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Jan. 1, 1934: Five surviving siblings of the Builta family held a holiday reunion in Arrowsmith. They also celebrated the 70th birthday of A. Lincoln Builta, one of their group. Other siblings were Mary, Rosalia and George Builta, and Mrs. Sarah Builta Hileman.
[The Pantagraph - How Time Flies by: Jack Keefe]

COLFAX -- Mr. and Mrs. Julius Harms of Colfax will celebrate their golden wedding anniversary with an open house Sunday at the Immanuel Lutheran Church north of Colfax, from 6 to 8 p.m. No formal invitations have been sent but the event is for friends and relatives. Mrs. Harms and the former Miss Jessie Martens, daughter of Louis and Jessie Heins Martens, were married Dec. 20, 1917, at the home of the bride’s parents north of Anchor by Pator G. S. Ide. Their attendants were Miss Marie Martens, now Mrs. George Schuler of Colfax, sister of the bride, and the late Harvey Lindenbaum a cousin of the bridegroom. They are the parents of two sons, Ivan of Gibson City and Bernard of Anchor. They also have three grandchildren. The Harms family has lived around the Colfax and Anchor area since marriage. Mr. Harms is a retired farmer.
[20 Dec 1967 - unknown newspaper; sub. by Teri Colglazier]

LEXINGTON - Mr. and Mrs. Sam Harms of Lexington will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary with a family dinner on Sunday. Harms and LaVerne Petersen were married Jan 2, 1940, at Trinity Lutheran Church, Chenoa. Ilene Redding and Harold Harms were their attendants. They are parents of Loren and Larry, both of Lexington and Karen Young of Carlock. They have nine grandchildren.
[2 Jan 1990 - The Pantagraph - sub. by Teri Colglazier]

COLFAX -- (PNS) -- A family dinner was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Harms Sunday in honor of the members of the family having birthdays in the month of September. The honored guests were Mr. and Mrs. Howard Tipsord and daughter, Beverly; Mrs. E. V. Humphrey, Mrs. B. H. Harms and Nolan Harms. The members of the family present were Mr. and Mrs. E. V. Humphrey and sons, Mr. and Mrs. Drexel Phillips and children, Cooksville; Mrs. Wilbur Lesher and daughter, Towanda; Mr. and Mrs. Harold Walden and family, Peoria; Mr. and Mrs. Julius Harms and sons, Anchor; Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Harms and family, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Harms and son; Mr. and Mrs. Roy Moncelle and family, Colfax; Mr. and Mrs. Howard Tipsord and family, Saybrook and Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Brooks of Lexington.
[13 Sep 1940 - The Pantagraph, Bloomington, Illinois; - sub. by Teri Colglazier]

The fourth annual Moncelle Family Reunion will be held June 9, 1929, at Miller Park, Bloomington. This will be the Second Sunday in June. This slight change in date was necessary. Fill your basket and come early. Let's break all attendance records. In case the weather is bad, the reunion will be held indoors. So come just the same. We will see you in Bloomington. Frank P. Moncelle, Chairman
[1929 - Press Printed Invitation (Moncelle Family Documents - Original with G. Geiger Family) - Frank P Moncelle (1904-?__?) is the son of Francois Auguste (1851-1930) & Elizabetha Orthel (abt 1858-1939) Moncelle & husband of Marie C Krewer (1904-1978)

50th Anniversary for Charles Moncelle
Charles and Bernadine Moncelle of 1016 E. Washington St., Bloomington, will observe their 50th wedding anniversary Monday [15 Apr 1991]. A family dinner will celebrate the event. Moncelle and Bernadine Leach were married April 15, 1941, at the Methodist Chruch parsonage in Lexington. They are parents of Joyce Kaye of Stockton, Calif., and Jeffrey of Antioch. There are two grandchildren. Moncelle retired from Glass Specialty in 1981 and Mrs. Moncelle is employed as a secretary by The Eureka Co.
[1991 - The Daily Pantagraph, Bloomington, Illinois] sub. by Teri Colglazier]

The fifth annual Moncelle family reunion will be held August 10th, 1930 at Fejervary Park, Davenport, Iowa. This will be the second Sunday in August. Mrs. Leslie Brooks, Towanda
[1930 - Handwritten Invitation (Moncelle Family Documents - Original with G. Geiger Family) - Mrs. Leslie Brooks is Caroline Moncelle Brooks (1895-1967) daughter of Charles and Emma Grove Moncelle

To: Mrs. Roy Moncelle & Dau.; Colfax, Illinois - Bright and fiar the papers say, but a shower is on the way, for whom, where & when to go, also by whom you'll see below: For - Velda Humphrey Phillips; When - Sunday afternoon, March 3 - 2 to 4 p.m.; Where - Home of Mrs. Otis Phillips; By Whom - Mrs. Otis Phillips, Mrs. Howard Tipsord.
[Source: 1935 - handwritten prepaid "penny postcard" - (Moncelle Family Documents) -- Velda (1917-2005) is the daughter of Ernest Victor & Minnie Margaret Harms Humphrey; Mrs. Otis Phillips is Velda's new sister-in-law, Cora; Mrs. Howard Tipsord, Velda's Aunt, is Emma C. Harms Tipsord (1899-1979); it is currently believed that Velda married Orin Phillips, son of Scott & Christina Phillips]

In 1871, Mr. and Mrs. John Price [Priceville, Downs Township] celebrated their golden wedding in a most pleasant and long-to-be-remembered entertainment. Of their eight children, four are still living. Gillum Station, in Old Town, was named after one of his daughters, Mrs. Mary Gillum Condon.
[The History of McLean County, Illinois, Chicago: W. LeBaron Jr. & Co., 1879]

To: Ruth & Viola Moncelle, Colfax, Ill. - You are cordially invited to attend a shower given in the honor of Mrs. Waggie Eileen Williams Pulliam. --- To be given at the home of Mrs. J. C. Pulliam, Lexington, Ill. --- Thurs. May 16, 1935 at 2:30 P.M. - Miss Gladys Pulliam, Mrs. J. C. Pulliam, Mrs. Ruby Bonny
[1935 - Typed prepaid "penny postcard" - (Moncelle Family Documents) -- Ruth & Viola Moncelle (photo) are daughters of Charles LeRoy (1886-1968) & Jennie Katherine (1890-1970) Harms Moncelle, Waggie is the daughter of Harry & Virgie Williams as is Mrs. Ruby Bonny; Mrs. J. C. Pullium is Pearl Pulliam wife of J. Charles Pulliam; it is currently unknown which Pulliam son (Milburn or Douglas) Waggie married]

ENJOY WEINER ROAST AT GLENN RALSTON HOME - A group of young people enjoyed a weiner roast and party Tuesday night at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Glenn [sic = Glen] Ralston. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Ralston, the Misses Nina Ralston, Ann Ahner, Lena Osborn, Dorothy Smith, Dorothy Farner, Eleanor Cable, Ruth Moncelle, Mrs. Virgil Brooks and Joe Ralston.
[unk newspaper (Moncelle Family Documents) - date between 1938 & 1947] - Glen Ralston and Nina C Ralston are the children of WIlliam E & Luella J Malcolm Ralston, Ann Ahner is the daughter of ?__?, Lena Osborn is the daughter of James & LaVisa Osborn, Dorothy Smith is the daughter of William & Anna Smith, Dororthy Farner is the daughter of William A & Emma J Farner, H Eleanor Cable (photo) is the daughter of Harold Z & Hattie E Cable, Ruth Irene Moncelle and Mrs. Virgil (Viola) Brooks (nee Moncelle) (photo) are the daughters of Charles LeRoy "Roy" & Jennie Katherine Harms Moncelle and Joe Ralston is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Glen Ralston.]

NINA RALSTON GIVEN BIRTHDAY SURPRISE - Miss Nina Ralston was greatly surprised Monday evening

Sunday School Class
First United Methodist Church of Lexington, Glenn
To: Miss Ruth Moncelle, Colfax, Illinois - Lexington, Ill; Dec 28th, 1935 - Dear Ruth - We are having a party to organize a new class at the Methodist Sunday School for young unmarried people who are not in High School. Bring a dime for refreshments and come to our home at 7:30 Monday evening Dec. 30th. You, Viola, Elden and Henry are all eligible. Twenty-four will be present. Please bring Evelyn as a special guest for Dorothy and Mary. Cordially, Mr. & Mrs. Robert I Glenn.
[Source: 1935 - handwritten prepaid "penny postcard" - (Moncelle Family Documents) -- This new Sunday School class was named the "Eveready Class" and it still exists, continuing on through today. Ruth, Eldon, Viola, Henry and Evelyn (photo) were 21, 19, 18, 17 and 14 respectively and the children of Charles LeRoy "Roy" & Jennie Katherine Harms Moncelle; Dorothy and Mary are the eldest daughters of Robert & Thelma Glenn ages 13 & 12 respectively. Robert Glenn was a teacher at Lexington.]

True Blue Church Class
TRUE BLUE CLASS HAD PARTY LAST NIGHT - The True Blue class of the M. E. church taught by Wm. McCully held its monthly potluck supper and party Wednesday night in the church basement, with Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Stone host and hostess. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Ralston had charge of the games. Prizes were won by Mrs. Herschel DeVore, Rev. Payne and Emora Hefner.
[unk newspaper (Moncelle Family Documents) - date between 1938 - 1943] - William McCully is from South Dakota and the husband of Nina McCully, Kenneth Stone is the husband of Myrtie Stone, Glen Ralston is the son of William E & Luella J Malcom Ralston, Mrs. Herschel DeVore is Virginia DeVore, Rev. Payne is Rev. Fred Payne who served the church from 1938 - 1943, Emora Hefner (1902-1998) is the son of Nimrod Parker (1858-1941) & Annetta Elbert (1866-1956) Hefner and is married to Violet L Harms (1904-1992), daughter of Eilert H (1901-1974) & Lula Cohagan (abt 1884 - ?__?) Harms.]


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