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McLean County, Illinois
History and Genealogy

Marriage Records

Source: "McLean County Genealogical Records"
by Illinois State Conference of the Daughters of the American Revolution; Compiled by Gertrude S. Wheeler 1943-1945

Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Carol Sylvester

Records of the Ministry of Rev. Robert Conover, Presbyterian Minister
born 7-3-1823, died 2-24-1908
Began his work near Cincinnati Ohio 1851 Came to Ill. in 1856.

Marriages performed by Rev. Robert Conover:

Fisk, John to May, Ida 1902-5-18 both of Bloomington Ill.
Greenfield, Albert Harmon to Jones, Mary S. 1880 8-24 at home of Dr. A. G. Jones Lexington Ill.
Hawks, Simeon of Bloomington Ill (widower abt 45) to Snead, Eliza A. (widow) 1872-8-18 at Mrs. Haywoods
Hickard, Frederick E. (McLean Ill) to Buckley, Margaret Ann (Bloomington Ill) 1858-10-11
Jones, Richard G. to Walker, Josie 1883-2-4 Lexington Ill
Jones, Richard G. to Elliott, Alurda May 1901-12-4 both of Lexington Ill.
Kennedy, William Everett to Ralston, Maude Gertrude 1903-12-12 Lexington Ill.
Kerr, Marion T. to Burton, Ida (Richmond Ky) 1901-9-1 Wapella Ill
Lindsay, Calvin G. to Weir, Nettie 1901-3-6 both of Lexington Ill.
Lloyd, Edwin T. to Crang, Nellie 1873-4-17 both of Lincoln Ill. at Clinton Ill. went to Ft. Kearney Neb. To make a home.
Mott, Bernard to Bridges, Mamie M. 1903-8-14 both Lexington Ill.
Nicolls, James B. to Speers, Margaret E. 1882-2-1 Blue Mound Tp. Jacob Spreers
Poole, Emmett C. to Stiller, Emma M. 1879-4-3 Lexington Ill
Richards, Francis N. to Wilson, Stella 1892-9-1 on Glenoa Ill
Stiles, Henry H. Dr. to Okeson, Fannie J. 1882-9-20 Lexington Ill
Tambling, Sheridan to Barrackman, Ellen 1870-2-10 at my house (Bloomington Ill)
Turnipseed, John to Weakly, Alice 1903-8-10 both of Lexington Ill.
Vandervoort, Paul to Ware, Amanda N. 1868-6-24 both of Towanda Ill


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