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McHenry County in the Civil War

"At this time, forgetting past differences, we unite as one man in this hour of our common peril
to act as becomes the momentous issues forced upon us. All that we hold sacred in the past,
all that is dear in the present, all that we have anticipated of future good, is at stake.
Let us this day show our fealty to Liberty, our attachment to our homes and our hearthstones,
by doing our whole duty in sustaining the best Government on earth."
-Colonel Lansing, Marengo, after the call for volunteers for the war.

Quota for service in the Civil War for the county was 2530.
McHenry County furnished 2533 men during the war.

"To the everlasting honor of the county be it said there was never any necessity for a draft among the loyal and patriotic citizens of McHenry County."- McHenry County History-1885

Civil War Officers from McHenry County
Names and Residences

Albert J. Alderman-Chemung
Albert W. Amet-Evanston
George. A. Austin-Woodstock
William H. Austin-Richmond
William Avery-Marengo
John B. Babcock-Marengo
Henry D. Bates-Hebron
John E. Beckley-Nunda
John W.S. Bergman-Hebron
Leander Blande-Harvard
Peter H. Bohart-Not identified by town
Amos J. Boynton-Marengo
Morris Briggs-Algonquin
Harmon A. Buck-Marengo
Mortimore P. Bundy-Hebron
Benjamin Campbell-Not identified by town
Samuel Z. Carver-Alden
Horace N. Chittenden-Crystal Lake
Lawrence S. Church-Woodstock
Nelson W. Clark-Hebron
William R. Colburn-Richmond
Edward  J. Cook-Richmond
Edwin R. Cross-Chemung
Samuel Cutler/Cutter-Alden
Frank S. Curtis-Marengo
Martin Daley-Chemung
Thomas J. Disbrow-Alden
Oscar E. Dow-Marengo
Edward D. Dowd-McHenry
Charles F. Dyke-Crystal Lake
George Eckert-Greenwood
Hiram C. Edison-Chemung
Simeon L. Eells-Algonquin
Morris F. Ellsworth-McHenry
Emanuel Englestes-Hebron
Joseph E. Ewall-Alden
Asa Farnam-Dunham
William O. Finch-Not identified by town
Albert Gilkerson-Hampshire
John W. Green-Marengo
Nicholas Greusel-Not identified by town
Theodore L. Griffin-Woodstock
Jay Hamilton-Algonquin
Hiram S. Hanchett-Woodstock
Mark Hathaway-Woodstock
William Henry-Algonquin
Charles H. Hitchcock-Hartland
William H. Huffman-Nunda
Thomas W. Humphrey-Franklin
Cyrus Hutchinson-Benton


William H. Ide-Algonquin
Charles W. Ingersoll-Marengo


Thomas H. Jackson-Grafton
Lawrence H. Jones-Woodstock
Daniel C. Joslyn-Woodstock
Merritt L. Joslyn-Woodstock

Christopher C. Kelly-Dorr
Lewis D. Kelly-Woodstock
Louis D. Kelly-Dorr
Phineas H. Kerr-Dorr
Ebenezer Knapp-Richmond

Peter J. Labaugh-Marengo
Jacob D. Lansing-Marengo
George G. Lyon-Woodstock
Horace J. Mack-Alden
John B. Manzer-Chemung
Erwin B. Messer-Chemung
Ansel D. Merritt-Woodstock
Silas Miller-Not identified by town
William Mitchell-Crystal Lake
James H. More-Richmond
Daniel Morgan-Nunda
James Morrow-Dorr
James Nish-Cary Station
John H. Paddock-Not identified by town
Benjamin S. Parker-Marengo
Frank D. Patterson-Nunda
John N. Payne-Hartland
George I. Peeler-Crystal Lake
John P. Ransom-Richmond
Isaac F. Russell-Crystal Lake
Thomas R. Satterfield-Greenwood
Michael Schoonmaker-Marengo
John J. Sears-Algonquin
Henry Seigel-Chemung
Alfred H. Sellers-Woodstock
Thomas S. Sexton-Chemung
Calvin H. Shapley-Harmony
William H. Sherman-Woodstock
Nelson B. Sherwood-Algonquin
Frederick A. Smith-Genoa
Frederick W. Smith-Woodstock
Myron A. Smith-Not identified by town
Otis H. Smith-Dunham
Gardner S. Southworth-Algonquin
James E. Sponable-Marengo
Alexander S. Stewart-Marengo
Chester M. Stewart-Hebron
William H. Stewart-Dorr
Henry D. Stocker-McHenry
Walter F. Suiter-Marengo
Nelson A. Thomas-Not identified by town
Franklin J. Thwing-Crystal Lake
Charles H. Tryon-Hebron
Thomas J. Turner-Not identified by town
Sanford H. Wakeman-Richmond
John Waldock-Marengo
F.W. Watson-Marengo
William B. Walker-Richmond
Harley Wayne- Union
Asa L. Weaver-Algonquin
William W. Wedgewood-Alden
Philian Wells-Dunham
James H. Wetmore-Richmond
Sabine Van Curen-Dorr


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