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McHenry County "Events"

Another Train is Ditched
All of them Wounded

Nunda, Ill., Jan. 30th, 1878 -- This morning between 6 and 7 A. M, as Conductor J. W. Hayner, was going to Crystal Lake with his train after ice, over the ice track, with the Engine and 2 cars, the cars going ahead of the Engine and the Engine backing down. The first car went off the track (the rails spreading a-part) the breakman Tom Clark was on the car and started to go back but fell and his leg was broken near the thigh. The train was going at the rate of ten miles an hour, two rails were torn up, it only went six rods before it was stopped still and two cars and Engine lay on their side, down a six foot embankment. The engineeer Ben Burdick, says his "Massachusetts coat" cought and held him fast, his hip was bruised but he is around. The conductor was in the cab and was only slightly hurt. Mr. Stutler fireman had his right arm broken twice into near the elbow and face bruised. Two boys were on the cow-catcher, Mr. Truax would of been on, had the Engine started later, one of them C. Washburn got his ankle badly bruised, the other one a Swede, was badlyt hurt on the head and bled profusely. Drs. Horn and Hays done up the wounds. Since setting up the above I learn the train was composed of nineteen cars and 17 of them went on down to the lake. [Contributed by Mert Sarvay ]

Last Monday the Dundee bridge went out from an ice gorge above it. The dam at Clintonville went also and two piles of the R. R. bridge at Algonquin, the mill dam on the Nippersink went, carrying the covered bridge at Greenwood. Wednesday rivers rising rapidly. Thurs. every bridge gone between McHenry and Clintonville except Cary, and road bridge at Algonquin which is impassible, the water around it.
[Nunda Herald 22 April 1881 - Contributed by Mert Sarvay]


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