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Reuben M. Logan

By : Mike Jones

Reuben M. Loganand        1. Sarah (nee Thackston ) Logan
2. Sarah F. (nee Stewart ) [ McElhaney] Logan

Reuben M. Logan was the son of Zachariah Logan and Margaret "Peggy" Brown Logan.
He was born sometime between 1813 and 1822 in Warren or Allen County, Kentucky.

Sarah Thackston, also spelled Thaxton, was born circa 1815-1823, the daughter of
Thomas Thackston and Hannah Williamson Thackston.


Move to Southern Illinois, 1837 or 1838

Reuben M. Logan moved with his family to Southern Illinois in the late 1830s.


Marriage of Reuben M. Logan and Sarah Thaxton, St. Clair County, Illinois, 1841

Reuben M. Logan married Sarah Thaxton 7 October 1841 in St. Clair County, Illinois.
Note: Two Logan brothers married two Thaxton sisters. William Logan married Matilda
Thaxton in 1834 in Allen County, Kentucky.


Land purchases, Washington County, Illinois, 1848, 1849

"Rubin" Logan bought land in Washington County, Illinois, in 1848 and 1849.


1850 St. Clair County, Illinois, census

For some reason, the Reuben Logan family was enumerated with the surname "Taylor"
(with the exception of baby Martha E. Logan). The "Ruben Taylor" family was
enumerated not far from Reuben's father, Zachariah Logan, so the name and family
association shouldn't have been foreign to the census enumerator or neighbors.
Ruben Taylor 28 Kentucky
Sarah Taylor 27 Kentucky
John Taylor 5  St. Clair
Lovina Taylor 8 St. Clair
Mary Taylor 6 St. Clair
Chas. Clinger 14 Missouri
Martha E. Logan 1 St. Clair

1860 Washington County, Illinois, census

Ruben Logan 47 Kentucky
Sarah Logan 45 Kentucky
Lavina Logan 18 Illinois
Mary A. Logan 16 Illinois
John M. Logan 14 Illinois
Martha Logan 12 Illinois
Margaret Logan 10 Illinois
Malinda Logan 8 Illinois
Wm. Logan 5 Illinois
Jennetta Logan 3 Illinois
Mihala Logan 1 1/12Illinois
George Cox  15 Illinois

Death of Sarah Thackston Logan (assumed), probably Washington County, Illinois,
circa 1860-1864

We assume Sarah Thackston Logan died sometime between the 1860 census and
Reuben's second marriage in 1864. We haven't found a record of her cause of death,
date or place of death, or her burial.


Marriage of Reuben Logan and Sarah McElhaney, Washington County, Illinois,

Reuben Logan married Sarah McElhaney (various spellings) 10 or 20 November 1864.
We assume Sarah's husband, Robert McElhaney/McIlhenney/McElhiney died in the
timeframe 1860-1864. Sarah's maiden name was Stewart.


Death of Sarah Stewart McElhaney Logan's son, Robert "McLehaney," in the Civil
War, 1865

Robert "McLehaney" served as a private, Co. G, in the 13th Illinois Cavalry Regiment.
He was killed 17 August 1865 at Pine Bluff, Arkansas. A scant two weeks later,
31 August 1865, the 13th Illinois was mustered out of service.


Birth of Elihu Logan, son of Reuben Logan and Sarah Jane Stewart (McElhaney)
Logan, Washington County, Illinois, 1866

Elihu Z. Logan was born 21 September 1866 in Oakdale, Washington County, Illinois.
Note: We assume Elihu's middle name was Zachariah, but this is unproven.


Move to Kansas, presumably Cherokee County, circa 1867

The Reuben Logan family moved to Kansas around 1867.


Exit of Sarah Logan from the Reuben Logan household in Crawford County,
Kansas, circa 1870

Sarah Logan abruptly left Reuben Logan's household around 1870, taking sons Charles
and Elihu with her. Sarah returned to Washington County, Illinois, where we find her,
Charles, and Elihu enumerated in the 1870 Washington County, Illinois, census.

"Rubin" Logan, meanwhile, was living in Grant Township, Girard, Crawford County,
Kansas with several of his children.

1870 Crawford County, Kansas, census

Rubin Logan 49 Farmer Kentucky
Mary A. Logan 25 Keeping House Illinois
Margret Logan 19 Keeping House Illinois
Malinda Logan 17 At Home Illinois
William Logan 15 At Home Illinois
Sarah J. Logan 12 At Home Illinois

1870 Washington County, Illinois, census

Sarah reverted to her previous married name, McElhaney, spelled McElhannen by the
census enumerator, when she returned to Washington County, Illinois. Or, perhaps, the
census enumerator knew Sarah as "McElhaney/McElhannen" from her previous years in
Pilot Knob Township. Elihu Logan, 4, was listed by the census taker as "McElhannen,"
too, an error.
Pilot Knob
Sarah McElhannen 46 Keeping House Scotland
Charles McElhannen 23   Scotland
Elihu McEhannen 4   Illinois

Divorce proceedings between Reuben Logan and
Sarah Jane Stewart McElhaney Logan,
Crawford County, Kansas, 1871-1872

Divorce proceedings were initiated 9 May 1872.

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Mike Jones,

Death of Reuben Logan, Cherokee County, Kansas, 1873

Reuben Logan died 6 February 1873 in Cherokee County, Kansas.
His heirs were listed in his probate records as:
#8226 Lavina Guy  Oakdale Washington County, Illinois
#8226 Mary Brewer Pawnee Bourbon County, Kansas
#8226 Martha Logan Sherman City Cherokee County, Kansas
#8226 Maggie Logan Girard Crawford County, Kansas
#8226 Elihu Logan Oakdale Washington County, Illinois
#8226 Malinda Logan Sherman City Cherokee County, Kansas
#8226 Wm. Logan Sherman City Cherokee County, Kansas
#8226 Jennette Logan Sherman City Cherokee County, Kansas

1880 Washington County, Illinois, census

In the 1880 census, we find Sarah Logan living in
Elkhorn Precinct in Washington County with son, Elihu.
Sarah F. Logan 56 Widow/Div. Keeping House Scot. Scot. Scot.
Elihu Z. Logan 13 Son Attending school IL KY Scot.

Death of Sarah F. Logan, presumably Washington County, Illinois, date unknown

Marriage of Elihu Logan and Alice Gordon, Oakdale,
Washington County, Illinois, 1894

Elihu Logan married Alice Gordon 7 March 1894 in Oakdale, Illinois.


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