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1870 Miscellaneous Census Data
courtesy of Kathyrn Todd
1870 - Township 4 South, Range 4 West - Perry County, Illinois - P. O. Coulterville - August 6, 1870
Enumerator : G. T. Ross
NameSexAge OccupationValue of
Real Estate
Value of
of Birth
85454Robert LeslieM45 -  Illinois
   Mary LeslieF43 -  Alabama
   Margaret LeslieF19 -  Illinois
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95454Elizabeth LeslieF18 At Home  Illinois
   Hannah LeslieF14 At Home  Illinois
   Mary LeslieF10 At Home  Illinois
   Sarah LeslieF10 At Home  Illinois
   Alex LeslieM6 At Home  Illinois
95555Dan'l GallagherM50 Farmer  Illinois
   Isabella GallagherF40 Keeping House  Illinois
   Alexander GallagherM13 Farm Laborer  Illinois
   Mary J. GallagherF11 At Home  Illinois
   James GallagherM9 At Home  Illinois
   John GallagherM6 At Home  Illinois
   Nancy GallagherF3 At Home  Illinois
   Francis GallagherM6/12 At Home  Illinois
95656James RobbM60 Farmer  Ireland
   Sarah RobbF55 Keeping House  Ireland
   R - - hiah RobbF18 At Home  Illinois
   Margaret RobbF16 At Home  Illinois
   James RobbM13 Farm Laborer  Illinois
   Samuel RobbM11 Farm Laborer  Illinois
95757Samuel Holliday
Second Marriage
M50 Farmer45004000on Atlantic
   Elizabeth HollidayF34 Keeping House  Penn.
   Elizabeth HollidayF4 At Home  Illinois
   Rachel HollidayF2 At Home  Illinois
   Joseph KahhM17     
   Gilbert BeckM30     
   Isabella WillsonF14     
   Nancy DouglasF30     
95858Mary HollidayF40 Keeping House  Ireland
   David HollidayM9 At Home  Illinois
   Maria HollidayF7 At Home  Illinois
   William HollidayM1 At Home  Illinois
95959William WasonM40 Farmer  Ireland
   Mary WasonF28 Keeping House  Illinois
   James WasonM4 At Home  Illinois
   William WasonM2 At Home  Illinois
96060John DixonM39 Farmer  Ireland
   Margaret DixonF35 Keeping House  Ireland
   Robert DixonM8 At Home  Illinois
   Mary J. DixonF6 At Home  Illinois
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1870 - Township 4, Range 4 West - Perry County, Illinois - P. O. Coulterville - August 8, 1870
NameSexAge OccupationValue of
Real Estate
Value of
Personal Property
of Birth
19125125Mary WhiteF27 Keeping House  Illinois
   Sarah WhiteF6 At Home   
   Mary WhiteF28 At Home   
   Catherine CampbellF14 At Home   
   John WhiteM80 At Home  Ireland
   Alex WhiteM45 Farm Laborer  Illinois
   James HetheringtonM24 Farm Laborer   
19126126Thos. BrownM60 Farmer  South Carolina
   Hannah BrownF48 Keeping House  Ireland
   Elizabeth BrownF27 At Home   
   Mary BrownF18 At Home   
   James BrownM16 Farm Laborer   
   Sarah BrownF18 At Home   
   Thomas BrownM11 Farm Laborer   
   William BrownM6 At Home   
19127127David BrownM30 Farmer   
   Eliza BrownF25 Keeping House  Ireland
   Thomas BrownM5 At Home  Illinois
   Sarah BrownF3 At Home   
19128128Wm. McKelveyM40 Farmer  Ireland
   Mary McKelveyF43 Keeping House  Ireland
   Samuel McKelveyM19 Farm Laborer  South Carolina
   John McKelveyM15 Farm Laborer  South Carolina
   Martha McKelveyF13 At Home  Arkansas
   George McKelveyM10 Farm Laborer  Arkansas
   William McKelveyM8 At Home  Illinois
   Mary McKelveyF7 At Home   
   Robert McKelveyM5 At Home   
19129129James CherryM34 Farmer3500400Illinois
   Hannah CherryF26 Keeping House  Illinois
   Mary CherryF7 At Home  Illinois
   Margaret CherryF5 At Home  Illinois
   George CherryM3 At Home  Illinois
   Samuel CherryM4/12 (Feb.) At Home  Illinois
   Mary McCormickF23 At Home  Illinois
19130130Edward FullertonM30 Farmer  Ireland
   Catherine FullertonF20 Keeping House  Illinois
   Sarah FullertonF5 At Home   
   Anna FullertonF2 At Home   
19131131Stokes, HenryM27 Farmer-600England
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20131131Stokes, MargaretF23 Keep House  Illinois
   Stokes, GeorgeM4 At Home  Illinois
   Stokes, RobertM2 At Home  Illinois
   Stokes, ThomasM6/12 (Dec.) At Home  Illinois
20132132Dunlap, JacksonM55 Farmer3200900Ireland
   Dunlap, SarahF50 Keeping House  Ireland
    Dunlap, SarahF16 At Home   Illinois
   Dunlap, MaryF14 At Home  Illinois
   Dunlap, JacksonM12 Farm Laborer  Illinois
   Dunlap, IsabellaF10 At Home  Illinois
   Dunlap, FannieF7 At Home  Illinois
   Neil, John
M24 Farm Laborer  Missouri
20133133Sam'l McNeillM52 Farmer40001200Ireland
   Nancy McNeillF40 Keeping House  South Carolina
   John McNeillM21 Farm Laborer  Illinois
   Mary McNeillF18 At Home   
   Nancy McNeillF14 At Home   
   James McNeillM12 Farm Laborer   
   Samuel McNeillM8 At Home   
   Sarah McNeillF10 At Home   
20134134James CarlyleM44 Farmer40001000South Carolina
   Sarah CarlyleF32 Keeping House   
   Lilie CarlyleM2 At Home   
20135135Moore AthinsonM49 Farmer26001000Ireland
   Agnes AthinsonF48 Keeping House   
   Moore GourlyM30 Farm Laborer  Ireland
   Mary GourlyF23 At Home  New York
   Thomas GourlyM2 At Home   
   Unnamed GourlyF3/12 At Home  New York
   Margaret AthinsonM (?)12 (?) Farm Laborer   
20136136Thomas McMasterM48 Farmer2000750Ireland
   Rosana McMasterF47 Keeping House  Ireland
   Mary McMasterF15 At Home  New York
   Robert McMasterM2 At Home  Illinois
20137137Robert KirkpatrickM30 Farmer2100450Illinois
   Margaret KirkpatrickF28 Keeping House   
   Hugh KirkpatrickM6 At Home   
   Margaret KirkpatrickF4 At Home   
   Robert KirkpatrickM2 At Home   
20138138Robert McMasterM38 Farmer26001100Ireland
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1870 - Township 5 South, Range 4 West - Perry County, Illinois - P. O. Galum - August 13, 1870
Enumerator : L. T. Ross
NameSexAge OccupationValue of
Real Estate
Value of
Personal Property
of Birth
19  Lincoln BillsM11 Farm Laborer   
   Mary BillsF2 At Home   
19146147Bivay BillsM45 Farmer   
   Mary BillsF38 Keeping House   
   Virginia BillsF17 At Home   
   John BillsM15 Farm Laborer   
   Gracy BillsF12 At Home   
   Granville BillsM11 Farm Laborer   
   Robert BillsM8 At Home   
   Alexander BillsM6 At Home   
   Mary BillsF4 At Home   
19144145 M. G. McMillanM47 Farmer  Tennessee
   Emma McMillanF16 Keeping House   
   Alexander McMillanM10 Farm Laborer   
19148149James McMillanM35 Farmer3500200Illinois
   Ellen McMillanF31 Keeping House  Illinois
1914-159Archy WilsonM50 Farmer  Ireland
   Margaret WilsonF41 Keeping House   
   Ellen WilsonF32 At Home   
   Fredric WilsonM26 Farm Laborer   
   Mary J. WilsonF30 At Home   
   Julia WilsonF18 At Home   
   John WilsonM18 At Home   
   Robert WilsonM15 Farm Laborer   
   Nancy WilsonF14 At Home   
   Archie WilsonM12 Farm Laborer   
   Loretta WilsonF10 At Home   
19154155Hugh CooperM49 Farmer  South Carolina
   Elizabeth CooperF49 Keeping House  Kentucky
   John CooperM21 At Home   
   Mary CooperF20 At Home   
   Albert CooperM17 Farm Laborer   
19157158John CooperM52 Farmer   
   ?  ?Martha PayneF44 Keeping House  Tennessee
   James PayneM22 Farm Laborer   
   Richard PayneM18 Farm Laborer   
   Rena Jane PayneF15 At Home   
   Calvin PayneM14 Farm Laborer   
   Tabitha PayneF11 At Home   
   Michel PayneM8 At Home   
   Hugh G. PayneM2 At Home   
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