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Champaign - Mrs. Bessie Barr, of Bloomington, has been with relations in this city part of the past week. [Source: The Daily Inter Ocean, (Chicago, IL) Sunday, November 15, 1891; pg. 19; tr. by Nina Kramer]

The Misses Caroline, Elizabeth, Evelyn Dannenberg and Arleen and Dorothy Moeller of Plainfield visted Thursday and Friday at the home of Miss Ruth Moncelle. [bef 1947 - unk newspaper]

Mr. and Mrs. George Dannenberg and son of Hinsdale, Miss Esther Pils of Plainfield, Mr. and Mrs. Elvert Taylor and children and Miss Bernadine Gerbacht visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Moncelle Sunday afternoon.
[unk date - unk newspaper]

The Misses Caroline, Elizabeth and Evelyn Dannenberg and Howard Dannenberg and Lester Moeller visited Sunday at the home of Mr and Mrs Roy Moncelle and family
[unk date - unk newspaper]

Mrs. Groves and Mrs. Jack Groves of Lexington, Illinois, mother and sister of Mrs. K. H. Plate are being entertained at the Plate home on North First street.
[11 Nov 1907 - San Jose Mercury News, California]

Mesdames E. P. Holmes, S. R. Sneed and E. H. Selby spent Thursday in Biloxi the guests of Mrs. Arnold of Colfax, Illinois.
[April 13, 1912 Daily Heald Gulfport, Mississippi]

Gulfport Society and Personal Items - Mr and Mrs E. P. Holmes gave an elegant course dinner Thursday as a compliment to Mr and Mrs Harry Arnold of Colfax, Illinois, who have been the guests of their relatives, Mr and Mrs E. H. Selby. In the center. Of the beautifully appointed table was a pyramid of roses, violets and freesias, from among which peeped tiny chickens and rabbits as if to remind the guests of the approach of Easter. Covers were laid for ten and the guests were: Mr and Mrs Arnold, Mr and Mrs Selby, Mr and Mrs J. C. Clower of Biloxi, and Miss Lula Clarke. [March 22, 1913 Daily Herald Gulfport, Mississippi]

E. H. Hyneman of Lexington, Illinois, is a guest at the Sherman. [14 Sep 1898 - Aberdeen Daily News]

Biloxi Society and Personals - More Tourists Arrive. A number of tourists arrived in the city last night and registered at the Kennedy hotel. All of the party will spend the next several months in Biloxi. Among those coming in were Mr and Mrs Fred Meeker of Colfax, Illinois; Mr and Mrs S. G. Meeker, of Pekin, Illinois; Mr and Mrs W. Wilson, of Detroit; Mr and Mrs F. M. Hocke, of Colchester, Illinois; H. O. Smith and wife of Casper, Wyoming; Wilson Hughes and wife of Illinois. [November 23, 1917 Daily Herald Biloxi, Mississippi]

H. McMackin, wife and daughter, who have spent their first winter in this city on West Howard avenue, left yesterday for their home in Saybrook, Illinois, stating that they would be back again next fall as the time they spent here was one to be long remembered. [1912 Apr 12 - Daily Herald, Biloxi, Mississippi]

Mr and Mrs Roy Moncelle and sons, Harlan and Ronald, spent Sunday with Mr and Mrs Virgil Brooks. [aft 1936 - unk newspaper]

Miss Ruth Moncelle left Wednesday for a two weeks visit with Mr and Mrs George Dannenberg of Downers Grove. [bef 1947 - unk newspaper]

Ruth, Evelyn, Eldon and Henry Moncelle spent Sunday with Mr and Mrs Henry Dannenberg and family of Plainfield
[bef 1947 - unk newspaper]

Miss Ruth Moncelle returned home Thursday after spending four weeks with friends in Painfield and Downers Grove.
[bef 1947 - unk newspaper]

The Misses Marie Morse and Ruth Moncelle and Byron Lindenbaum and Dale Brown attended the youth banquet at the Methodist conference in Quincy Saturday night and remained for the Sunday sessions.
[bef 1947 - unk newspaper]

Delightful Visitors. Mrs. K. H. Plate is entertaining for the winter, her mother, Mrs. Groves and her sister Mrs. Jack Groves of Lexington, Illinois.
[17 Nov 1907 - San Jose Mercury News, California]

Dr. Merle Schwartz, formerly of Carlock, now runs a hospital in the Congo. He tells of major surgery costing $3 (about two weeks’ pay). But he cautions that service in the Congo is inferior to what we Americans get in our $20-per-day hospitals. [Dec. 31, 1958, The Pantagraph - How Time Flies by: Jack Keefe]


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