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National Blues Join the Union Army

The following members entered the Union army at the outbreak of the rebellion and attained the rank set opposite their names.

Joseph W. Barr
Lieut. in 8th Missouri Infantry, and 2d Lieut. in the Chicago Mercantile Battery.
Mortally wounded at the battle of Sabine Cross Roads, La.,

John H. Batchelder
Lieut. Co. C. 85th ILL. Inf.
Died and was buried at Chillicothe

John Bryner
Colonel 47th Ill. Inf.
Resigned on account of ill health and was reappointed to same command;
Died March 19, 1865,at Springfield, Ill.,
Buried in Springdale Cemetery

Rush W. Chambers
Adjutant 47th Ill. Inf.

Girard S. Crane
Commissary Sergt. 17th Ill. Inf.

John N, Cromwell
Colonel 47th Ill. Inf.
Killed at Jackson, Miss.
Buried at Paterson, N.J.

7/2001- Nancy Piwowar
I was exploring a cemetery today in Plainfield, NJ, and there is a
stone that lists John Nelson Cromwell as dying at the Battle of Jackson, Miss.
on May 16, 1863.  He is buried in Plainfield, NJ, not Paterson.
The tombstone says that his wife never remarried and was a widow for
57 years, and raised her children.

David M. Cummings
Lieut. Co. F. 11th Ill. Cavalry.
Died at Peoria
Buried in Springdale.

Peter Davidson
Capt. Peoria Battery, and Colonel of 139th III. Inf.
Killed by explosion of fulminating powder, at Titusville, Pa., and was buried there.

Maurice Dee
Lieut. 11th 111. Cavalry.
Killed at Memphis, Tenn.
Buried in Springdale.

Charles E. Denison
Capt. 18th Regulars Infantry.
Mortally wounded at the battle of Murfreesboro, Dec.21, 1862.
Died January 15, 1863
Buried in Springdale.

Otto Funke
Colonel 11th Ill. Cavalry, and Brevet Brigadier.

William Gousher
Sergt. Co. F., 47th III. Inf.

David P. Grier
Colonel 77th III. Inf. and Brevet Brigadier.

John Hough
Asst. Adjt.-Genl., and Brevet Brigadier.

Alexander Jekelfalusy
Sergt. Co.E., 8th Ill. Inf.

William B. Kuhn
Sergt.-Major 47th Ill. Inf.

John D. McClure
Colonel 47th Ill. Inf.

David McKinney
Lieut. Quarter-Master, 77th Ill. Inf.

Hugh Neil
Capt. 8th Missouri Infantry.

Addison S. Norton
Colonel 17th Ill. Inf. and Major in Regular Army.
Died and was Buried at Selina, Kansas.

Louis Obeehauser
Hospital Steward, 6th Ill. Cavalry.
Buried in Springdale.

Henry C. Pierce
Fifer 8th and 47th III. Infantry.
Buried in Springdale.

Charles K. Purple
Capt. Co. G., 67th III. Inf.
Buried in Springdale.

Anthony Roehrig
Capt. Co. A. 11th Illinois Cavalry.

Abraham H. Ryan
Lieut. 17th Ill. Inf. and Colonel of a colored regiment.

Emil Shears
??? 8th III. Inf.

David D. Synder
Corp. Co. B., 8th Ill Inf.
Buried in Springdale.

Benjamin Sweeny
?? in an Ohio regiment.

William A. Thrush
Colonel 47th Ill. Inf.
Killed at the battle of Corinth; October, 3, 1862
Buried in Springdale.

John Wetzel
Capt. Co. E. 8th III. Inf.

James A. Wonder
Drum Major 47th III. Inf.

John R. Zeigler
Capt. Co. F. 11th Ill. Cavalry.

Archibald S. Palmer
Commanded a U.S. Vessel on the Mississippi.



If the rebellion had not broken out in 1861, there is no doubt but the Old Blues would have been an efficient organization now, but the war unsettled and disorganized every thing, and as nearly every man in the Blues was capable of taking charge of a company, it was thought that better service could be rendered the Government by several organizations than by one, and the members were permitted to raise companies and obtain higher positions than could be reached in a mere company organization. Thirty- four members entered the Union army, and with the brilliant record of all of them, Peoria has evinced a commendable pride, and with the heroic death of many of them, all are painfully familiar.

Source: The History of Peoria County, Chicago Johnson & Company, 1880.


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