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Samuel Eaton Biography

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Samuel Eaton

Samuel EATON, son of Isaac EATON and Phoebe HALL was born 14 February 1778, in Rowan County, N. C.
He married Elizabeth WEST on the 31st of Aug 1801, inRowan County, N. C., probably at the EATON Baptist Church.
The EATONs lived in that area of RowanCounty, N. C., that is today Mocksville, Davie County, N. C.

This couple migrated to BuncombeCounty, NC, where their five eldest children were born
and then moved to RutherfordCounty, TN, where the next six children were born.

Samuel's eldest two sons, Enoch EATON and West/Westley EATON appear to be the first of the EATON's to
migrate to Perry County, IL; although their father, Samuel, and the remainder of his family soon joined them.

Samuel EATON and Elizabeth WEST were the parents of 11 children,
9 of whom married and populated Perry County, Illinois.

Nancy EATON born 07 Jul 1802, married a, Mr KEIL
Enoch EATON born 29 Sep 1803, married Mary "Polly" HUGHES
West/Westley EATONborn 25 Jul 1805, married Permelia JONES
Isaac EATON born 19 May 1807, married Eady GAITHER/GEITHER; infant born 1809
Samuel H EATON born 10 Feb 1812, married Delpha HALL/HULL; infant born 1814
Rebecca EATON born 1817, married Lewis BENSON
Elizabeth "Betsey" EATON born 1820, married Valentine KEITH
John EATON born 21 Nov 1821/1823; married Elizabeth VANN
Zachariah EATON born 1823/1825, married Mary MONTEGUE.

Elizabeth ( nee WEST) EATON died between 06 Feb 1845 - 25 Nov 1845.
Samuel EATON then married Mrs Frances MONTEGUE on 29 Mar 1846 in Perry County, IL.
Samuel EATON died in Perry County, IL in October 1864 at age 86 years 8 months .


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