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Source: The History of Peoria County, 1880, Johnson and Company; Chicago pgs. 309-10

First Assessment - Taxes and Taxes- Payers in 1825
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As already known, all the country west of Peoria County to the Mississippi River and north to the State line, as well as a part of the country east of the Illinois River, 
was subject to the jurisdiction of the Commissionersí Court, from the records of which we are quoting. In all that immense territory there were only one hundred and twenty-three tax-payers in 1825, as certified by Assessor Bogardus. His report is here appended: 

The place designated as Farm Creek, Mackinaw, Illinois Prairie, Ten Mile Creek, Trading (Wesley House), etc. were within the present limits of Tazewell County.

Avery, Elias P., La Salle Prairie 200.00   Harlin, Joshua Farm Creek 150.00
Alscombe, Antoine Trading House 50.00   Harlin, George La Salle Prairie 150.00
Allen, Archibald Peoria 150.00   Hallock, Lewis La Salle Prairie 50.00
Beaubien, John B. Chicago 1,000.00   Hunter, Jacob M. Peoria 50.00
Beauchamp, Noah, Sr. Peoria 200.00   Ish, George Farm Creek 250.00
Beauchamp, Noah, Jr. Peoria 100.00   Kinzie, John Chicago 500.00
Barker, John Peoria 400.00   Love, Charles Peoria 150.00
Bourbonne, Francis Trading House 200.00   Love, George N. Little Detroit 350.00
Blanchard, Wm. Ten Mile 150.00   Langworthy, Augustus Peoria 200.00
Bethard, Elza Ten Mile 275.00   Latham, J. Peoria 300.00
Bratton, Reuben Ten Mile 135.00   Latham, Philip Peoria 100.00
Banks, thomas Ten Mile 50.00   Like, Daniel Peoria 50.00
Bareford, Robt. Fox River 50.00   LaFramboise, Joseph Chicago 50.00
Brierly, Thos. N. Little Detroit 160.00   LaFramboise, C. Chicago 100.00
Bogardus, John L. Peoria 500.00   Latta, James Illinois Prairie 200.00
Bryant, Joseph Peoria 300.00   Montogomery, Hugh Mackinaw Point 200.00
Beabor, Louis Trading House 700.00   McNaughton, Alexander Mackinaw Point 150.00
Bourbonne, Francis, Jr. Trading House 100.00   Moffatt, Alva Peoria 60.00
Brown, Cornelius Peoria 150.00   Moffatt, Aquilla Peoria 40.00
Barker, Andrew Farm Creek 100.00   Mather, David Ten Mile 200.00
Clybourne, Jonas Chicago 625.00   McCormick, Levi Illinois Prairie 50.00
Clark, John K. Chicago 250.00   McKee, David Chicago 100.00
Crafts, John Chicago 5,000.00   McLaree, Jessee Peoria 25.00
Carroll, Stephen LaSalle Prairie 150.00   Neeley, Henry Peoria 150.00
Cline, George Illinois Prairie 70.00   Ogee, Joseph Illinois Prairie 200.00
Cline, John Illinois Prairie 264.00   Perkins, Isaac Illinois Prairie 400.00
Cromwell, Nathan Illinois Prairie 300.00   Phillips, John and Wm. Ten Mile 400.00
Curry, Hiram M. Ten Mile 225.00   Patterson, John Prince's Grove 20.00
Cooper, Abner N. Little Detroit 120.00   Prince, Daniel Prince's Grove 200.00
Crocker, Austin Farm Creek 200.00   Porter, Martin Peoria 100.00
Camlin, Thomas Farm Creek 300.00   Piche, Peter Chicago 100.00
Clermont, Jerry Chicago 100.00   Redman, Eli Mackinaw Point 35.00
Coutra, Louis Chicago 50.00   Redman, Henry Mackinaw Point 35.00
Countraman, Fred Fox River 50.00   Ridgeway, John LaSalle Prairie 100.00
Dougherty, Allen S. Mackinaw Point 100.00   Robinson, Alexander Chicago 200.00
Dillon, Walter Mackinaw Point 250.00   Ransom, Amhert C. Peoria 100.00
Dillon, Nathan Mackinaw Point 400.00   Ramsey, John L. Fox River 200.00
Dillon, Absalom Mackinaw Point 200.00   Sommers, John Illinois Prairie 300.00
Dillon, Thomas Mackinaw Point 300.00   Scott, Peter Mackinaw Point 50.00
Dillon, Jesse Mackinaw Point 727.00   Smith, Joseph Farm Creek 550.00
Dillon, John Mackinaw Point 93.00   Sharp, George Peoria 608.00
Davis, William Mackinaw Point 200.00   Stephenson, John Ten Mile 40.00
Dixon, John Peoria 350.00   Stout, Emphraim Sr. and Jr. Illinois Prairie 500.00
Du Mont, Peter Little Detroit 50.00   Walker, Jesse Fox river 50.00
Donahoue, Major Ten Mile 200.00   Thorp, Jonathan Illinois Prairie 100.00
Egman, Jessie Illinois Prairie 100.00   Turner, Ezekiel Illinois Prairie 150.00
Eads, William Peoria 350.00   Van Scoyk, Joseph Peoria 50.00
Eads, Abner Peoria 800.00   Walker, Hugh LaSalle Prairie 50.00
Ellis, Levi Illinois Prairie 25.00   Wolcott, Alexander Chicago 572.00
Clark, William Illinois Prairie 250.00   Willmette, Antoine Chicago 400.00
Field, Gilbert LaSalle 150.00   Weed, Edmond Ten Mile 174.00
French, Stephen Farm Creek 200.00   Wilson, Seth Illinois Prairie 200.00
Fulton, Samuel Peoria 300.00   Wilson, Jacob Ten Mile 300.00
Fulton, James Farm Creek 12.50   Woodrow, Samuel Illinois Prairie 150.00
Fulton, Josiah Farm Creek 150.00   Woodrow, Hugh Illinois Prairie 250.00
Fulton, Seth Ten Mile 100.00   Waters, Isaac Peoria 100.00
Fish, Elsha Farm Creek 200.00   Total 30,455.50  
Funk, Jacob Farm Creek 500.00        
Funk, Isaac Peoria 200.00        
Griffin, John LaSalle 50.00        
Gilbert, Levi Illinois 25.00        
Harrison, Jesse Peoria 50.00        
Hamlin, John Peoria 400.00        
Holland, William Peoria 800.00        
Hyde, E. & N. Peoria 700.00        
Hawley, Aaron Fox River 200.00        
Hawley, Pierce Fox River 300.00        

Smith, William. I called on him for the amount of personal property. He refused to render the same. As near as I can ascertain, it amounts to 150.00 
I, John L. Bogardus, do hereby certify that the above is the assessment for the year 1825. John L. Bogardus, Assessor
To John L. Dixon, Esq., Clerk of County Commissioners' Court
P.S. - Amount received for tavern license, 20.00

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