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McHenry County School News

The McHenry Public School will open the Fall Term September 6th, with S. D. Baldwin as Principal, and Miss Lola Bishop and Oliver Owen,Jr., as assistant Teachers. Mr. Baldwin is one of the best Teachers in the county, and the citizens of McHenry can rest assured of having one of the best schools the coming year. McHenry Plaindealer Wednesday, Aug. 11th, 1875 Vol I No.2 - Submitted by Anne Kunzen

School Report
The following named pupils, of the higher department of McHenry Public School, have been neither absent nor tardy during the month ending Oct. 5th, 1875. Jennie Beers, Ettie Beers, Paul Brown, Maggie Clark, Ettie Curtiss, Mary Hogan, Addie McOmber, Frank McOmber, Jennie Searles, Belle Stoddard, Eloise Waite, Jesse Wightman. S. D. BALDWIN Principal
McHenry Plaindealer, Wednesday, October 13, 1875 - Contributed by Mert Sarvay

Report of the Primary Department of the Nunda School for Nov. 1883.
No.enrolled 60
Average attendance 52
Pupils not absent or tardy during the month: Frank and Geo. Walck, Emma Warner, Charley and Mamie Wheaton, Willie Cox, Mary and Mabel Philp, Minnie Powell, Maud Washburn, Addie Maynard, Belle Patrick, Genie Mallory, Nina Butler, Edna Beardsley, Laura and Robbie Martin, Carrie, H. and I. Sonnenschien, Bina Covolt, Nelson Hulbert, D. and M. Quinlan.
Miss Anna Andrus, Teacher
Nunda Herald 7 December 1883 - Contributed by Mert Sarvay

Report of the Crystal Lake Public School for the month ending Nov. 23,1883
Higher Department
Number of days taught 20
" " Boys enrolled 34
" " Girls " 22
Grand total No. of days 1060
Average daily attendance 53
Roll of Honor
Lyda Peeler, Cora Smith, Fred Allaben, Waddie Ingersoll, Willie Newman, Maggie Allen, Willis and Floyd Davis, Roy Conover, Wesley Church, Ed. Lanning, Addie Miller, Emma McKay, Irma Jones, Geo. Rape, Berty Wilson, Albert and Geo. Nelson, John Kreigle, Genie Kelsey, Florence Moran, Martin Kreigle, Archie and Ray Blakesly, Bessie and Frank Cassidy, Mills Thompson.
Miss Carrie E. Geer, Teacher.
Nunda Herald 7 December 1883 - Contributed by Mert Sarvay

The Nunda Herald 11 May 1883:
The spelling class in the school at Cary made the following record during the month of April:
Spelled. Missed.
Anna Crowley 428 0
Lena Arps 428 0
Elmira Thomas 400 0
Anna Nish 360 0
Maud Paddock 220 2
Alice Brown 360 8
Nathaniel Kerns 360 9
Tolia Burton 160 16
Edith Whipple 340 17
L. E. Mentch, Teacher.
[Contributed by Mert Sarvay]


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