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Walter Coerver, wife and little son Killian of Valmeyer, Ill., Miss Amanda Coerver of Prairie du Rocher, Pratte Rozier and family of Perryville, Mrs. Frank Pratte and Mrs. Sylvester Lawbaugh and children of St. Mary's were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Valentine Seitz of our city last Sunday.  [Fair Play. (Ste. Genevieve [Mo.]), 19 May 1917]

Mrs. Walter Coerver and baby of Valmeyer, Ill., are visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. Valentine Seitz of our city.  [Fair Play. (Ste. Genevieve [Mo.]), 07 Aug. 1920.]

Attorney Charles Morrison of Waterloo, a brother of the late Col. William R. Morrison, was here yesterday en route to Vienna on professional business.  Mr. Morrison is a condidate in the Democratic primary of Monroe County for the nomination of state's attorney.  [The Cairo Bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.), 25 Feb. 1912]

Mr. Schneider, of Valmeyer, Ill., was a visitor at the home of J.F. Schroeder.  [The Farmington times. (Farmington, St. Francois County, Mo.), 20 May 1921]

J.F. Schroder, editor of the Gazette, spent a few days with relatives in Valmeyer, Ill., the past week.  [The Farmington Times. (Farmington, St. Francois County, Mo.), 08 Oct. 1915]

Mr. and Mrs. Valentine Seitz left Saturday morning for a visit to their children at Troy and Salisbury, Mo., and Valmeyer and Prairie du Rocher, Ill.  [Fair Play. (Ste. Genevieve [Mo.]), 10 June 1916]

 Mrs. Herbert Warnock and children, from Butler, Mo., are in Columbia on a visit to 'Squire Lafayette Warnock and fmaily. Columbia (ills) Voice [The Butler Weekly Times. (Butler, Mo.), May 24, 1882]

Misses Lulu and Minnie Warnock of Columbia, Ills., who have been visiting their sister, Mrs. Z.J. Williams and brothers S.F. and W.H. Warnock, took their departure for home Friday.  [The Butler Weekly times. (Butler, Mo.), 19 Jan. 1893.]

Miss Nellie Warnock has returned to her home in Columbia from Butler, Mo., where she has been attending school- Columbia (Ills) Voice [The Butler Weekly Times. (Butler, Mo.), May 24, 1882]

Mr. L. Warnock, wife, son and daughter, of Columbia, ills., father and mother of W.H. and Fletcher Warnock and Mrs. Z.J. Williams, arrived in the city Saturday to spend the holidays with their children. [The Butler Weekly Times. (Butler, Mo.), 28 Dec. 1892]

Z.J. Williams left Tuesday to join his wife at Columbia, Ills.  Before returning home they will visit the World's fair.  [The Butler Weekly Times. (Butler, Mo.), 18 May 1893]

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