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McHenry County Military News

New G.A.R. Post
By order of Adjt. Gen. Capt. Kelly, assisted by Comrades VanCuren, Barrows & Jones of Woodstock, and Dr. S. F. Bennett of Richmond, organized Post No. 191, G. A. R. at Hebron on Wed. evening the 28th ult. The post represents 20 members present for muster, and 10 or 12 not present, who are on the charter roll. There were 18 organizers of the service represented. After muster the members repaired to the house of comrade Chapman, where such a supper was spread, oh! my! we did it justice then and there, but can't begin to tell it to you, so I will simply say it was fit for a King. On concluding supper Dr. Bennett was detailed to express the thanks of the assembled company, but he expressed as too full for utterance, and moved that a vote of thanks be given comrade Chapman and others interested for the sumptuous manner in which we had been served, and it is needless to say it was given with a will. The comrades then met again in the Hall for election of officers when the following were chosen: M. M. Clothier, Commander, Henry Christain Sr. Vice Com., Jas. Wakeley Jun. Vice Com., Harvey Wallin Qr. M., Dr. E. O. Grattan Surgeon, E. E. Taylor O. of Day, F. Packard O. of G., E. W. Seaman chaplain, Frank Mead Agh. Contributed by Mert Sarvay
Nunda Herald 9 March 1883 - Contributed by Mert Sarvay


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