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Perry County, Illinois

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Attendance Records

      Pages from an old school attendance book which was kept by John B. Eaton between the years of 1868 and 1872. Name of school is unkown.
      John B. Eaton (1824-1888)
      On the 1870 census, John, 42 years old, is living in the household of his brother, William Eaton, family 140, in Township 5 Range 3. He is listed as a teacher.
      On the 1880 census John is living with his widowed sister, Eliza Eaton Staton, family 492, in Pickneyville district 075 (Township 5 Range 2). He is listed as a school teacher.
      In 1881, John B. Eaton married Elizabeth Catherine (Betsy) Haggard Groves. Betsy was the daughter of John Meadows Haggard, who lived east of Pinkneyville and is buried at the Haggard Pick Cemetery across from the hospital in Pinkneyville.
      Betsy Haggard Groves Eaton had a daughter Vernelia Groves, who married John B. Eaton's nephew, Pleasant Frank Eaton. The attendance book seems to have come into Vernelia's possession in about 1887, just after John B. Eaton died. It was probably passed to my grandmother, Iva L Eaton, who was the daughter of Frank and Vernelia Eaton. From my grandmother, it came into my possession.
Cathey Smith Hargrove; Granddaughter of Dewey Smith and Iva L Eaton

October & November 1868
Harriet Quillman9
Evaline Campbell9
Melinda Campbell7
Stella Montague7
Benedict Bishopp9
John F. Quillman8
---m Quillman6
Henry Bishopp7
-- E. Van Brunt10
John Campbell14
Wm. Campbell10
Ervin Van Brunt7
Wm. Moellar7
Mary Medar7
Wm. Cordon8
Edward Campbell5
Logan Campbell5
Emma Eaton15
Ada Monteague12
Isaac E. Eaton10
Charles Eaton8
James M. Gladson14
John Gladson10
Orvile E. Gladson7
Gertz Young14
Samuel Young Lambert7
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Alice Gorrel15
Lydia E. Gladson10
Wesley Gladson8
Millard F. Gladson12
William Campbell16
Elihu F. Campbell14
Andrew Gladson11
Lorine Young6
Mary A. Gladson16
William Owens13
Thomas Owens11
Joseph F. GladsonWalter Eaton
John Stinson15       Stevenson
Lewis Campbell16
Frederick Young14
Elizabeth Young12
Terry E. Cricke9
Eady C. Cricke8
John W. Bishop13
William Cricke7
William R. Killingsworth20
Nathaniel Pyle16
Adda Simpson8
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January 1869
Alice Garrell
Lydia Gladson
Wesley Gladson
Millard Gladson
Wm. Campbell
Elihu F. Campbell
Henry McQuaide
Joseph Gladson
Wm. Owens
Thomas Owens
Walter Eaton
John Stevenson
Lewis Campbell
Frederick Young
Elizabeth Young
Terry Crick
Wm. R. Killingsworth
Nathaniel Pyle
Adda Simpson
Nora E. Eaton
A. G. Gladson
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January & February
(Names missing on 13 rows)
Wm. Medar 
Mary Medar 
Wm. Gordon 
Grant Campbell 
Logan Campbell 
Emma Eaton 
Isaac E. Eaton 
Charley Eaton 
James Gladson 
John Gladson 
Jacob Young 
Jacob Lambert 
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October 1869
Evaline Campbell10
Melinda Campbell9
Logan Campbell6
Grant Campbell6
Lydia Gladson11
Wesley Gladson9
Adda Simpson9
Stella Montegue8
Nora E. Eaton 
Charley E. Eaton9
Marion Gladson15
Solomon T. Denny16
Wm. Gordon9
Wm. Medar8
Joseph Medar6
Benedict Bishop10
Henry Bishop8
Jacob Young9
Jacob Lambert8
William Quillman9
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Verrsalia Grooves
Alice Yeasian
Mollie " [Yeasian]
Willard Pyatt
Peter Walker
Emory Woodward
Henry Hiller
Fredia Ulrich
Lilly Hafley
Dave Pyle
Luther Grooves
Joe Dray
George Lipe
Alonzo Woodward
Mary Ulrich
Eva Eronshon
Henry Lipe
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April 1870
Evaline Campbell
Melinda Campbell
A. G. Campbell
J. L. Campbell
Harriet Quillman
John Quillman
Wm. Quillman
Lydia Gladson
Wesley Gladson
Nora Eaton
Grace C. Eaton
Sarah Owens
Estella Montague
M. G. Van Brunt
Willard Eaton
Benedict Bishop
Henry Bishop
Albert Bishop
Wm. Medar
Joseph Medar
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October 1870
Commencement of School
Evaline Campbell11
Melinda Campbell9
Lydia E. Gladson12
Harriet Quillman11
Ada Simpson10
Estella Montague9
Mary Mader9
Sarah Owens10
Nora E. Eaton8
Logan Campbell6
Grant Campbell6
Wesley Gladson10
Ella Cunningham7
Wm. Mader11
Joseph Mader7
Henry Bishop9
Herbert Bishop7
Charley Bishop 
George Schmidtbach10
Martha Van Brunt9
John Q. House9
Wm. Quillman8
William Gordon10
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October & November [1872]
Charley E. Eaton11
Jacob Owens 
Wm. C. Campbell12
Isaac E. Eaton12
Greld Montague12
Henry M. Schneider15
John Gladson10
Angie [?] Gladson13
Jacob Young10
Fred Young Jr.6
Adam Young6
Jacob Lambert9
Elizabeth Young13
Julia Bishop7
Jude [?] M. Gladson16
Carrily E. Gladson7
Lina Young8
Danny illegible11
Eady Crick10
William Crick8
Carrie Van Brunt12
William Eaton 
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month & year not noted
Jacob Young
Jacob Lambert
Ada Simpson
J. A. Davis
Mary Meder
Eady Crick
Wm. Crick
John Campbell
Ada Montague
Erma Montague
Henry McQuaide
Emma Cunningham
Emma Eaton
Emma E
Emma C
(signed) J. B. Eaton
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