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Drury Logan

By : Mike Jones

Drury Logan and Sarah Ann Lyons Logan

Drury Logan, born circa 1823, was the son of Zachariah and Margaret "Peggy" Brown
Logan. Sarah Ann Lyons was the daughter of James Lyons and Jane Elder Lyons. Sarah
Ann Lyons was born in South Carolina; Drury Logan was born in Kentucky, presumably
Allen County.


Move to Southern Illinois from Allen County, Kentucky

It is believed Drury Logan moved to Southern Illinois with his parents and affiliated kin
in the late 1830s.


First records in Illinois, 1839

The first documentation of Drury Logan in Illinois is when he purchased 40 acres of land
in July 1839 in St. Clair County, NE NW, Section 27, 3S 6W. Drury bought a second
parcel in St. Clair County in November of 1839.He purchased additional land in 1841.


Marriage, St. Clair County, Illinois, 1841

Drury Logan married Sarah Ann Lyons 25 August 1841 in St. Clair County, Illinois.


Birth of daughter, Jane A. Logan, 1842

We're not sure where daughter Jane was born. She is buried in Old Salem Cemetery in
Lively Grove Township, Washington County. However, St. Clair County is contiguous
and Drury Logan's early land purchases were in that county. Perry County is just a short
distance away and by 1843, when "Drewry" Logan bought land he was "of Perry


Births of two children, Sarah E. and Robert Logan, 1845, 1847

Sarah E. Logan was born in August of 1845; Robert Logan was born 21 December 1847.


Land purchases in Washington County, Illinois, 1849 and 1850

In 1849 Drury Logan bought land in Washington County. He also sold some land the
same year in the same county. He made an additional land purchase in May, 1850.


1850 Washington County, Illinois, census

Drury Logan   27 Farmer Kentucky
Sarah A. Logan  28    South Carolina
Jane A. Logan  8    Illinois
Sarah E. Logan  5    Illinois
Robert Logan  3    Illinois


Crossing the Kaskaskia, 1850

Drury Logan and his brother, William, made a ferry crossing across the Kaskaskia River
in 1850 (and Drury again, by himself, in 1852).


Birth of another son, Joseph Logan, 1850

Joseph Logan was born 16 December 1850.


Death of a daughter, 1851

Jane Logan died 11 December 1851. Her tombstone in Old Salem Cemetery reads:
Jane, dau. of Drury & Sarah Ann
d. 11 Dec 1851, age 9 yrs, 3 mos, 17 days


Deaths of two sons, 1852

Joseph Logan and Robert Logan died within a few days of each other. Their tombstones
in Old Salem Cemetery read, respectively,

Joseph Logan, son of Drury & Sarah Ann
d. 25 July 1852, age 1 yr, 7 mos, 9 days

Robert Logan, son of Drury & Sarah Ann
d. 29 July 1852, age 4 yrs, 1 mo., 8 days


Cholera Plague, 1852

We have no proof it was cholera which killed the Logan children; however, a plague of
cholera did sweep over Grand Cote Prairie in 1852. Besides the Logan children, Sarah
Ann Lyons' mother died in August of 1852. So did Drury Logan's brother, Carrol Bias
Logan. James Guthrie, father of Catherine Charlotte Guthrie Logan and Anna Guthrie
Logan, two sisters married to two brothers, sons of Carrol Bias Logan, also died in 1852.
Next to the Logan children's tombstones are those of Sarah Ann Lyons' extended family.
Among them are two children of J.R. and M.A. Lyons, both of whom also died in July


Birth of son, James H. Logan, 1854; Death of James H. Logan, 1855

The fourth of Drury and Sarah Ann's children to die was baby James H. Logan on 13
March 1855. His tombstone at Old Salem Cemetery reads,
James H. Logan, son of Drury & Sarah Ann
d. 13 Mar 1855, age 1 yr, 1 mo, 2 days


1860 St. Clair County, Illinois, census

By 1860, Drury, Sarah, and their surviving children were enumerated in St. Clair County.
The census enumerator must have been unfamiliar with the name, Drury, since he listed
him as "Downey" Logan.
Downey Logan 36 Kentucky
Sarah Logan 36 South Carolina
Sarah Logan 15 Illinois
Marg. Logan 4 Illinois
Conrad Ife 26 Germany

Daughter Sarah Logan married Robert Given, St. Clair County, 1863

Sarah married Robert Given 10 February 1863.


Move to DeWitt County, Illinois, circa 1867-1870

We next find Drury, Sarah, and two children enumerated in the 1870 DeWitt County,
Illinois, census. Drury is listed as "Lee." Again, perhaps the census taker heard the name
differently, being unfamiliar with it.
Lee Logan 45 Laborer Kentucky
Sarah Logan 45 Keeping House South Carolina
Margrette A. Logan 14 unimploid Illinois
Anna J. Logan 9 unimploid Illinois

Daughter Sarah, who married Robert Given, and their family also were enumerated in
DeWitt County, Illinois, in 1870, but a different township. Drury and Sarah Ann were in
DeWitt Township; Robert and Sarah in Nixon Township.


Move to Cowley County, Kansas, from DeWitt County, Illinois, circa 1871-1876

We can document this move through various newspaper articles referencing Drury Logan
in Cowley County, Kansas, 1876-1879.


Death of daughter Margaret A. Logan, Cowley County, Kansas, 1877

Margaret A. Logan died of diptheria in January, 1877.


Death of daughter Annie J. Logan, Cowley County, Kansas, 1879

Annie J. Logan died 12 January 1879


Cowley County, Kansas, census, 1880

Drury Logan     55     Self     Widowed     Farmer     KY     NC     TN
Note: We're not sure when wife, Sarah Ann Lyons Logan, died or where she is buried.


Death and burial of Drury Logan, unknown at this time


Death of daughter, Sarah E. Logan Given/Givin, 1912

Sarah E. Logan Givin died 9 August 1912 in DeWitt County, Illinois. Her name was
listed as "Sara E. Givens."


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