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Levina ( nee Logan ) Cockrill

By : Mike Jones


Levina "Vina" Logan Cockrill and William B. Cockrill

Levina or Lavina Logan, daughter of Zachariah Logan and Margaret "Peggy" Brown
Logan, was born 22 May 1807(?) in Tennessee. William B. Cockrill (sometimes spelled
Cockrell) was born 22 April 1804 in Warren County, Kentucky, the son of Anderson
Cockrill and Rebecca Venable Cockrill.


Marriage of Levina Logan and William B. Cockrill, Allen County, Kentucky, 1826

Levina Logan married Wm. B. Cockrill 2 May 1826 in Allen County, Kentucky.


1830 Allen County, Kentucky, census

The Wm. B. Cockrill family was enumerated five households away from, in order,
Robert S. Logan, Young Logan, and Joab Logan. A few households farther on were
Dillingham Dodson and Zachariah Logan. Wm. B. Cockrill was Zachariah Logan's
Wm. B. Cockrill's enumeration was as follows:
#8226 1 male 20-30 #8226 2 females under 5
  #8226 1 female 20-30

Move to Southern Illinois from Allen County, Kentucky, circa 1837-1838

We assume that Vina, William B., and their children moved with other family members
to southern Illinois around 1837-1838.

Move of the Cockrill family to Benton County, Missouri, from Allen County, Kentucky, 1838

William B. Cockrill's parents and several of their children moved to Benton County,
Missouri, in 1838. "The Cockrills settled near a little village known as Pleasant Gap
in an area which was later organized as Bates County in 1841."
          Source: Research of Larry Wendt

William B. Cockrill and his children would later move to Bates County, Missouri,
apparently after the death of Vina Logan Cockrill. One of Carrol Bias Logan's sons, Joab
L. Logan and his wife, Telitha Dodson Logan, would move to Benton County. Other
family members, including Euclid W. Logan and Queen Dilla Benedict Logan, would
move to Bates County, Missouri.

1840 Perry County, Illinois, census

Wm. B. Cockrill was enumerated in the 1840 census as "Wm. B. Cochrel."
His enumeration was:
#8226 2 males 0-5 #8226 1 female 5-10
#8226 1 male 5-10 #8226 1 female 30-40
#8226 1 male 30-40  
Note: Other family members enumerated in the 1840 Perry County census were Bias
Logan and Luther Garrison, spouse of Mahala "Milly" Logan. Bias Logan was Carrol
Bias Logan, a son of Zachariah and Peggy Brown Logan. Mahala "Milly" Logan
Garrison was a daughter of Zachariah and Peggy Logan.


Death of Vina Logan Cockrill, date uncertain

One source has Vina's death as 6 September 1845; another has it as 1852, but the latter
probably isn't correct since the 1850 census shows William B. Cockrill with a different


Move to Bates County, Missouri, 1840-1850, probably after 1845

William B. Cockrill and his children moved to Missouri during this timeframe. We
assume the move happened after Levina "Vina" Logan Cockrill died and William and the
children moved to be with the Cockrill family in Missouri; however, that is unproven.


Marriage of William B. Cockrill to Susan Eliza ____, Bates County, Missouri
(assumed), circa 1845-1850

William B. Cockrill married Susan Eliza ____ in Bates County, Missouri (assumed)
sometime between the death of Levina Logan and the 1850 Bates County, Missouri,

NOTE: For those interested in this line, please contact :
Mike Jones,
Because our focus is Washington and Perry Counties, Illinois,
the remainder of the Cockrill-Logan descendants' travels
will be summarized.

1850 Bates County, Missouri, census

William "Cockerill," Eliza, and 8 children were enumerated on 4 November 1850 in
Bates County, Missouri.


Move of the extended Cockrill family to Sonoma County, California, 1853

William B. Cockrill's family, including his aged parents, traveled from Bates County,
Missouri, to Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, California, with the Hagans-Cockrill wagon
          Source: Larry Wendt; Elder Robert Webb, "Signs of the Times"


1860 Sonoma County, California, census

Wm B Cockrill, Susan, Zachariah, and George W. Cockrill were enumerated in the 1860
Santa Rosa Township, Sonoma County, California, census.


1880 Sonoma County, California, census

Wm. B. Cockrill and extended family are listed in the census of 1880, still in Santa Rosa


Death of William B. Cockrill, Sonoma County, California, 1887

William B. Cockrill died 26 February 1887 at Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, California.
He is buried in Fulkerson Cemetery.
          Source: Larry Wendt


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