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Montgomery County, Illinois


Audubon Township

Baptist Churchorganized in 1850 by Elder Samuel Rogers
Mt Zion Churchsection 33, SW ¼ of NE ¼ - Zion Cemetery
Shiloh ChurchSection 26, SW ¼
Unitarian Churchorganized in 1839 by Rev Huntington
United Baptist ChurchSection 12, SE ¼ of the NE ¼ - cemetery
United Church of Christlocated in Ohlman

Bois D'Arc Township

Methodist Churchfirst church in the township - organized by Rev Samuel Lily at the Prairie Dell School
Methodist Churchorganized in 1865 in Section 24
St Isidor's Catholic Churchestablished 1873 3 1/3 miles east of Farmersville - disbanded in the early 1940's
St Mary's Catholic Churchlocated in Farmersville - church built 1902
United Methodist Churchlocated in Farmersville
Zion Evangelical Lutheran Churchlocated in Farmersville
Zion Lutheran Churchlocated in Farmersville

Butler Grove Township

Butler ME Churchorganized 1856 - Merged with Butler Presbyterian Church
Butler Presbyterian Churchlocated in Butler - organized in 1858 - 1951; merged with Butler Union Methodist Church
Butler Union Methodistorganized in 1951 in Butler Church
Montgomery United Methodist ChurchSection 12, NW ¼ of SE ¼ - organized 1836 and closed 1980 - Montgomery Cemetery
Ware's Grove Evangelical Lutheran ChurchSection 15, NE ¼ of NW ¼ - organized 24 Dec 1860 - land donated by Justus H Ware

East Fork Township

Assembly of God Churchlocated in Coffeen
Bear Creek Churchestablished north of Donnellson - it and graveyard abandoned and later established NW of Donnellson in Grisham Twp.
Bethel ChurchSection 35
Cumberland Presbyterian Churchland purchased in 1839 in Section 24, NE ¼ of the NE ¼
Donnellson Presbyterian Churchlocated in Donnellson - organized fall 1829 by Robert Paisley - 1st minister Rev Green Rice
Donnellson First Baptist Churchlocated in Donnellson
East Fork Baptist Churchno information
First Baptist Churchlocated in Coffeen
First Baptist Churchlocated on the Red Ball Trail
First United Pentecostal Churchlocated in Schram City
Free Methodist Churchlocated in Coffeen
Gospel Tabernaclelocated in Schram City - inactive
Mt Moriah ChurchSection 24, SW ¼ of the SE ¼ on the Red Ball Trail - Mt Moriah Cemetery
New Life Assemblylocated in Coffeen
Presbyterian ChurchSection 24 - organized in 1833
St. John's Catholic Churchlocated in Coffeen
Southern Baptist Churchlocated in Schram City
United Methodist Churchlocated in Coffeen

Fillmore Township

Baptist Churchbuilt in 1830 in Section 24 - organized by Rev Henry Sears
Bost Hill Churchnorthwest of Fillmore - established by 1846 - Bost Hill Cemetery
Evangelical Lutheran Unionorganized in the vicinity of property owned by Church Moses Cress and Aaron Bost - dissolved Jan 1882 and congregation united with Bost Hill
 Fillmore Baptist Churchlocated in Fillmore
 Fillmore United Methodist Churchlocated in Fillmore
Primitive Baptist Churchchanged to Woodside Community Church
St Mathew Lutheran Churchlocated in Fillmore
Sovereign Grace Baptist Churchlocated in Fillmore
United Methodist Church located in VanBurensburg
Woodside Community ChurchSection 5 NE Corner - formerly Primitive Baptist Church - cemetery

Grisham Township

Baptist Churchorganized by Elder James Street - abandoned years ago
Bear Creek ChurchSW of Donnellson - originally in E Fork Twp
Edwards Chapellocated in section 11, NE ¼ of the NE ¼ - cemetery
Panama Baptist Churchlocated in Panama
Rankin Presbyterian Churchcemetery
Sacred Heart Catholic Churchlocated in Panama
Waveland Presbyterian Churchorganized in Jul 1843 by Rev A Cameron Allen - cemetery

Harvel Township

Harvel Christian Churchlocated in Harvel - organized in 1888 by Rev Isaac Beckelhymer
Methodist Episcopal Churchorganized 1874 - disbanded 1910-20
St James Evangelical Churchlocated in Harvel - organized in 1879
Trinity Lutheran Churchlocated in Harvel - organized in 1894

Hillsboro Township

Clear Springs Baptist ChurchSection 28 NW ¼ of NE ¼ - cemetery
Calvary Baptist Churchlocated in Hillsboro
Congregational Churchorganized in 1859 by former members of the Presbyterian Church
Disciples of Christ Christian Churchlocated in Hillsboro
First American Baptist
located in Hillsboro
Free Methodist Churchlocated in Hillsboro
Full Gospel Churchorganize in 1963 in Hillsboro
Kingdom Hall of Johavah's Witnessesorganized in 1970 in Hillsboro
New Testament Christian
organized in 1981 in Hillsboro
Our Savior's Lutheranorganized in 1954 in Hillsboro
Redemption Centerorganized in 1981 in Hillsboro
St Agnes Catholic Churchlocated in Hillsboro - 1st church built 1869 - cemetery
St Paul's Lutheran Churchlocated in Hillsboro - 2nd oldest Lutheran Church in IL founded in 1832 by Rev Daniel Sherer - original church was the 1st framed Lutheran church in the state
St James Baptist Churchlocated in Hillsboro
Southern Baptist Churchlocated in Taylor Springs - disbanded 1920's reorganized 1940's
Unitarianslocated in Hillsboro - disbanded shortly after Civil War
United First Presbyterian
organized in Hillsboro in 1828
United Methodist Churchlocated in Hillsboro

Irving Township

Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saintsorganized in 1952 by Mrs Walter Helfer
Hopewell Methodist Episcopal ChurchSection 34 - organized 1829 moved to Irving - cemetery
Irving Christian Churchorganized in 1853 in Irving
Irving Cumberland Presbyterian Churchorganized in 1830 by Joel Knight - name changed to Irving Presbyterian Church - church burned in 1923 and not rebuilt
Irving Free Methodist Churchorganized in 1880 by William B Colt
Irving Methodist Churchoriginally Hopewell Methodist Episcopal Church
St John's Evangelical Lutheran Churchestablished in 1842 by families from Cabarrus and Mecklenburg Cos NC - NW of Irving church abandoned - cemetery
St Luke's Lutheran Churchlocated in Irving - organized in 1858 first minister was Rev Isaac Short

Nokomis Township

Emmanuel Baptist Churchlocated in Nokomis - organized 1980
First Baptist Churchorganized 1856
First Methodist Churchorganized in 1850 by James L Crane
First Presbyterian Churchorganized in 1862 by Rev Joseph Gordon
German Methodist Churchorganized in 1890 - name changed to Grace Methodist Church in 1920
Grace Methodist Churchorganized in 1890 as the German Methodist
St Louis Catholic Churchlocated in Nokomis - first service held in 1859 by Father Colton of Litchfield
St Mark's Lutheran Churchlocated in Nokomis - organized in 1855 by Rev DD Swaney of the Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church
St Paul's Lutheran Churchlocated Nokomis - organized 1870 - cemetery
South Fork United Methodist Churchorganized 1868 - Kettlekamp Cemetery
Trinity Lutheran Churchlocated in Nokomis - organized 1893
United Methodist Churchlocated in Nokomis
Zion Evangelical Lutheranorganized 1855 by DD Swaney - now called St Mark's Lutheran

North Litchfield Township

Assembly of God Churchlocated in Litchfield
Barnett Christian Churchlocated in Barnett
Calvary Pentecostallocated in Litchfield
Tabernacle Cedar Ridge Churchlocated in Honey Bend - cemetery
Christian Church of
located in Litchfield
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saintslocated in Litchfield
Church of God Seventh Daylocated in Litchfield
First Baptist Churchorganized in 1856 in Litchfield
First Presbyterian Churchorganized in 1856 in Litchfield
Free Methodist Churchorganized in 1878 in Litchfield
Litchfield Universalist Churchformed 1883 - dissolved after 1953
Mt Zion Lutheran Churchorganized in 1852 in Litchfield
St Aloysius Catholic Churchorganized in 1883 in Litchfield - dissolved in 1988 and congregation merged with St Mary's to become Holy Family Parish in South Litchfield Twp
St Timothy Methodist Churchlocated in Litchfield
Union Avenue Christian Churchorganized in 1856 in Litchfield
Word of Faith Teaching Centerlocated in Litchfield
Zion Lutheran Churchorganized in 1886 in Litchfield

Pitman Township

Christian Churchorganized in 1892 in Waggoner
Methodist Churchbuilt in 1891 in Waggoner on land donated by Horace Q Waggoner
Prairie Grove Baptist churchbuilt in 1880 on land purchased from Church George B Waggoner in Section 28 - 1890 moved to Waggoner at Main & Starr Sts
Providence Methodist Churchorganized in 1864 SW of Waggoner in T11 R5
cemetery established in 1862

Raymond Township

Asbury ChapelSection 20, NW ¼ of the NW ¼ - organized as a Methodist church in 1852 in the home of James Bain - Elizabeth Neal donated land where the chapel was built in 1861 - torn down 1875 - cemetery
Baptist Churchorganized in 1877 in Raymond
Blessed Hope Baptist Churchwest of Raymond
Blue Mound ChurchSection 22, NE corner
Christian Churchorganized in Raymond in 1874
First United Presbyterian Churchorganized in 1871 in Raymond
Methodist Church Asbury Chapelwas torn down in 1875 and re-built as the Methodist Church in Raymond
St Raymond's Catholic Churchfirst church built in 1881 in Raymond cemetery

Rountree Township

Episcopal Methodist Churcherected in 1842
Mt Zion Lutheran ChurchSection 16, SE ¼ of the SE ¼ on the Raymond-Nokomis Blacktop - cemetery

South Fillmore Township

East Fork ChurchSection 8, SW ¼ of the NE ¼
Old Hurricane ChurchSection 12, NW ¼ of the SW ¼ - first church in the county - records begin 1848 - cemetery

South Litchfield Township

Assumption BVM Churchbecame St Mary's Church
Church of Christorganized in 1958 in Litchfield
Holy Family Parish Churchorganized in 1988 when St Aloysius and St Mary's Churches merged
Litchfield Southern Baptistlocated in Litchfield
St Mary's Catholic Churchfirst mass in 1857
Assumption BVM Churchbuilt in 1860 - 1988 merged with the St Aloysius congregation to make Holy Family Parish
South Side Baptist Churchorganized in 1951 in Litchfield
Union ChurchSection 23, SE ¼ of the NW ¼ - SE of Litchfield - church burned in 1938 - Hart's Cemetery

Walshville Township

Baptist Churchlocated in Walshville - early records burned
Christian Churchlocated in Walshville
Morris ChapelMethodist church

Witt Township

Bethel Assembly of Godno info
Cumberland Presbyterian Churchorganized in 1873 by William McDavid
First Presbyterian Churchorganized in 1875 in Witt
Greek Orthodox Churchsold their land to the Witt Christian Church
Plymouth Brothersmet east of Witt
St Barbara's Catholic Churchbuilt in 1904 in Witt
United Methodist Churchorganized in 1869 in Witt - combination of the following churches, Methodist Episcopal South, Methodist Protestant, and Evangelical United Brethren
United Pentecostal Churchlocated in Witt
Witt Christian Churchlocated in Witt

Zanesville Township

New Hope Baptist Churchorganized in 1866 six miles NE of Litchfield by former members of the Missionary Baptist Church of Shaws' Point, Macoupin Co
Pleasant Hill Christian Churchlocated 7 mi N of Litchfield on I55 - first building dedicated 1873 - records begin 1886

This report was compiled by Lynn Boyd Reener in 1988, for the Illinois State Genealogical Society from material collected during the 1982 microfilming project and from the following sources:

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