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McLean County, Illinois
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Sick List

We learn that a young lady, a daughter of Mr. E. G.
Sackett, residing about three miles east of town, was bitten by a rattle- snake on Tuesday last. A large snake had been killed a few days before, and Miss S. was passing near the place where the dead snake lay, when another snake, prob- ably its mate, struck her on the ankle. A singular feature of the affair is that the young lady was bitten a year or two ago, and the two wounds are so close together as to almost touch. Dr. Crothers, who was called in, informs us that the patient manifested no fear of the result, and that although she was quite sick and the wound much swollen, she will probably recover. [Weekly Pantagraph (Bloomington, Ill.) September 9, 1857 XI 40 560 3 c1, Submitted by Judy Edwards]


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