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National Blues

Organized: July 12, 1856



The Muster Roll of the active members and the rank they held in the National Blues.

Those marked thus (*) are dead


Anderson, Horace G. ~ Lieutenant

*Barr, Joseph W. ~ Private
*Batchelder, John H. ~ Private
Batton, John ~ Private
Bills, Roswell ~ Private
Bishop, Alexander ~ Private
*Blakely, George S. ~ 3d Sergeant
Blakely 3. Murray ~ 4th Corporal
*Bryner, John ~ 1st Lieutenant and Captain
Buell, John ~ Private
*Burt William ~ Drummer
Bush, John A. ~ Private

Cassel, Elijah ~ Private
Chambers, Rush W. ~ Private
Cole, Johnson S. ~ Private
Cox, Richard S. ~ Private
Crane, Gerard S. ~ Private
*Cummings, David M. ~ Private
Cunningham, James M. ~ Lent. 2d Lient. and Captain

*Davidson, Peter ~ Private
Davis, William H. ~ 3d Corporal
*Dee, Maurice ~ Private
Doty, Chambers S. ~ 1stCorporal

Eisenhauer, Adam ~ Private

Fash, James S. ~ Private
Forsyth, Henry H. ~ Private
Fullerton, William H. ~ 4th Corporal
Funke, Otto ~ Private

Gaines, H. L. ~ Private
Gonshee, William ~ Private
Graham, Samuel H. ~ Private
Grier, David P. ~ Private
Guill, John W. ~ Private

Ha1e, Charles C. ~ Private
Hall, Augustus H. ~ Private
Hamaker,John G. ~ Private
Haggard, Samuel P. ~ 2d Corporal
Henderson, John M. ~ Private
Henon, David W. ~ Private
*Higbie, John ~ Private
Hodges, Andrew J. ~ Private
Hopkins, Henry B. ~ Private
Hough, John ~ Private
Hudson, Edward ~ Private
Humphrey, Edward J. ~ Private

King, Henry C. ~ Private
Kuhn, John F. ~ Private
Kuhn, William E. ~ Private

Laughlin, Michael B. ~ 4th Corporal
*Lowry, John F. ~ Private
Lynch, Timothy ~ Color Sergeant

*Martin, John ~ Private
McBurnie, Robert ~ Private
McClure, John D. ~ Private
McKinney, David ~ 1st Corporal
McKinney, J. Smith ~ Private
McIlvaine, George H. ~ 2d Corporal
McIlvaine, Robert S. ~ Private
Meals, Bambart ~ Private
*Mendenhall, William ~ Armorer
Merrill, Joseph H. ~ Private
Morrell, Charles H. ~ Private
Murphy, James K. ~ Private

Neill, Hugh ~ Private
Norton, Addison S. ~ 1st Sergeant

Oberhauser, Louis ~ Private
Odell, George W. ~ Private

Palmer, Archibald S. ~ Private
*Pierce, Henry C. ~ Fifer
Pierce, Cyrus H. ~ Private
Pratt, Lorin G. ~ Private
Proctor, John C. ~ 2d Sergeant
*Purple, Charles K. ~ Private

Rees, Casper W. ~ Private
Roehrig, Antony ~ Private
Ryan, Abraham H. ~ 3d Sergeant
Solomon, Frederick ~ Private
Sheaire, Emil ~ Private
Sinnot, Nicholas B. ~ Private
Smith, J.T. ~ Private
* Smythe, Thomas A. H. ~ Private
*Snyder, David D ~ Private
Stricklee, Walter C. ~ Private
*Sweeny, Benjamin ~ Fifer

*Thompson, Joseph H. ~ 3d Corporal
*Thrush, William A. ~ 3d Lieut.~ 2d Lieut.

Van Buskirk, Harry M. ~ Private
Vance, William B. ~ Private
Voodey, Alvah W. ~ Private
Wetzel, John ~ 3d Lieuteranl
Winchel, Elias ~ Private
Whiffin, William B. ~ Private
Wonder, James A. ~ Drummel
Zeigier, John R. 4th ~ Corporal



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