McLean County, Illinois
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Court News

The other day Mr. Charles H. Brodgett commenced a suit against the city of Bloomington for $2,000 damages.  He claims that by reason of the city failing to furnish him adequate drainage his cottages on East Washington street and the swards thereto, have been greatly damaged and he asks the city to pay the damages. [The Henry Republican, April 19, 1883]

Court Affairs. Twelve Can Guess Better than One. Common Pleas. Before Judge Murdock.
David A. Cambell vs. The Adams Express Company. -- This was an action to recover $100 left with Mr. Nolan, At Chilo, Clermont county, Ohio, in November 1866, to be forwarded to the plaintiff at Hudson, Ill., but which failed to reach its designation. It appeared from the testimony that the package was sent from O. P. S. Fee, of Felicity, by one Jas. Mullen, a hack driver, in an ordinary sealed letter envelope, to the agent of the Express Company at Chilo. The agent there at first objected to receiving the package sealed. He wanted to see the money not on account of any instructions from the Company, but to satisfy himself. Mullin assured him that the money was in the envelope as he saw it inclosed. Nolan then took it and put it in a safe place until the next day, when he delivered it to the messenger of the Adams Express Company aboard the steamer Magnolia. This man, a few hours afterward, sealed the package, and in this condition it was delivered ot the plaintiff in Hudson, Illinois, but no money was in the envelope. When this state of fact was developed, the Court arrested the proceedings, saying that, as it was in evidence that the money was placed in the envelope, the envelope sealed and given to Mullin, who swears he took it intact to Nolan. Nolan swears it was given by him to the messenger, without being disturbed. The messenger says he sealed it, and in this condition it was received, but the money had been abstracted. The Court was utterly unable and unwilling to guess where the fault lay, and would place the responsibility on the broad shoulders of twelve good and lawful men. The case was sent to a jury.
[1867 Nov 13 - Cincinnati Daily Gazette, Ohio]

Abraham Lincoln Awarded $5,000

Heavy Verdict -- Hon. A. Lincoln obtained a verdict of five thousand dollars in the McLean Circuit Court, against the Illinois Central Railroad Company. This suit was conducted entirely by the plaintiff in person; no one appearing for the defendants, they having filed their pleas last term.
The plaintiff brought suit for fees due him from the Railroad Company for prosecuting a suit before the Supreme County, wherein the Railroad Company were plaintiffs, and the County of McLean was defendant. He brought forward testimony to prove that his charges were very reasonable, under the circumstances. The jury returned a verdict for $5,000 for the plaintiff. – Bloomington Pantagraph. [Illinois State Chronicle (Decatur, Illinois), June 25, 1857]

Bloomington, Ill - Frank Morrissette has sued Henry A. Klassey, Kankakee business man, for $10,000 for alienation of wife's affections.  [The Day Book. (Chicago, Ill.), 15 July 1912]


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