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These are divorce listings that appeared in newspapers.

Decree of divorce were granted Saturday to:
Helen from Albert SCHEIDT ~ cruelty
Mae from Walter EPPY ~ cruelty
Cora V. from Clarence HEMP ~ cruelty
Hattie R. from Richard D. GRAHAM ~ desertion
Lille from George CURFMAN ~ drunkenness
Julie M. from George A. KELLY ~ desertion
Thomas from Madeline CHIOTTE ~ desertion
Mrs. Helen HALLAM has filed suit with Circuit Clerk George Sturch for divorce from Charles M. HALLAM on the ground of desertion.
October 1928, The Peoria Star [ch]

10 Divorce Decrees Granted by Judges 
Ten decrees of divorce were granted today by Circuit Judges:
John T. CUBERTSON Jr. and Henry J. INGRAM. 
Following are the cases:

Fred LEROY from Iva Ruch ZIMMERMAN ~ desertion
Helen from Harold DECKER ~ cruelty ~ Maiden name of McBRIDE restored
Albert A. from Patricia CHATLOS ~ desertion ~ defendant awarded custody of  adopted daughter
Itha L. from William E. WENNINGER ~ desertion~ former name of BUCK restored
E.F. from Alma McCOLLOM ~ desertion ~ former name of BAKER restored
Ura Faye from Clarence Q. WILLIAR ~ cruelty~ former name of SANDERS restored
Edna E. from Frank F. HODSON ~ cruelty~ maiden name of ARNOLD restored
Chloe from Charles R. BARRETT ~ cruelty ~ plaintiff awarded custody of three children and $10 week for support of children
Louis from Ruth LARO ~ cruelty ~ defendant awarded custody of two-year-old daughter 
Peoria Star, p. 10 - Saturday, March 27, 1937 [ch]


Divorces Sought
Irene JOHNSON vs. Edward R. JOHNSON ~ cruelty
Ila Jean vs. Virgil G. LEVITT ~ cruelty
Glenna Faye ROBINSON of Chillicothe vs. Lovell ROBINSON ~ cruelty ~ nonsupport and desertion
Almeta vs. William Francis COMISKEY ~ desertion
Peoria Star, Wednesday, August 11, 1943 [ch]

Divorces Granted
Lillian from Morgan M. SAMPLES
Margaret E. from Emery M. MARTIN
Evelyn M. from Howard R. COLVIN
Lesley from Earl BJURSTROM
Marie T. from Fred MOREFIELD
Eleanor M. from Duane C. STRANGE
Mary from Fred HILST
Alfred R. from Marguerite E. HESS
Robert C. from Shirley Ann LEMKE
Ressie E. from Forrest R. WILSON
Lola from Francis GORDON
Wilma May from Robert WOODRING
Verla from Carl Warren ROGERS
The divorce suit of Lucille F. versus George W. HARGADINE was dismissed
Peoria Star p.3, Saturday, September 22, 1945  [ch]

Divorces Granted
Byron from Winoma MOREHEAD
Margaret from Robert KLING ~ plaintiff obtaining custody of two children
Mildred from Joseph BOCIEN
Pearl from John REEDY
Helen from Jessie COLLINS ~ maiden name Helen DURHAM restored Mattie from Raymond THORN
James from Ethel DANTONE
June from Daniel NASH ~ returning maiden name June McCULLOUGH~ cruelty
Beterice from Ivan H. JONES ~ adultery
Agnes from Fred GORDON ~ habitual drunkenness
Ada from Elwood KYLE
Lavonia from Edwin PAYNTER ~ restoring maiden name QUISENBERRY ~ desertion 
Peoria Star p.3, Saturday, October 6, 1945 [ch]

20 Decrees for Divorce Granted
Twenty decrees for divorce were granted in the circuit court court Tuesday by Judges Henry J. Ingram and Joseph E Daily.
They Were:
Elaine from Edward V. FRITZ?GER
Donald L. from Maxine SMITH
Ruby A. from Cheaster ?RAHL
Beatrice from Herbert D. SCHREIBER
Helen B. from Charles BOWMAN
Isabell M. from Alfred PETERSON
Mary L. from James E. CURD~ restoring maiden name Mary JENKINS
Robert J. from Georgia MAYER
Marie V. from George S. MELTON
Elizabeth V. from Joesph C. BAIRD
Juanita from Albred G. SHURRAH ~ plaintiff obtaining custody of three children
Frances M. from Frank P. PETERSON ~ plaintiff obtaining custody of two children
Anna from Riley KLASING ~ plaintiff receiving custody of three children
Milton J. from Floy SCHRIVENS ~ on grounds of cruelty
Helen from Donald G. WAINSCOTT ~restoring
maiden name Helen SHOEMAKER
Inez A. from John F. ARNOLD ~ plaintiff receiving custody of four children
Ruth from Charles D. Gill ~ restoring maiden name Ruth WILLIAMSON
Louis P. from Mae R. WARREN
Dorothy L. from Irving L. ROOT ~ on grounds of desertion
Ellen from Edgar O. HUGES ~ on grounds of adultery
Peoria Star, Thursday, November 8, 1945 [ch]

Divorce Suits Filed
Marie against George S. MELTON~ cruelty
Theola L.Cecil M. SKILES ~ cruelty
Peoria Star, Friday, September 28, 1948 [ch]

Divorces Granted
Bovie Florence ALTA from Palmer G. MOEILER
Gladys from Edward WILLIAM
Divorces Filed
FRITACH, Robert against Mary Ellen
WASNER, Edward against Mildred
The Peoria Journal Star p. 25, Thursday, December 22, 1949 [ch]

Notice of Divorces
TUCKER, Marjorie M. against Herschel E.
STEWART, Louise against Noria
Peoria Journal Star p. B-7, Tuesday, April 5, 1960 [ch]

Divorces Granted 
ROGERS, Carmen from Raymond
PLUNK, David from Judy
LAMBERSON, Vicki from Bobbie 
Peoria Journal Star, Tuesday, June 19, 1971 [ch]





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