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Descendants of Carrol Bias LOGAN

Most of this information By : Mike Jones

Carrol Bias LOGAN
      Son of Zachariah & Margarette ( nee BROWN ) LOGAN
      Born : March 16, 1816 in Allen County, Kentucky
      Married : Lucinda Ann VENABLE on September 26, 1835 in Allen County, Kentucky.
                        Source: "Allen County Marriages 1815 to 1865," Ona Willoughby and Helen S. Thomas.
      Occupation : Blacksmith
      Residences :
            1816 - Allen County, Kentucky
            1836 - Allen County, Kentucky
            1838 - Allen County, Kentucky
                        Carroll B. Logan was listed in the Allen County, KY, tax records for 1836 and 1838.
                              Source: "Allen County, Kentucky Tax Records," Garder, 1999.
                        Moved to southern Illinois in the late 1830s, possibly 1837.             1840 Census - Perry County, Illinois
                  Bias Logan was listed as head of household in the 1840 Perry County, Illinois, census.                         His father, Zachariah Logan, and family, and brother,                         William Logan and family, were enumerated in St. Clair County, Illinois, in the 1840 census.

                        Two of Carrol Bias Logan's sisters were also in the 1840 Perry County, IL, census.                         Wm. B. Cochrel (usually spelled Cockrill or Cockrell) was enumerated.                         He was the husband of Levina "Vina" Logan. They married in 1826 in Allen County, KY.                         Enumerated next door was Luther Garrison.                         Luther Garrison married Mahala "Milly" Logan, another sister of Carrol B. Logan's.

            1850 Census - Perry County, Illinois

Carrol Logan, Lucy Logan, and their children were listed in the
1850 Perry County, Illinois, census--District No. 7--11 September 1850, as follows:
Carrol Logan34BlacksmithKY
Lucy Logan33 KY
Andrew J.14 KY
Harriet N.14 KY
James W.10 Ill.
Reuben5 Ill.
Martha A.2 Ill.
      Died : December 31, 1852 in Perry County, Illinois
            There was a cholera epidemic which swept across Grand Cote Prairie and vicinity in 1852.
            My working assumption is that Carrol Bias Logan died of cholera, but no proof of that.
      Carrol B. Logan's coffin cost $5.
      Carrol Bias Logan's burial site is unknown.
            One assumption is that it might be Spring Hill Cemetery, but we have no proof as yet.

      Known Children of Carrol & Lucinda LOGAN

      1. Andrew Jackson LOGAN . . . 17Nov1836 - 30May1910
      2. Harriet LOGAN . . . 17Nov1836 - ____
      3. James W. LOGAN . . . 1840 - 29Jan1917
      4. Reuben LOGAN . . . 17Aug1845 - 26Jul1916
      5. Martha Adeline LOGAN . . . 1848 - ____
      6. Lucinda LOGAN

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

P r o b a t e       R e c o r d s

In the Perry County, Illinois, probate records,
Lucy Logan signed her name to a document headlined,
"Perry Co. Grand Cote Prairie."

The three appraisers of the "C.B. Logain" estate were
Joel Rushing, M.G. Maxwell, and Joseph Craig.
Joel Rushing's tombstone is one of the prominent ones
at Spring Hill Cemetery. Joseph Craig would, twelve years later,
be an appraiser for the estate of Zachariah Logan,
      Carrol Bias Logan's father.

A "full and perfect inventory of the goods [and] chattels and personal
estate of Carrol B. Logan," dated 1 January 1853, reveals

(spelling as per original):
#8226 2 Beds Bedding and Bedsteads
#8226 1 lot cupboard ware
#8226 2 Buckets crock pan and Piggin
#8226 1 oven Tea Kettle coffee pot Sad (?) Iron
#8226 1 Table 4 chairs 2 skillets 2 Barels
#8226 8 4 feet Walnut Plank
#8226 9 Head Sheep
#8226 7 Head Shoats
#8226 1 Sow
#8226 1 Black cow & Calf
#8226 1 Red cow line (Back?) & Calf
#8226 1 Spotted Heifer
#8226 1 2 yr old past (?0 Filley
#8226 1 1 yr old past (?) Filley
#8226 1 Blind Mare
#8226 5 Head Shoats
#8226 1 Speckled cow & Calf
#8226 1 Plow
#8226 1 Plow & (?)
#8226 1 Wheel
#8226 Lot corn
#8226 Fodder & Hay
#8226 Lot Gears
#8226 1 Axe
#8226 1 Red Heifer
Total amount of This Paig         $344.31

The $344.31 constituted Lucy's "widow's dower"
and that money went to her,
"Leaving a balance due her of $79.94 cents."

  The following people purchased items from
Carrol Bias Logan's estate,
1 February 1853, date of document
("List of Sales of the Goods and chattels
      belonging to the Estate of Carrell B. Logain."


Purchasers Names Property Price
Lucy Logan Gun & Cutting Rod 4.00
Reuben Baggs Clock 2.55
JJ Swanwick Rat trap 2.25
JJ Swanwick Lot old Iron 0.50
William W. Gallagher Sled 1.00
SA Paine Wagon 5.00
Joab Logan Plow 01.45
Drury Logan Barrel 0?.95
Richard (?) Guy White Sow 04.50
William Logan Red cow 04.40
Drury Logan Red Heifer 10.00
Drury Logan Red Steer 10.45
William Logan Red calf  04.25
Jackson Dunlap Sorrel Filly 14.25
Reuben Logan Sorrel Filly 13.00

Andrew Jackson LOGAN

      Son of Carrol & Lucinda ( nee VENABLE ) LOGAN
      Born : November 17, 1836 in Kentucky
            Andrew Jackson Logan was born 17 November 1836 in, presumably,
            Allen County, Kentucky.
            He was a twin, his sister being Harriet N. Logan.

      Married : CatherineCharlotte Guthrie February 10, 1862
            Catherine Charlotte Guthrie was the sister of Anna Guthrie,
            who would one day marry Andrew Jackson's brother, Reuben.

      Residences :
            1850 Census - Perry County, Illinois
                  We first find Andrew J. Logan listed in the
                  1850 Perry County, Illinois, census, 11 September 1850.
                  He and sister, Harriet, were 14 years old.             1860 Census - Perry County, Illinois
                  In the 1860 Perry County, Illinois, census, A.J. and H.N. Logan were 24 years old.
            1865 State Census - Washington County, Illinois
            1870 Census - Pilot Knob, T3S R3W, Washington County, Illinois

The family was enumerated in the
1870 - Washington County, Illinois, census as follows:
Pilot Knob, T3S R3W
27 July 1870
Andrew Logan33 Works on farm Kentucky
Katharine27 Keeping house Illinois
Harriet A.8  Att. School Illinois
Lemuel S.5   Illinois
Martha J.2    Illinois

            1872 - Benton Township, Franklin County, Illinois
                  Sometime between 1870 and 1872, the family moved to Franklin County, Illinois.
                  We find them on a tax record in Benton Township in 1872.

            1870 Census - Cave Township, Franklin County, Illinois

Andrew J. Logan and Catherine Charlotte Guthrie Logan's family
was enumerated in Cave Township, Franklin County, Illinois, in 1880:
Andrew J. Logan42 Farmer KY KY KY
Catherine Logan36 Keeping House IL IRE IRE
Harriet Ann17    IL KY  IL
Lemuel15 Works on Farm IL KY IL
Martha J.12   IL KY IL
Wayland10   IL KY IL
Charlotte6   IL KY IL
Robert4   IL KY IL

Catherine Charlotte Guthrie Logan died 12 July 1896 of consumption (tuberculosis).
We assume the family had moved back to Washington County, IL,
sometime between 1880 and 1896.
Her tombstone at Old Concord Cemetery, Washington County, Illinois, reads:
Wife of
A.J. Logan
July 12, 1896
54 ys 5ms 22ds

            1910 Census - Pilot Knob Township, Washington County, Illinois

Allen Logan was living with his daughter, Charlotte (Lottie) Logan Gass,
and Lottie's husband, Daniel J. Gass, and children in the 1910
Washington County, Illinois, census.
Also living in the home was Allen Logan, 27, son of Andrew J. and Charlotte.
He was born in 1883.
Andrew Jackson Logan was dying of consumption.

Daniel J. Gass40 Farmer    
Paul13 Laborer    
Edna E.10       
A.J. Logan73 Invalid Father-in-law Widowed
Allen Logan27 Nursing father Brother-in-law Widowed

      Died : May 30, 1910 in Perry County, Illinois
            Andrew Jackson Logan died 30 May 1910 at the home of Lottie Logan Gass and Dan Gass
            in Pilot Knob Township, Washington County, Illinois.
            Burns Brothers of Coulterville were the undertakers.
                        Source: Burns Brothers Funeral Records, Coulterville Public Library

            In 1998, after 88 years, a tombstone was placed on Andrew Jackson Logan's
            grave next to Catherine Charlotte Guthrie Logan.

Harriet LOGAN

      Daughter of Carrol & Lucinda ( nee VENABLE ) LOGAN
      Born : November 17, 1836 in Kentucky
            Harriet N. Logan was born 17 November 1836, presumably in Allen County, Kentucky.
            She was Andrew Jackson Logan's twin sister.

            Harriet N. Logan was 14 in the 1850 Perry County, Illinois, census;
            24 in the 1860 Perry County, Illinois, census.
      Married : Josiah Bigham January 24, 1861 in Perry County, Illinois

Harriet and Josiah had four children,
William C. Bigham,
Elmira Bigham,
Ellen Bigham, and
Harriet "Hattie" Bigham.

Daughter Harriet "Hattie"Bigham lived with her grandmother, Lucy Venable Logan,
and family, then later with Reuben and Anna Guthrie Maxwell Logan.

William C. Bigham lived for a time with Robert M. Carrick and Lucinda "Cindy" Logan Carrick.
Lucinda was Harriet N. Logan's sister.

Harriet N. Logan died 20 March 1868. She was 31 years old.
She is buried in Hopewell Cemetery, Perry County. Her tombstone, now broken, a piece missing, reads:

Harriet N. Wife of Josiah
d. Mar 20, 1868 a. 31y 4m 13d

Josiah Bigham remarried. He died 6 February 1874 in Perry County, Illinois.
Josiah Bigham is buried in Hopewell Cemetery.

James W. LOGAN

      Son of Carrol & Lucinda ( nee VENABLE ) LOGAN
      Born : 1840
      Military : Civil War "The War Between the States"
            Co. A, 31st Illinois Infantry
            Enlisted in 1861
      Residences :
            1861 - at time of enlistment -
                  Pinckneyville, Perry County, Illinois
            1900 Census - Union County, Illinois
            1906 - sold home in Pinckneyville, Perry County, Illinois
            Later years were spent in Soldiers & Sailors Home in Quincy, Illinois       Died : January 29, 1917
      Burial : I O O F Cemetery, Pinckneyville, Perry County, Illinois
Photo furnished by : Mike Jones

Reuben LOGAN

      Son of Carrol & Lucinda ( nee VENABLE ) LOGAN
      Born : August 17, 1845 in Nashville, Washington County, Illinois
      Married : Anna Catherine (nee Guthrie) Maxwell [ widow of William Maxwell ]
            on September 22, 1870 in Perry County, Illinois
      Military : Civil War "The War Between the States"
            Co. D, 48th Illinois Infantry
            Enlisted as a Recruit from Nashville March 7, 1864
            & mustered out August 15, 1865
      Residences :
            1850 Census - District 7, Perry County, Illinois
            1864 - at time of enlistment -
                  Three Mile Post Office, Washington County, Illinois
            1865 Illinois Census -
                  Possibility -- Pilot Knob Precinct, Washington County, Illinois
            1870 Census - Twp 6, R 3, ( PO = Benton ) Franklin County, Illinois
            1880 Census - Benton, Franklin County, Illinois
            1893 - Perry County, Illinois
            1900 Census - Perry County, Illinois
            1910 Census - Perry County, Illinois
      Occupation : Farmer       Died : July 26, 1916
      Burial : I O O F Cemetery, Pinckneyville, Perry County, Illinois

      Known Children of Reuben & Anna LOGAN

      1. Cora Belle LOGAN . . .13Dec1871 - ____
      2. James Bias LOGAN . . . About 1874 - ____
      3. Margaret G. LOGANAbout 1878 - ____


Anna Catherine GUTHRIE
      Daughter of James GUTHRIE
      Born : January 27, 1844
            in Oakdale, Washington County, Illinois
      Married (1) : William MAXWELL
      Married (2) : Reuben LOGAN
            on September 22, 1870
            in Perry County, Illinois
      Died : 1929


Seated - Reubaen & Anna Logan
Children left to right:
Bert Logan
James Bias Logan
Harriet "Hattie" Bigham
Anna Mae Logan
Cora Logan
Margaret "Maggie" Logan
Lucy J. Logan

Martha Adeline LOGAN

      Daughter of Carrol & Lucinda ( nee VENABLE ) LOGAN
      Born : c 1848
      Married : George Adams in Franklin County, Illinois, January 5, 1871.

In the1850 Perry County, Illinois, census, Martha A. Logan was 2 years old, born in Illinois.

In the 1860 Perry County, Illinois, census, Martha Logan was 12.

In the 1870 census, Adline Logan was 21.
She was enumerated in Franklin County, Illinois, 17 July 1870
with her mother, Lucinda, 54, her brother Reuben, sister, Lucinda, and first cousin, Harriet Bigham

A daughter, Ethel J. "Effie" Adams, was born October, 1874.

Source: 1900 Federal census

Martha Adeline Logan Adams died shortly after the birth of daughter, Effie.

We have one source who says Martha A. Logan Adams was buried in
Spring Hill Cemetery, Perry County; however, we don't know the primary source for
that information and there is no tombstone extant at Spring Hill.

Lucinda "Cindy" Jane LOGAN

      Daughter of Carrol & Lucinda ( nee VENABLE ) LOGAN
      Born : 24 February 24, 1850 in Swanwick, Illinois
            Source: Obituary, provided by Sharon Wright
      Married : Robert M. Carrick October 7, 1874 in Perry County, Illinois.

We first find Lucinda Logan in the 1860 Perry County, Illinois, census. She was 9 years old.

Lucinda Logan was 18 years old in the 1870 Franklin County, Illinois, census,
living with her widowed mother, Lucinda, brother Reuben, sister Adline (Martha Adeline Logan),
and first cousin, Harriet "Hattie" Bigham.
Lucinda Jane Logan of Benton, Illinois, married Robert M. Carrick October 7, 1874 in Perry County, Illinois
After their marriage, Robert and Lucinda "Cindy" Carrick lived in Darmstadt for two years.

The Carricks were enumerated in
St. Clair County, Illinois, in 1880, as follows:
Robert M. Carrick 43 Farmer PA IRE IRE
Lucinda Carrick 29 Keeping House IL KY KY
Henry W. Carrick 4   IL PA IL
William C. Bigham 18 Laborer IL SC KY
William C. Bigham was Lucinda's nephew.
He was the son of Cindy's deceased sister, Harriet Logan Bigham.
Twins Ida and Ada Carrick died in infancy.

"Lucinda and Robert bought in a farm in Washington County in the late 1880s.
Wilford, Morton, and Ruth [Carrick] lived the rest of their long lives on this farm."
            Source: Wilma Carrick Pruitt, "1979 Washington County Illinois History"

The tax records for Washington County in 1888 show
R.M. Carrick in Pilot Knob Township, E 1/2 SW, Section 29, 80 acres.

The family was enumerated in the
1900 Washington County, Illinois, census as follows:
Pilot Knob Township-13 June 1900
R.M. Carrick 63 Apr 1837 PA IRE IRE
Lucindis(?) Carrick 50 Apr 1850 IL KY KY
H.W. Carrick 24 Sep 1875 IL PA KY
Edward Carrick 18 Feb 1882 IL PA KY
Wilburn Carrick 14 Oct 1885 IL PA KY
James Carrick 12 Dec 1887 IL PA KY
Ruth Carrick 10 Apr 1890 IL PA KY

The "Patrons Reference Directory of Washington County, Illinois,"
Standard Atlas of Washington County Illinois, Including a Plat Book, 1906
lists Robert M. Carrick as patron.
R.M. Carrick had land in sections 20, 28, and 29, Pilot Knob Township, 3S R3W.

The family was listed in the 1910 Washington County, Illinois, census.

James Roy Carrick died in 1911 of diabetes.
He is buried in Oakdale Cemetery.

Edward R. Carrick died in Brighton, Washington County, Iowa, in 1914,
as a result of a train accident.

Robert M. Carrick died 28 July 1918 at his home in Pilot Knob Township.
He is buried in Oakdale Cemetery.

Lucinda "Cindy" Logan Carrick was living with her son Wiford, spelled Wilfred
by the census taker, and daughter, Ruth, in the 1920 Washington County, Illinois, census.
John Logan was enumerated in the home, too.

In the 1930 Washington County, Illinois, census, Lucinda J., Wilfred H., and
Ruth M. Carrick were all enumerated in Pilot Knob Township. Bias D. Logan,
a cousin, was also living with the family.

Lucinda "Cindy" Logan Carrick died 15 January 1936.
She is buried in Oakdale Cemetery. Her obituary reads:

Funeral services for Mrs. Lucinda Jane Carrick were held Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the United Presbyterian Church, Oakdale, with interment in the Oakdale Cemetery. Mrs. Carrick passed away at her home, near Oakdale, Wed. evening at 5 o'clock at the age of 84 years, 11 mo., and 15 days, after an illness of about 3 weeks.

Lucinda Jane Carrick, daughter of Bias Logan and Lucy Logan, nee Venable, was born Feb. 24, 1850 at Swanwick. She was married on Oct. 5, 1874 at Pinckneyville to Robert Carrick. They lived in Darmstadt for two years and then moved to a farm near Oakdale where they lived the remainder of their lives. Seven children were born to this union, two died in infancy and two, Edward and Roy, in early manhood. Mr. Carrick passed away July 28, 1918. Three children survive: Morton of Oakdale and Wilford and Ruth at home, also two grandchildren.

The following acted as pallbearers: John Logan, Clarence Logan, Bert Logan, James Chorpenning, Ralph Chorpenning, and James Gass.

Source: Obituary courtesy of Sharon Wright

Robert M. Carrick

Robert M. Carrick was a Union Civil War veteran. When he enlisted in 1861 he was 24 years olf, 5 feet, 10 inches tall, blue eyes, fair hair and complexion.
Source: Muster Roll, 10th Missouri Infantry, Company F.
Robert enlisted at Coulterville, Illinois, 1 August 1861.

Robert M. Carrick was one of 3,199 Union casualties resulting from a frontal assault against the entrenched enemy at Vicksburg. He was struck by a gunshot in his shoulder. "The ball struck the right arm in front at the head of the humerus [bone] and fractured it."
Source: "Examining Surgeon's Certificate," pension records, National Archives.

As a result of his wound, Robert M. Carrick lost the use of his right arm and was honorably discharged 30 September 1863. He was 27 years old. He received a pension the rest of his life.


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