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William M. Gray
b. January 1844;
d. 23 February 1913 Franklin, IL
Rebecca Ann Foster
b. 20 December 1845
died 19 March 1920

8 November 1866

Submitted by Jack A. Laswell, Sr

Edwin Cade, 27, resides in Woodson, Ill.

Hattie Belle Hainey, 23, resides in Murraysville, Ill.

Sept. 19, 1895


Julius M. Ribelin?, 31, resides in Woodson, Ill.

Dollie Smith, 33, resides in Winchester, Ill. Groom:

Sept. 19, 1895 by Samuel B. Moore


Frank Zirkle, 23, resides in Prentice, Ill.

Josie Holmes, 17, resides in Sinclair
(license taken out by bride's father, William Holmes)

Sept. 17, 1895by Samuel B. Moore


Robert M. Ketner, 24, resides in Jacksonville, Ill.

Ida Walter, 23, resides in Jacksonville, Ill.

Sept. 17, 1895 by Samuel B. Moore


John Blue, 50, Colored, b. Paris, MO, resides in Jacksonville, Ill.,works as a butcher, Parents Robert Blue and Eliza Shropshire, 2nd marriage

Nannie J. Banks, nee Campbell, 36, b. Paris, MO, Colored, Parents Joseph Davis and Mary Davis, 2nd marriage, residence Jacksonville, Ill.

Sept. 12, 1895
by C. W. Newton, Witnesses: Marie Banford and T. D. Stout (license taken out by J. E. Barker)


Jno. M. Virera?, White, 51, b. Madira, resides in Jacksonville, Ill., works as a carpenter, Parents Manuel Virera? and Patronella Fernandes, 2nd marriage

Lizzie Greer, 31, b. Iowa, White Parents Samuel Greer and Barbara Ranson, 1st marriage, residence Jacksonville, Ill.

Sept. 12, 1895 by Robert Simington, Witnesses: H. D. and James Fernandes


Herbert S. Galley, 24, White, b. England, resides in Jacksonville, works as a watchmaker, Parents John Galley and Sarah Cook, 1st marriage

Maggie V. Mansfield, 18, b. Macoupin County, Ill., White, Parents Jno. W. Mansfield and Kissie E. Crawford, 1st marriage, residence Jacksonville, Ill. Groom: . Married

Sept. 11, 1895 by Garrett C. Cruzen?, Witnesses: Mrs. T. B. Humphrey, E. Mansfield


Charles Sperry, 41, White, b. Waverly, resides in Jacksonville, Ill., works as a painter, Parents Curtis Sperry and Valencia Vierra?, 2nd marriage

Sarah E. Tipton, 27, b. Palmer City, Ill, White, Parents Joshua S. Tipton and Anne Kinkle?, 1st marriage, residence Waverly

Sept. 9, 1895 by Emanuel N. Pires, Witnesses: U. C. and Mary N. Sperry


Robert W. Raines, 23, b. Drake, Ill., resides in Drake, Ill., works as a telegraph operator, Parents Jno. H. Raines and Phebe A. Ireland, 1st marriage

Gertie M. Ricker, 20, b. Virden, Ill., White, Parents George Riker and Dora Angelo, 1st marriage, residence Virden, Ill.

Sept. 9, 1895 by Richard Yates, Witnesses: S. P. Angelo and J. Becker


John Naylor, 20, White, b. in Morgan Co., Ill., resides in McKendree, Ill, works as a farmer, Parents George Naylor and Mary Burris, 1st marriage

Ollie A. Coy, 19, b. Morgan Co., Ill., White, Parents Thadeus Coy and Mary Lamb, 1st marriage, residence is McKendree, Ill.

Sept. 8, 1895 by S. H. Martin, Witnesses: Mrs. R. Martin and Mrs. H. Leonard


Joseph S. Carmen, 23, White, b. Montgomery County, IN, resides in Meredosia, works as a farmer, Parents Joseph Carmen and Sarah Lloyd, 1st marriage.

Alice E. Colbert, 24, b. Adams County, Illinois, White, Parents Jess Colbert and Susanah Inman, 1st marriage, residence is Meredosia

Sept. 6, 1895 by Richard Yates, Witnesses: Jef. Carmen and W. W. E. McEvers



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