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William Logan

By : Mike Jones

William Logan and Matilda Thackston or Thaxton Logan

William Logan, the son of Zachariah Logan and Margaret "Peggy" Brown Logan, was
born March, 1813, in (presumably) Warren County, Kentucky. Matilda Thackston,
daughter of Thomas Thackston and Hannah Williamston Thackston, was born 16 January
1813 in Warren County, Kentucky.


Marriage, Allen County, Kentucky, 1834

William Logan married Matilda Thackston 14 January 1834 in Allen County, Kentucky.


Allen County, Kentucky, tax records, 1836

William Logan appeared in the Allen County, Kentucky, tax list for the first time in 1836.


Move to Illinois, 1838

William Logan moved with his family and, we assume, affiliated families, to Southern
Illinois around 1838.


1840 St. Clair County, Illinois, census

William Logan, head of household, was enumerated not far from his father, Zachariah (spelled Zacharia by the census taker) in the 1840 St. Clair County, Illinois, census. The William Logan family consisted of:
#8226 1 male 15-20 #8226 3 females under 5
#8226 1 male 30-40 #8226 1 female 5-10
  #8226 1 female 15-20
  #8226 1 female 20-30


Marriage of William's brother, Reuben Logan, to Matilda's sister, Sarah Thaxton,
St. Clair County, Illinois, 1841

"Reubin" M. Logan married Sarah Thaxton 7 October 1841 in St. Clair County.


1850 Perry County, Illinois, census

The William and Matilda Thackston Logan family was enumerated 12 September 1850:
William Logan  37 Farmer Kentucky
Matilda Logan  36 Keeping House Kentucky
Margaret J. Logan  16    Kentucky
Frances A. Logan  15    Kentucky
Martha A. Logan  13    Illinois
Milly Logan  10    Illinois
Liley Logan  6    Illinois
George S. Logan 3    Illinois
Enoch F. Logan1    Illinois
#8226 "Liley" is Delilah Logan.
#8226 There were two other children who died in infancy: Thomas Logan and Lucinda Logan.


1850 Perry County, Illinois, agricultural census

William Logan
20 acres of land improved
20 acres of land unimproved
$200 cash value of farm
$30 value of farming implements and machinery
3 horses
2 milch cows
0 working oxen
12 other cattle
6 sheep
50 swine
$200 value of livestock
0 wheat
200 pounds of butter
$75 value of home-made manufacture

Source: 1850 Perry County, Illinois, Agricultural Census, Pinckneyville Public Library


Marriage of daughter, Margaret J. Logan, to Lewis Allen, 1851

Margaret J. Logan married Lewis Allen January 1851.


Marriage of daughter, Frances A. Logan, to Robert Beggs or Baggs, 1854

Frances A. Logan married Robert Baggs 2 March 1854 in Washington County, Illinois.


1860 Washington County, Illinois, census

The William and Matilda Thackston/Thaxton Logan family was enumerated 7 September
1860 in Pilot Knob Township, Washington County, Illinois.
William Logan 47 Farmer Kentucky
Matilda Logan 46   Kentucky
Marthia Logan 23   Kentucky
Deliah Logan 14   Illinois
Geo. Logan 12   Illinois
Enoch Logan 10   Illinois
Jas. Logan 8   Illinois
John Logan 6    Illinois
Drury Logan  3   Illinois
Note: "Marthia" is Martha; "Deliah" is Delilah.


Daughter's marriage, Margaret J. Logan Allen to Joseph Allen, Perry County,
Illinois, 1861

Margaret J. Logan Allen, widow of Lewis Allen, married Lewis' brother, Joseph, 24
September 1861 in Perry County, Illinois.


Marriage of daughter, Martha Logan, and Benjamin F. Williamson, Perry County,
Illinois, 1861

Martha Logan married Benjamin F. Williamson 24 December 1861.


1865 Washington County, Illinois, state census

Pilot Knob Township
William Logan
#8226 1 male 0-10 #8226 1 female 10-20
#8226 4 males 10-20 #8226 1 female 50-60
#8226 1 male 50-60  


1870 Washington County, Illinois, census

The family was enumerated 27 July 1870 in Pilot Knob Township.
William Logan 57 Farmer Kentucky   
Matilda Logan 56 Keeping house Kentucky  
Delila Logan 24   Illinois  
George Logan 22 Works on farm Illinois  
Enoch Logan 20 Works on farm Illinois Att. school
James Logan 17 Works on farm Illinois Att. school
William J. Logan 15 Works on farm Illinois Att. school
Drury Logan 12   Illinois Att. school


Marriage of daughter, Delilah Logan, to Solomon McNulty, Perry County, Illinois, 1871

Delilah Logan married Solomon McNulty 5 December 1871 in Perry County, Illinois.


Marriage of son, George S. Logan, to Nancy Guy, Perry County, Illinois

George S. Logan married Nancy Guy 20 August 1873 in Perry County, Illinois.


Move to Kansas, circa 1874

Some of William and Matilda's children, Margaret J. Logan Allen and Martha A. Logan
Williamson (and perhaps more), had moved to Cherokee County, Kansas, a few years
prior to 1874. William, Matilda, and their children remaining at home-with the
exception of Enoch-moved to Kansas sometime around 1874. Enoch remained in Perry
County, Illinois.


Marriage of Enoch Logan and Sophronia Harris, Perry County, Illinois, 1874

Enoch Logan married Sophronia Harris 15 October 1874 in Perry County, Illinois.
(Sophronia Harris Logan died 9 January 1887.)


1880 Cherokee County, Kansas, census

Sheridan, Kansas, 1 June 1880
William Logon Self 67 Farmer KY SC SC
Matilda Logon Wife 66 Keeping House KY SC SC
W.J. Logon Son 25 Helping on Farm IL KY KY
Drury Logon Son 22 Helping on Farm IL KY KY
Enumerated next door was the Solomon and Delilah Logan McNulty family.


Marriage of son, Drury Logan, to Addie Russell, Cherokee County, Kansas, 1881

Drury Logan married Addie Lovina Russell 7 November 1881 in Cherokee County, Kansas.

Kansas state census, Cherokee County, Kansas, 1885

Neosho Township
    Born to Kansas from
William Logan 72 Kentucky Illinois
Matilda Logan 71 Kentucky Illinois
W.J. Logan 29 Illinois Illinois
Note: William and Matilda's residence was between two of their sons, George S. Logan
and his family on one side, Drury Logan and his family on the other.


William Logan family in Cherokee County, Kansas, listed in agricultural census,


Son Enoch Logan married Wilhelmina Lubbin, Perry County, Illinois, 1890

Enoch Logan married Wilhelmina Lubbin 10 July 1890 in Perry County, Illinois.
(Wilhelmina died 27 April 1891.)


Son Enoch Logan married Cora Gregory, Perry County, Illinois, 1894

Enoch Logan married Cora Gregory 9 April 1894 in Pinckneyville, Illinois.
Enoch's first two wives both died.


William Logan, Matilda Thackston Logan, and W.J. Logan enumerated in
Cherokee County, Kansas state census, 1895


Matilda Thackston Logan died in Kansas in 1897.

Burial site?


1900 Cherokee County, Kansas, census

After Matilda's death, William and son, William J., lived with Martha A. Logan
Williamson and son-in-law, Benjamin F. Williamson.


William Logan died, Cherokee County, Kansas, 1905

William Logan died 11 June 1905 at the County Farm, Cherokee County, Kansas. He is
buried there.


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