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Miscellaneous Birth Records
courtesy of Kathyrn Todd

Book Page Name Date of Birth Data Record from
118Twins -
Matthew Hunter McMillan
      male; 8th
Minnie Gibson McMillan
      female; 9th
Apr 1, 1878
Perry Co., IL
Father: James W. McMillan
      Age: 45 yrs; farmer; American; Perry Co.
Mother: Ellen Cherry
      Age: 39 yrs; American; Perry Co.
A. K. Leeper, M.D.
Perry Co., IL.
143 Emma Hughey
      2nd child
Apr 30, 1877 Father: Robert A. Hughey; age 28
Mother: Elizabeth L. Craig; age 26
Perry Co., IL.
157 male Cherry
Nov 24, 1879 Father: James Cherry
      Age: 44 yrs; American; Illinois
Mother: Hannah McCormick
      Age: 35 yrs; American; Illinois
Mrs. Thos Brown and R. S. Edgar
Perry Co., IL.
161 male Williams
Jun 14, 1880 Father: Henry Williams; age 35
Mother: Melissa A. Hughey; age 28
Perry Co., IL.
165 male Hughey
Feb 16, 1880 Father: Daniel Hughey; age 57
Mother: Margaret A. Wilson; age 42
Perry Co., IL.
187 Olive P. Hughey
Mar 11, 1880 Father: John N. Hughey; age 26
Mother: Lucinda Wilson; age 22
Perry Co., IL.
187 Eva Lucinda WilsonDec 10, 1880 Father: Samuel D. Wilson; age 37
Mother: Mary A. Hughey; age 35; Kentucky
Perry Co., IL.
1119 male Hughey
Apr 21, 1882 Father: Thomas M. Hughey; age 26
Mother: Mahala Emma Redman; age 30; KY
Perry Co., IL.
1128 Sarah Hughey
Nov 8, 1882
South of
Father: Robert A. Hughey; age 31; IA
Mother: Elizabeth L. Craig; Ill.
Perry Co., IL.
1136 male (James David) Robinson
Jun 4, 1883 actually 8th or 9th child
Father: James Robinson; age 43
      farmer; Irish; Ireland
Mother: Mary Hare; age 40; Amer.; Rand. Co.
Perry Co., IL.
1184 Elizabeth Hughey
Mar 3, 1886 Father: Robert A. Hughey; age 35
Mother: Lucinda E. Hughey; age 33
Perry Co., IL.
1194 female Hughey
Feb 10, 1887 Father: John Hughey; age 35
Mother: Lucinda Wilson; age 34
Perry Co., IL.
1 303Helen Adel Cunningham
Nov 15, 1905 Father: Geo. V. Cunnigham; age 43; Perry Co.
Mother: Anna Lauretia McMillan
      age 36; Randolph Co.
Miss Harriet McMillan
Perry Co., IL.


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