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Peoria County Marriage Licenses

from the Peoria Daily Record, Thursday, July 23, 1936, pg. 2

transcribed by Candi Horton



These licenses where issued in Peoria County. 
Therefore, their residency may be somewhere other than Peoria County.
Listing is Name, Age, Occupation (grooms only), Residence



-Jack J. CRITCHFIELD, 21, helper, 219 Reed and Nellie HARTMAN, 19, Creston, IA
-John B. CHRISTIE, legal, physician, Champaign, IL and Marie Ann STURDYVIN, legal, Champaign, IL
-Lyoyd BOLES, 22, laborer, St. Elmo, IL and Wilma C. NOBLE, 18, Easton, IL
-Carl E. SNYDER, 26, machinist, RR 2 Chillicothe, IL and Alma m. FISHER, 18, 614 N. Glendale
-Charles Kenneth HOFF, 27, unemployed, 1801 S. Adams and Wilma Violet TERRELL, 28, 1801 S. Adams
-Claudean BORTON, 22, laborer, 513 First and Sara GLORE, 17, 516 Howett
-Frederick Joseph RUETH, 47, motor assembler, Moline, IL and Mayme GALLAGER, 49, Rock Island, IL
-Clarence Loran TUNER, 28, counter man, 602 Vine and Erma Maxine KEMP, 21, Kewanee, IL
-Harold W. ROSS, 37, tavern operator, Pontiac, IL and Agnes C. CONNORS, 32, Pontiac, IL
-Ralph R. TEDROW, 23, machinist, St. James St. and Virginia L. REPROAT, ??, St. James St.
-Can't Read Name or age, wire drawer, RR 158 E. Peoria and Mary MERKLEY, 29, E. Washington, E.Peoria (E.Peoria is Tazewell County)
-Dan V. KNAPP, 21, apprentice, 709 Indiana and Ruth ANDRE, 19, 402 Third
-John P. KELLY, 33, machinist, 821 Linn and Elsie E. HARPER, 28, 1419 Second
-Adalia WHITAKER, 44, mechanic, LeRoy, IL and Mildred KELLY, 27, LeRoy
-Earl W. KIRKENDALL, 28, laborer, Gelna Road, Peoria and Vivian Ruth LOVING, 18, Chillicothe, IL
-Albert H. YEAGER, 23, stock clerk, 1015 Howett and Dorothy J. MAGILL, 19, 301 Louisa
-Otis Albert KIESOW, 25, machinist, Princeville, IL and Kathryn Lucille STEVER, 22, 806 Farmington Rd.
-Robert Arthur SCHLOSSER, 22, assembler, 425 Peoria and Blanche Elizabeth VEATH, 19, 414 Brons
-Eugene SULLIVAN, 27, window washer, Chicago, IL and Garnet E. Gibson, 26, 1115 First, Peoria
-Melvin C. IMES, 21, baker, 507 Pennsylvania and Bertha F. GARRISON, 16, 2610 N. Madison
-Harold Roy SCHUCK, 24, service company employe, Washington, IL and F. Lois HITZ, 24, 301 W. Toledo, Peoria
-Wm. M. VERKRUYSE, 27, laborer, Annawan, IL and Lillian G. LEMKE, 22, Galva, IL
-Richard R. CHEATHAM, 24, laborer, 418 W. Toledo and Lucille E. Emory, 19, 233 Kingsman
-John Thomas BAILEY, legal, time keeper, 227 Callender and Ruth FREy, legal, 1109 N. Adams
-Ellis M. CRAIG, 27, attendant, Bloomington, IL and Marian C. EVAN, 25, Bloomington
-David C. BRANTIGAN, Legal, trucker, 3423 N. Madison and Viola FOUTS, legal, 3423 N. Madison
-Russell H. DECKER, 32, laborer, 1218 E. Forrest Hill and Barbara ARNOLD, 19, 1218 S. Jefferson
-John H. GOERS, 22, truck driver, 314 Malone and Ethel L. IMES, 18, 103 Clark
-Henry M. BRANNAN, 24, laborer, Canton, IL and Theresa G. JAMES, 24, Canton, IL
-John D. FARRELL, 26, checker, 715 Hamilton and Darelene J. MARFELL, 20, 611 Tracy
-Harold R. EMORY, 21, laborer, 421 Prospect and Shirley COLEMAN, 19, 307 Wisconsin
-Clarence C. FERRY, 47, painter, 702 Jackson and Cora CLARK, 55, 702 Jackson
-Chas. J. McMANN, 45, foreman, RR 1, Farmington Rd. and Katharine STOECKER, 39, RR 1 , Farmington Rd.
-Chas. W. BONNER, Jr., 25, helper, 234 Avalon Pl. and Mary E.A. COULSON, 17, 1507 Second
-Marion E. LITWILLER, 23, laborer, Tremont, IL and Helen M. HUETTE, 20, Morton, IL
-Russell E. RINGENBERG, 21, assembler, San Beradino, CA and Fay P. ADAMS, 20, 103 Illinois, Chillicothe, IL
-Wm. D. MARTIN, 24, trucker, 1420 S. Adams and Katie SANCHEZ, 21, 1527 S. Adams





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