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McLean County, Illinois
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Miscellaneous News Stories
from McLean County

The Shelbyville Banner tells of a Miss Louden, of that county, who got lost in attempting to travel through a swampy tract of forest in the eastern part of the county. Night coming on, she dismounted from her horse, tied him to a tree, took of the saddle to serve as a pillow, and camped down. Once during the night she got up to see that her horse was safe, and then lay down again and slept soundly till morning. Hearing a sound of a train on the railroad, she steered towards it, and by breakfast time reached her destination in safety. Good for that Sucker girl! If she isn't engaged, she deserves to be.
[Weekly Pantagraph, Bloomington, Ill., August 19, 1857 XI 37 557 2 c5, Submitted by Judy Edwards]

Another Wayward Husband. Special to the Sentinel: Downs, Ill., Sept. 25. -- This community received a shock yesterday morning, which has caused a great deal of excitement in the town. On Tuesday last Christopher Kaber, a wealthy and prominent farmer of this county, left home for Danvers, for the purpose of visiting one of his farms in that locality. Before going he told his wife he would be at home on Thursday evening of the same week. Time passed on, until apprehensions were felt that something unusual was detaining Kaber. A messenger was then sent to Danvers to ascertain the cause of his long delay and after the arrival of the messenger he was told that Kaber had eloped with another woman named Mrs. Beatrice, who formerly lived at Oak Grove and with whom he had been acquainted for some time and whom he had often visited at Danvers, remaining for several weeks at a time. It is said that Kaber took about $1,000 in money, besides all his accounts and papers. He leaves his wife and four small children, the youngest being about six weeks old. The strangest part of the affair is that the woman he went away with threatened about a year ago to kill Kaber if she ever had a chance. The affair creates a good deal of excitement at Downs.
[1879 Sep 26 - Indianapolis Sentinel, Indiana]

George M. Duclos, of Bloomington, has gone to New Hampton, Ia. He believes that the J.B. Duclos whose name is in the list of the killed in the Milwaukee & St. Paul road accident at Wapsie is either his father or his brother. His father was a resident of Oregon and his brother a stock dealer of Friender, Dak.
[The Newton Press, Jasper Co., IL April 18, 1888, submitted by K. Torp]

A colony of about fifty persons left Lexington, McLean County for St. Edward's Neb., recently, intending to make that place their home. They consist of the families of H. M. Harney, R. T. Wilson, Jacob Hiser, Frank Wait, Charles Dawson and Charles Kemp. They occupied one passenger coach and took with them in a special train six carloads of household goods, stock, implements, etc.
[Edwardsville Intelligencer (Edwardsville, Illinois) March 6 1889 submitted by Nancy Piper]

Largest Wheat Farm -- Wichita, Kan., Nov. 22. -- William Ogden of McLean County, Illinois, has bought 180,000 acres of land in western Kansas, which will be converted into the largest wheat ranch in the World. The land was owned by about 15 different men. Ogden paid $2.50 an acre on average. [12 Nov 1902 - "Morning Olympian"]

To Trade For Colorado Springs Property
- The cut of the brick building shown elsewhere on this page, represents a store and office building in Lexington, Illinois. The store building is two stories in height with basement , 24x68, built of the best pressed brick, has complete modern job of plumbing as is steam heated. The ground floor is fitted for a storeroom and the second floor into six suites of offices. This building is new, having never been occupied. The building shown at the rear of the one just described is a two-story frame 35x46. Price $12,000. Lexington is a thriving town of 2,500 inhabitants in the center of a rich agricultural section on the main line of the Chicago and Alton Railway, about 100 miles southwest of Chicago in Bureau [sic] county. Owner desires to locate in Colorado Springs.
[1 Oct 1905 - Colorado Springs Gazette ]


Dec. 13, 1908: Clark Griffith of Normal has signed a two year contract to manage the Cincinnati Reds of the National League. He’ll be given absolute control, but he follows a long parade of managers who tried to make winners out of the Reds. They failed. [The Pantagraph - How Time Flies - By Jack Keefe]

Charles Goliday and William Varner have chopped down a large burr oak tree about four miles south of Lexington. It contained about 7000 board feet of lumber. The ring count showed the tree is almost 300 years old. [Dec. 26, 1908, The Pantagraph - How Time Flies - By Jack Keefe]

McLean County, Illinois, boasts of having the oldest driver of a motor car, Adam Waywright, of Downs township, is 100 years of age, and yet is able to handle a car.
[1916 Jul 05 - Miami Herald Record]


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