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Zachariah Logan

By : Mike Jones

Zachariahand        1. Margaret "Peggy" (nee Brown ) Logan
2. Margaret _______ (nee Wilson ) Logan

Birth and early life of Zachariah Logan, NC > SC > KY > TN > KY

Zachariah Logan was born in North Carolina circa 1782, the son of Joseph Logan
and Anna "Annie" Bias Logan. He moved to Warren County, Kentucky, with his family
(presumably) around 1799 from South Carolina. We first see his name in the Warren County,
Kentucky, tax list in 1804. He married Margaret "Peggy" Brown 20 January
1807 in Warren County. His surety was his brother-in-law, Dillingham Dodson.
Zachariah and Peggy Brown Logan may have moved to neighboring Tennessee since he
doesn't appear in Kentucky tax records again until he shows up on the Allen County tax
list for 1815. In the county court minutes for Lincoln County, Tennessee, on Wednesday,
4 May 1814, there is a reference to Zachariah Logan's taxes not being collected:
"Zachariah Logan, gone to Kentucky." Allen County was formed out of Warren County,
Kentucky, in 1815.

Zachariah and Peggy and their growing family lived in Allen County, Kentucky, after
their move from Tennessee until they moved to Illinois in the late 1830s. A daughter,
Levina "Vina" Logan married William B. Cockrill 2 May 1826 in Allen County. William
Logan, a son, married Matilda Thackston (also spelled Thaxton) 14 January 1834 in
Allen County. Another son, Carrol Bias Logan, wed Lucy Ann Venable 26 September
1835 in Allen County. A third son, Joab L. Logan, married Telitha Dodson, his cousin,
24 March 1838 in Allen County. All of these families would also move to southern
Illinois. The last tax listing for Zachariah Logan in Allen County, Kentucky, was in 1838.
On 1 September 1838, he sold three tracts of land in preparation for the move to Illinois.


The move to southern Illinois and Illinois records

We're not sure whether the Logans and other affiliated Allen County, Kentucky, families
took the overland route, the Shawneetown-to-Kaskaskia Trace, or traveled by river. The
early documentation of the family in Illinois is from three sources. One is "a list of letters
remaining at the Post Office in Shannon's Store on January 1, 1840," printed in the
"Columbus Herald" newspaper. On that list is Joab Logan. Shannon's Store was located a
mile or so from present-day Sparta in Randolph County. That was probably the closest
post office to where we presume they lived, on the perimeter of Grand Cote Prairie.

The second documentation of early Logan residency in Illinois is land records. William
B. Cockrill bought 40 acres, SE NW, Section 10, Perry County, 16 January 1839. Joab
Logan (misspelled "Jacob") purchased 40 acres of Section 13, 4S 4W in Township 3,
Perry County, for $1.25 an acre 16 November 1839. Drury (misspelled Drewry) Logan,
another son of Zachariah and Peggy Brown Logan, bought 80 acres in the same section
and township on the same date. Drury Logan also bought 40 acres in St. Clair County 22
July 1839, Section 27, 3S 6W, Township 3.

The third source documenting the settling of the Logans and extended families in Illinois
is the 1840 Federal census. Only the "head of household" was documented by name.
"Zacharia" Logan was enumerated in the 1840 St. Clair County census. Son William
Logan and his family were enumerated in the same census. (Carrol) Bias Logan was
found in the 1840 Perry County, Illinois, census as was "Wm. B. Cochrel." Enumerated
adjacent to the William B. Cockrill family was Luther Garrison. Luther Garrison married
Mahala "Milly" Logan, another daughter of Zachariah and Peggy. A brother of Matilda
Thackston or Thaxton Logan, John Thaxton, was listed in the Washington County,
Illinois, census in 1840.


Grand Cote Prairie

Our assumption is that all these families, despite their various county residencies,
lived on or surrounding Grand Cote Prairie.



In 1841, son Reuben Logan married Sarah Thaxton in St. Clair County, Illinois. Two
Thackston (Thaxton) sisters, Matilda and Sarah, married two Logan brothers, William
and Reuben. Brother John Thaxton purchased land in St. Clair County in the 1840s.

Also in 1841, son Drury Logan married Sarah Ann Lyon in St. Clair County.


Death of Margaret "Peggy" Brown Logan

Sometime in the 1840s, Margaret "Peggy" Brown Logan died. We haven't found any
record of her death, burial site, or an obituary.


Second marriage of Zachariah Logan

In the spring of 1848, Zachariah Logan remarried. His second wife was Margaret ______
Wilson, a much younger widow with children. Zachariah and second wife, Margaret,
married 24 May 1848 in St. Clair County, Illinois.


1850 St. Clair County, Illinois, census

We find Zachariah (spelled "Zacheriah" by the census enumerator) and Margaret's
family in the 1850 St. Clair County, Illinois, census. The family consisted of the children
of Margaret's first marriage and the recent addition of twins to Zacheriah and Margaret.

Zacheriah Logan 68 Farmer  NC
Margaret Logan 40   Georgia
Samuel Wilson 14   St. Clair
Moses Wilson 12   St. Clair
Mary Wilson 25   Mo.(?)
Zachuriah Logan  1   St. Clair
Elvy 1   St. Clair


1860 Perry County, Illinois, census

By 1860 Zachariah and Margaret Logan had moved a short distance to Perry County.
Their census enumeration took place 20 June 1860 as follows:

Zacheriah Logan 73 Farming South Carolina
Margart Logan 32   Georgia
Zacheriah 12   Illinois
[Note: "Margart's" age was, presumably, 52, not 32.]


Death of Zachariah Logan

In the midst of the Civil War, with long casualty lists posted in the newspapers, the solitary death of an elderly farmer on 11 December 1864 probably wasn't much noticed
except by his family and neighbors. Many of Zachariah Logan's grandchildren were
fighting in the Civil War.

Zachariah Logan's "Proof of Death" certificate lists his heirs as"
Margarett Logan, his widow
Wm. Logan
Matilda [Logan scratched out] Thomas
Joab Logan
Reuben Logan
Drury Logan
Heirs of Vina Cochrill
Heirs of Mahala Garrison
Heirs of Carrol Logan
Zachariah T. Logan

Zachariah Logan's place of burial is unknown; however, a working assumption is that it
might be Spring Hill Cemetery overlooking Grand Cote Prairie.


An "inventory and appraiser bill" of Zachariah Logan's property

An inventory of Zachariah Logan's "goods and chattels," dated 4 January 1865, is a part
of his probate records. The property was appraised by John W. Craig, Samuel Pryor, and
Joseph Craig.

6 Sheep   30.00   1 lot of thread  1.50
1 Hog & 3 Shots [shoats]   8.75   Wash kettle 2 tinpans & buckets 1.50
17 Chickens   1.50   2 tin Buckets 1 Jug  1.00
2 Beds Bed Stead & bedding   37.00   Cotton Cards & 2 Barrels  1.75
1 table & 5 Chairs   1.75   Old Iron Single tree & [?]  2.00
1 Spinning Wheel   1.00   Wash tub & lot of Grout  1.10
4 Boxes, Shelf & Dishes   3.75   Barrel & Pickels  1.50
1 Shovel & Smoothing Iron   0.75   Meat  24.00
1 lot Cotton, tray, & Sifter   5.75   Churn & Soap Stand  0.50
2 Augers 3 hoes & [?] knife   1.75   lot of Lumber  1.00
2 Axes & Whetstone   0.70   Bucket & Lard  6.00
lot Books   1.00   2 Skillets & Pot  1.50
Razor strap   1.00   Oven & lid  1.00
Wearing apparel of family   75.00  Carry over amount  169.70
    169.70       214.05


1870 Perry County, Illinois, census

Approximately 6 years after Zachariah Logan's death, we find Margaret Logan and son,
Zachariah T., nicknamed "Jesse," living near the small community of St. John's in Perry
County, Illinois.

Margaret Logan 63 Keeping House Illinois
Jesse Logan 21 Farm Laborer Illinois


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