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St. Paul's Lutheran
Church Records

St. Pauls Church Records
Selected Surname Church Record Entries of Foreign-born Members
originally transcribed by Hellen Gade, Daughter of Church Minister
re-transcribed by Martin W. Johnson

"This is NOT a complete list of all names mentioned in the church records"

Buschgien - See Hooker.
Calcor, Franziska Dorthea Caroline (Flindt) B. 5-11-1835 In Zapzow By Treptow.
Ehlers, Maria (Wendt) B. 2-4-1842 In Laal, Pommern. Married Chas. 1862.To U.S.1872.
Ehlert - See Ehlers.
Ehlert, Heinr. Fredr. Born 5-2-1865 In Laal Or Saal, Pommern.
Flindt - See Calcor.
Frank - See Frenk & Frenck.
Frenck - See Frenk.
Frenk, Frederich Married 1863 Dorthea Rackow. To U.S. 1871.
Frenk, Frederich Michael Johann Born 3-1836 In Grellenberg, West Pommern.
Frenk, Mrs. ___Born 3-9-1841 In ____? , Pommerania. Married 1863. To U.S. 1871.
Hooker, Charles B. 12-13-1833 In Grim, Schleswig - Holstein, G.. To U.S. 1864.
Hooker, Hannah (Rabe) 2nd Wife Of Charles Hooker.
Hooker, Sophia (Buschgien) Died 1880. Wife Of Charles Hooker. = 1st. Wife.
Kempert - See Rackow.
Kempert, Carl B. 3-21-1855 Cosin Dessin ? Pomern.Married Fredericke Lempke.
Krtzner ?, Julius 1st. Wife Died 1904. 2nd Wife Mrs. Schulz He Married 1909.
Krtzner ?, Julius B. 9-5-1850 In Berlin?, Germany. To U.S. 1880. 2 Wives.
Lempke - See Kempert.
Peters, John Friedr. Ulrich Born 9-13-1836 In Rackow, Pommern. 1 Of Two Towns.
Ponitz, Maria (Westfhal) Born 11-1-1841 In Brudersdorf (Malchin Co.) Germany.
Rabe - See Hooker.
Rackow - See Frenk.
Rackow - See Frenk.
Rackow, Fredericke B. 6-6-1836 In Dessin, Pomern. Married Theodore Kempert.
Rehburg, Mrs. Married Christian Rehburg 12-27-1857. Ten Children.
Rehburg, Mrs. ____ Frederick (Wendt) Born In Laal Or Saal, Pommern 1-4-1834.
Schulz - See Krtzner ?.
Wendt - See Ehlers.
Wendt - See Rehburg.
Westfhal - See Ponitz.
Westphal - See Westfhal.

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