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Descendants of Newton Jenkins
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Generation No. 1

1. NEWTON1 JENKINS was born December 06, 1833, and died December 14, 1908.
He married SERENIA SHIVLAR August 23, 1867 in Peoria, IL, daughter of JOHN SHIVLAR and ELIZA TOMLINSON.
She was born March 21, 1850, and died December 23, 1923.

Newton Jenkis, Private Peoria 2/23/1865 Mustered out 8/15/1865
1870- Jenkins Newton age36 Male White born OH
resides TAZEWELL County LITTLE MACKINAW township page 146
More About NEWTON JENKINS: Burial: Unknown, Bellflower Cemetery~~Bellflower, IL.
More About SERENIA SHIVLAR: Burial: Unknown, Bellflower Cemetery~~Bellflower, IL.

2. i. MINNIE M.2 JENKINS, b. April 30, 1868, Sangamon, IL.; d. February 1974.
ii. JOHN JENKINS, b. January 30, 1870; d. December 1973; m. MAME; d. Unknown.
3. iii. ANNIE JENKINS, b. April 16, 1872, McLean Co. IL; d. September 22, 1949, Bellflower IL.
iv. GEORGE JENKINS, b. November 29, 1873; d. April 19, 1887, Bellflower Cem.
More About GEORGE JENKINS: Burial: Unknown, Bellflower Cem

v. MATTIE JENKINS, b. Abt. 1875; d. Unknown; m. CHARLES SORTAIN, January 08, 1899; d. Unknown.
vi. ROBERT NEWTON JENKINS, b. August 16, 1876; d. September 30, 1954, Urbana IL. Community Nursing Home.
More About ROBERT NEWTON JENKINS: Burial: October 01, 1954, Bellflower Cem

4. vii. PHOEBE JENKINS, b. June 04, 1877; d. June 15, 1945, Bellflower, IL..
5. viii. CLARA JENKINS, b. May 23, 1883; d. 1959.
6. ix. CLARK ELMER JENKINS, b. May 23, 1883, Bellflower, IL; d. June 30, 1957, Manteno, IL.
x. WALTER JENKINS, b. January 28, 1889; d. 1923, NYC.
xi. WESLEY JENKINS, b. January 28, 1889, Sangamon, IL.; d. 1957, Jacksonville, IL.

Generation No. 2

2. MINNIE M.2 JENKINS (NEWTON1) was born April 30, 1868 in Sangamon, IL., and died February 1974. She married JASPER LAMBERT BEAMAN November 25, 1886 in McLean Co.. He was born March 1861 in Morgan, Owen, IN/Owen Co., IN, and died 1935 in Owens, IN..

i. FEMALE (BABY)3 BEAMAN, b. September 04, 1890; d. Unknown.
7. ii. LENA MAY BEAMAN, b. October 22, 1893; d. Unknown.
8. iii. JAMES NEWTON BEAMAN, b. April 28, 1907; d. Unknown.

3. ANNIE2 JENKINS (NEWTON1) was born April 16, 1872 in McLean Co. IL, and died September 22, 1949 in Bellflower IL. 
She married HENRY INNIS February 06, 1890 in McLean Co. IL, son of ARCHABALD INNIS and SARAH ?. 
He was born November 13, 1865, and died September 04, 1942 in Bellflower IL.
More About ANNIE JENKINS: Burial: Unknown, Bellflower Cem 
More About HENRY INNIS: Burial: Unknown, Bellflower Cem

Children of ANNIE JENKINS and HENRY INNIS are:
i. CLARISE3 INNIS, b. Abt. 1895; d. 1913.
Bloomington-- Clarise Innis, eighteen years old, died from the effects of rough usage in efforts to revive him after being nearly drowned in Miller Park Lake. 
His parents will prosecute city officials for neglect to provide proper facilities for rescue work as provided by state laws. Sept. 1913 Newspaper unknown

ii. HENRY F. JR INNIS, b. November 13, 1898; d. February 11, 1947.
iii. HAROLD CLARK INNIS, b. July 09, 1907; d. November 15.
iv. NARA INNIS, b. Unknown; d. Unknown.

4. PHOEBE2 JENKINS (NEWTON1) was born June 04, 1877, and died June 15, 1945 in Bellflower, IL..
She married MARION AL MILLER September 09, 1896 in McLean Co. IL. He was born 1871, and died 1939 in Bellflower, IL..

i. CLARISE NEWTON3 MILLER, b. Private; m. ALTA, Private; b. Private.
ii. JOHN MILLER, b. Private; m. MELBA, Private; b. Private.
iii. ROY MILLER, b. 1910; d. 1970; m. MARGARET MONICAL; b. 1912; d. 1989.
iv. BABY MILLER, b. Private.
9. v. LILA MILLER, b. October 01, 1915, Foss, Oklahoma; d. 1972.

5. CLARA2 JENKINS (NEWTON1) was born May 23, 1883, and died 1959. 
She married (1) EDWARD EDWARD September 06, 1897 in McLean Co.. He died Unknown. 
She married (2) GUY INNIS Unknown. He was born 1885, and died 1959.
More About CLARA JENKINS: Burial: Unknown, Bellflower Cem 
More About GUY INNIS: Burial: Unknown, Bellflower Cem

Children of CLARA JENKINS and GUY INNIS are:
i. VELMA3 INNIS, b. Private; m. (1) HAROLD TIERNEY, Private; b. Private; m. (2) FRANK DAILY, Private; b. Private.
ii. CHARLOTTE INNIS, b. Private; m. CONRAD JOHNSON, Private; b. Private.
iii. WALTER INNIS, b. Private.

6. CLARK ELMER2 JENKINS (NEWTON1) was born May 23, 1883 in Bellflower, IL, and died June 30, 1957 in Manteno, IL.
He married (1) ALMA LAVINA RIDGEWAY in Manteno, Il., daughter of ARTHUR RIDGEWAY and ANNA VANHOOK. 
She was born April 07, 1901, and died May 26, 1971 in Manteno, Il..
She was born February 13, 1888 in Groveland IL, and died 1911. 
He married (3) LIDA LENORA OSBORN October 15, 1912 in Mapleton, IL, daughter of WILLIAM OSBORN and LENORA JONES. 
She was born July 10, 1891 in Groveland, IL, and died September 27, 1989 in Paxton, IL.

More About CLARK ELMER JENKINS: Burial: July 03, 1957, Streenbergen Cem./ Mount Palaski, IL 
More About ALMA LAVINA RIDGEWAY: Burial: May 29, 1971, Steenbergen Cemetery--Mount Pulaski, Il.
More About LIDA LENORA OSBORN: Burial: September 29, 1989, Drummer Township Cem./ Gibson City, IL

i. MARY ELLEN3 RIDGEWAY, b. Private.

Children of CLARK JENKINS and LIDA OSBORN are:
ii. MARGARET SERENA3 JENKINS, b. Private; m. STEWART F. ANDERSON, Private; b. May 28, 1906, Chicago, IL.; d. April 14, 1989, Gibson City, IL..
More About STEWART F. ANDERSON: Burial: April 17, 1989, Drummer Township Cem. Gibson City, IL

10. iii. WILLIAM WALTER JENKINS, b. November 08, 1915, Fnar Foosland; d. September 19, 1979, Peoria IL..
11. iv. HAYDEN VINCENT JENKINS, b. October 06, 1918, Guthrie, IL; d. December 10, 1998, Danville, IL.


Descendants of Richard Lonsdale, Sr.
2009 - Kathy Prongua 
Richard Lonsdale Jr. and Euphemia had another son who was not listed. His name is John Alfred Lonsdale 1887-1949. He immigrated to Canada.


Contributed by Leniegh Schrinar


1 Richard LONSDALE SR 1817 - 1888

. +Anna WADSWORTH 1819 - 1899

...... 2 Mathew LONSDALE 1840 -

...... 2 Mary H. LONSDALE 1845 - 1855

...... 2 Ernest LONSDALE 1848 - 1870

...... 2 William LONSDALE 1851 -

...... 2 John LONSDALE 1853 -

.......... +Ellen WHOLSTENHOLM

.............. 3 John Alfred LONSDALE 1886 -

...... 2 Sarah Ann LONSDALE 1854 -

...... 2 Richard LONSDALE Jr. 1855 - 1914

.......... +Euphemia B. JONES 1864 - 1894

.............. 3 Cora May LONSDALE 1885 -

.................. +George Aman BUHL

.............. 3 Charles Ellis LONSDALE 1891 - 1959

.................. +Pearl BUHL 1901 - 1974

...... 2 Mary Ella LONSDALE 1858 -

...... 2 Betty LONSDALE 1859 - 1860







Miller Family

Contributed by Leniegh Schrinar



Reuben MILLER 
b.Unkonown    d. Unknown
b. ca July 1786    d: Unknown


1.Richard, b. 1815 -1820  d. Unknown m. Susan ____

1. Nancy, b.Unknown d. Unknown
2. Sarah, b.Unknown d. Unknown
3. John, b.Unknown d. Unknown

b. ca 1805  in: KY
d.12 March 1867    in: Peoria Co. IL
buried: Jones Family Cemetery     in: Peoria Co. IL
m. #1 Fanny ____
m. #2 July 1, 1849 Eunice PIKE     in: Peoria Co. IL


b. ca 1831. in : MO  d. Unknown

2. Jane 
b. ca 1836.   in: IL         d. Unknown

3. James, b. ca 1838. in: IL   d. Unknown 
4. Nancy, b. ca 1837.  in: IL   d. Unknown 
5. John, b. ca 1841. in: IL   d. Unknown 
6.Emiline, b. ca 1842.  in: IL   d. Unknown 
7.Amanda, b. ca 1845.  in: IL   d. Unknown

8. Josephine 
b. 24. July. 1850.    in: IL    d. Unknown 
m. William VALENTINE

9. Peter, b. 1852   in: IL     d. Unknown 
10.Franklin, b. ca 1854   in: IL    d. Unknown

b. ca 1806    in: KY 
d. Unknown
m. Mary _____ (married 3 times)


1. Hamon
b. Unknown   d. Unknown
m. Hazell MCCARTY

2. Nance
b. Unknown   d. Unknown

3. America E.
b. ca 1832     in: MO       d. Unknown
m. William H. BEATY     in: Peoria Co.

4. Mary A.
b. ca 1833     in: MO       d. Unknown

5. Sarah J., b. ca 1834  in: MO    d.Unknown 
6. Oliver P., b. ca 1836   in: MO  d. Unknown

7. Margaret E. 
b. ca 1839   in: MO     d. Unknown
(Margaret Eliza m. BALL?)

8.James M., b. ca 1843   in: IL  d. Unknown

9. Martha
b. ca 1846     in: IL   d. Unknown

10. Richard L., b. ca 1848   in: IL     d. Unknown


4. female b. ca 1810--------------


5.Andrew Jackson
b. ca 1812    in: KY
d. buried: Victoria, Jefferson Co., MO
m. 1850 Clarissa WILSON    
d. 1857         in: Peoria Co. IL
buried: Jones Family Cemetery, Limestone Twp.
m.#2 Harriet ________ in: Jefferson Co. MO. (1860 Census)


1. John Henry, b. ca 1842  in: IL  d. Unknown
2. Mary E., b. ca 1845 in: IL  d. Unknown
3. Thomas Jefferson, b.Unknown in: IL   d. Unknown
4. Alfred, b. ca 1852 in: IL  d. Unknown
5. Peorias, b. ca 1854   in: IL   d. Unknown




b. ca 1820      in: KY
d. Unknown  
m. Nancy; (Nancy 2nd m. Orrien MCCOLRY 1864)
d. 14. March. 1873     in: Peoria Co. IL


1. Nancy J. 
b. ca 1839     in: MO    d. Unknown
m. ___SWEET

2.Sarah E.
b. ca 1842   in: IL     d. Unknown

3. James B?R?, b. ca 1844    in: IL  d. Unknown 
4. Harriet E., b. ca 1846    in: IL  d. Unknown

5. Mary L.
b. ca 1848     in: IL         d. Unknown




b. 1821     in: Shelby Co. KY
d. Unknown    
m. 1850 Henry W. JONES     in: Peoria Co. IL


1. Caroline C.
b. ca 1843    in: IL    d. 26 Feb. 1916
buried: Jones Cem. Peoria Co. IL
m. 11 May 1859  Francis PEPPARD   in: Peoria

2. Lovina 
b. ca 1845    in: IL     d. Unknown 

3. Amanda E. 
b. ca 1847    in: IL    d. Unknown 
m. #1: _RANDALL 
m. #2: _NEWCOMB

4. Charles P 
b. ca 1849   in: IL       d. Unknown 
m. Caroline DALY

5. Lucinda 
b. 1851 in: IL     d. Unknown 
m. Robert AWL

6. James H. 
b. 1853     in: IL        d. 7. Mar. 1923 
buried: Parkview Cem. Peoria. IL 
m. Alice BROWN

7. Malinda J. 
b. 1855     in: IL 
m. Alfred KERSHAW

8. John F., b. 1856   in: IL d. 1867 
9. George N., b. 1857 in: IL d. 1861 
10. Anna C., b. 1861 in: IL  d. infancy

11. Adeline C.
b. 1863       in: IL     d. 21 July 1928
m. William EDWARDS   in: Tazewell Co. IL
m.#2 _POPE
m.#3 21 June 1911 Jonas EMALT    in: Knox Co. IL

12. Euphemia
b. 1865    in: IL    d. Unknown
m. Richard LONSDALE

13. Ellen
b.1865  in: IL      d. Unknown
m. Augustus SPITZNAGLE




8.John Nelson 
b. 1823       in: Frankfort, Franklin Co. KY
d. Unknown
m. 1849 Eliza Jane SLANE     in: Peoria Co. IL


1. Josephine, b. 1848   in: IL   d. 1849

2. Benjamin Franklin 
b. 1849  in: Peoria Co. IL 
m. Adleine MIRANDA

3. Japheth 
b. 1852    in: Peoria Co. IL   d. Uknown 
m. Sarah LAMBERT

4. Charley 
b. 1854     in: Peoria Co. IL    d. Unknown 
m. Josphine ROBERTS

5. Sylvester 
b.1857       in: Peoria Co. IL     d. Unknown 
m. Caroline LONDSDALE

6. John Daniel 
b. 1861  in: Peoria Co. IL 
m. Adella E. HENEKS

7. Ida Etta
b.1864    in: Hennipin Co. MN
m Jiles Brooks CARMICHAEL

8. William Henry
b. 1866  in: Knox Co. IL    d. 25 Aug 1941
m. Mary Elizabeth HENEKS

9. Lucinda Amanda
b. 5 Aug 1869  in: Knox Co. IL   d. 5 Aug. 1955
m. James R. CARR

10. Eliza 
b. 6 Aug. 1873  in: Guthery Co. IA   d. 6 Aug. 1873




b. ca 1834 (age 16 on 1850) 





Piper Family
Contributed by Eric Bosley



George Hoffman PIPER
b. 5. Dec. 1811 in: Loudon Co. VA
d. 6. Feb. 1873 in: Chillicothe, IL
m. 22. Dec. 1836 Elizabeth Ann THOMPSON
b. 8. Oct. 1820 d. 25. July. 1891 in: Chillicothe, IL


1. John Thompson, b. 19. Dec. 1839 in: MO. d. unknown

2. George Morris
b. 2. Feb. 1842 in: MO.
d. 1. Nov. 1920 in: Peoria, IL age: 79
m. 20. June. 1865 to Victoria Louise GRIFFIN
b. 15. Nov. 1847 in: IN
d. 17. Mar. 1922 in: Peoria, IL age: 76


1. John Walton
b. 13. Aug. 1866
d. 18. Sept. 1866 in: Peoria, IL

2. Adrienne May
b. 9. April. 1871
d. 7. Sept. 1961 in: Peoria, IL age: 90
m. 28. Nov. 1889 to Lawrence Ernest POWER at: Peoria, IL

3. George Albert
b. 19. Jan. 1873
d. 3. May. 1874 in: Chillicothe, IL

4. Cassiner Lee (George)
b. 12. June. 1875 d. unknown

5. Alanson
b. 17. Dec. 1877 in: Peoria, IL
d. 20. July. 1878 in: Peoria, IL

6. Mabel Victoria
b. 2. Nov. 1879 in: Chillicothe, IL
d. unknown

7. Harold Morton
b. 3. Mar. 1887 in: Chillicothe, IL

3. James Wesley
b. 1. May. 1844 in: Cole, Co. MO.
d. 6. April. 1910 in: Peoria, IL
Civil War Vet. Member Co. B 8th IL Inf.

4. Drusilla Ellen (Nel)
b. 30. Oct. 1846 in: Boone, Co. MO.
d. 3. July. 1925
m. 25. July. 1865 to Charles Henry THOMAS

5. Catharine
b.17. Mar. 1849 in: Booneville, Cooper Co. MO.
d. 8. April. 1849 in: Booneville, Cooper Co. MO.

6. Susan Jane (Jen)
b. 19. Aug. 1852 in: Peoria Co., IL (Dickinson Farm)
d. ca. 1916 NY
m. Harry COTTON

7. David William, b. 19. July. 1857 in: Peoria Co.,IL (Moffit Farm)

8. Margaret Lucretia
b. 22. Nov. 1860 in: Chillicothe, IL
d. ca. 1897, ND
m. unknown BROWN






John Ryan Family
Contributed by Susan Fahnstrom,


John William Ryan
born in Morgan County, Indiana, (possibly the town of Eminence) on June 8, 1847
died Sept 8,1913, in Galva, Illinois, buried at Springdale Cemetery in Peoria, Illinois.


1, JOHN RYAN first appears in the Peoria city Directory as a piano tuner, living at 222 Fourth Street.

2. In 1885 JOHN is working for August Weber JR at 220, Main Street as a piano tuner.

3. In 1886, JOHN is a salesman for Mark Ament ( Pianos and Organs, 116, South Adams) and JOHN and is living at 210 Eliza, in Peoria, Illinois

4. JOHN moved to 107, Mc Reynolds in 1888, he is still working for Mark Ament.

5 JOHN moved again in 1892 to 414, Sixth and was working for Mark Ament.

6. In 1894, JOHN moved again, this time to 1013, State Street, Peoria, Illinois.

7. In 1896, John moved to 420, New York, Avenue, Peoria and he was a traveling salesman for Mark Ament.

8 .In 1898 JOHN changed jobs and began working for the Wookey & Co, as a piano tuner.

9. JOHN RYAN stayed with the Wookey & Co, until 1904. He is listed as a music tuner, living at 105, South Bluff.

10. In 1905, his address is 105, South Glen Oak. This is the last place of residence which was last found in 1909.

JOHN RYAN died 8th, Sept, 1913 in Galva, Illinois, he is buried in the Springdale Cemetery in Peoria, Illinois

Married: Flora Rebecca Ryan



JOHN WILLIAM RYAN was born in Indiana, possibly the city of Eminence on 8th June, 1847, had a brother named George Ryan, the father and mother were from Kentucky and moved to Indiana to live, JOHN RYAN’S father died and John enlisted in the Army and was enrolled as a Private of company “B” 59 th, Regiment, Indiana Volunteers at Spencer, Indiana on 8th August, 1862. He was mustered into the Military service of the United States at Indianapolis, Indiana on 21st August, 1862, he was honorably discharged on 10th December, 1863 at St Louis, Mo for disability, he was involved in action at Forty Hills, Raymond, Vicksburg, all in Mississippi, he was a musician. JOHN WILLIAM RYAN was 17 or 18 years old when he came home from the War, he was a drummer boy and was very musical, he played band and March through the streets.

JOHN WILLIAM RYAN wouldn’t ask for an army pension because he said that all he did was play drums, boys got shot. it was his pride maybe, when his wife Flora was older, she would say, Couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t apply for a pension, do you suppose he was really in the War, she actually wrote to Washington DC and confirmed that he was in the war, he was a Grandman always in Christmas Programs, could also sing real good and tell funny stories, he worked at music stores in Peoria, as a piano tuner, he was a fine musician.

JOHN WILLIAM RYAN married FLORA REBECCA McCELLAN on 26th October, 1871 at the home of her parents, Mr & Mrs Charles Orson Mc Cellan, (Flora was the daughter of Charles Orson Mc Cellan and Eunice Weeks Avery) two miles East and one mile and a half North of El Paso, Illinois.

FLORA REBECCA Mc CELLAN was born 22nd August, 1852, John William Ryan died 8th Sept, 1913 in Galva, Illinois and he is buried in the Springdale Cemetery in Peoria, Illnois, FLORA REBECCA RYAN died 23rd, October, 1923 in California, where she was staying with her family, her body was taken home to Peoria, Illinois, Flora is buried in the Springdale Cemetery in Peoria, Illinois.


1. GRACE ALOUTA RYAN born 18th July, 1872, Grace died Feb of 1936 in Van Nuys, Ca.

2. Jessie Weeks Ryan born 14th March, 1876, she died a young lady, died ? buried in Springdale Cemetery in Peoria, Illinois.

3. Mabel Caroline Ryan born 1st May, 1878, died 14th August, 1939 in Peoria, buried in the Springdale Cemetery in Peoria, Illinois.

4. Monnie Pearl Ryan born 4th July, 1880, she died 1915 in Chicago, Illinois.

]5. Lillian Eunice Ryan born 27th April, 1883, died 18th Feb, 1953 in San Franciso, Ca.

George W Ryan the brother of John William Ryan, George was born 1845 in Indiana, he was married to Laura E Ryan, they had one daughter E Gertrude Ryan and they lived in Indianapolis, Indiana, they are on the 1900 Census.

THE RYAN name is from the County of Tipperary in Ireland, it was recorded there and the Origin goes back to the 11th or 12th Century – IRISH.

THE McCELLAN name is from KIRKCUDBRIGHTSHIRE in Scotland, where they were seated from Ancient times, traced back to the 11th or 12th Century - SCOTTISH.



Had 5 daughters:

Grace A Ryan
born July 18, 1872
died Feb 1932 in Van Nuys, Ca, buried at Oakwood Park
Cemetery in Chatsworth, Ca.

Jessie Weeks Ryan
born March 14, 1876, unmarried, (she died very young,
she arranged her own funeral arrangements, because she knew she was
going to die, she just faded away,) buried at Springdale Cemetery in Peoria, Illinois

Mabel Caroline Ryan
born May 1,1878. (possibly Green Bay, Wisc)
died Aug 14, 1939 in Buffalo, NY, buried at Springdale Cemetery, Peoria, Illinois.

Monnie Pearl Ryan
born July 4, 1880
died 1915, in Chicago, Illinois.

Lillian Eunice Ryan
born April 27, 1883
died 1953 in San Francisco, Ca.
Flora used to visit her grandson and family that lived in California and
stay for  the summers, she was staying with her Grandson, Fletcher Van
Auken, when she died Oct 23, 1923, her body was sent back home to
Peoria, and she is buried at Springdale Cemetery, there with her husband
John William Ryan.







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