Dr. Christy Wheeler.

Riverside Hotel
The Riverside Hotel still stands on the banks of the Fox River

According to the 1885 History of McHenry County, the first settler of McHenry was John McClean,  in 1836. While there may have been claims made on land in the county prior to this date, Mr. McClean was the first to settle and build a cabin here. Before 1837, the only settlers of the area were John V. McClean, H.W. McClean, and William L. Way, in what is now the town of McHenry. At that time, there were also claims  by Chancey Beckwith, John Boon(e), George Boon, Jacob Jackson, Merrill Thompson, Samuel H. Walker, David McCollum, William McCollum, and Abiael Walker.
In 1837 there arrived many other settlers, including:
John Sutton, Manley Turner, Jacob Story, James A. Salisbury, James Button, Abijah S. Barnum, John McOmber with his wife and 6 children, Benjamin B. Brown, Joel wheeler, Peter Robinault, H.M. Owen, Benjamin F. Bosworth, Freeman Harvey, Alden Harvey, Michael Sutton, Enos Bernarde, Att Hanley, Smith Herrick, John McQueen, and Colonel Starr.
[Source: History of McHenry County, 1885 - Submitted by Anne Kunzen]


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