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Furnished by : Mike Jones
Provided by attendees at the annual Gass-Logan Reunion

Logan and Gass Reunion Held Sunday at Fairgrounds

The Logan and Gass reunion was held Sunday, August 28, 1960 at the Perry County Fairground
with one hundred and eleven present for the occasion. They were as follows:

Mr. Paul Gass, Marvin Gass and Linda, Mrs. Doris Roberts and Kathy, Mrs. Marjorie Hannor and
Vicki of Iowa, Mr. and Mrs. James Gass and Larry, Mrs. Virgil Brawley and daughters
Penny and Carla of East St. Louis, Mr. and Mrs. Duane Shook and two children of Freeburg,
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Tanner, Joe and Danny, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Morrison and four children of Sparta,
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Shook, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Shook, Mr. and Mrs. George Gass,
Mr. and Mrs. Burrell Wise Jr. and Sammy and Mrs. Laura Shook of Tilden, Rev. and Mrs. J.L. Mathis,
Thomas and Maretta of Coulterville, Mr. and Mrs. Luther Williamson, Mr. and Mrs. David Benedict
and Marilyn Sue of Nashville, Mr. and Mrs. Herschel Tanner, Mr. and Mrs. George Nehrkorn,
Cindy and Ronald, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Gant, Paula and Roger, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Kiehna,
Mr. and Mrs. Vick Woodside and Randy and Bill Neal all of Du Quoin, Miss Mary Gass,
Mr. and Mrs. Murwin Gass, Mr. and Mrs. Charles McCurdy, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nehrkorn,
Donna and Dennis, Mr. and Mrs. George McKinstry and Alice, Mr. and Mrs. Lucian Pyatt
and Kathryn, Mr. and Mrs. Merwin Williamson, Mrs. Christ Nehrkorn and Billy, Miss Joan Miller,
Mrs. Dale McElroy and Viven, Miss Betty Goldman, Mrs. Jack Schaeffer, Miss
Carrol Milliken, Mrs. Otto Tanner all of Pinckneyville, Mrs. Tillie Coates, Miss Bertha Coates,
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Giacomo and Tom Giacomo of Swanwick, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Schaeffer
of Oakdale, Mr. and Mrs. Elvis Benson, Sharon, Alan, Viven and Janis of Cutler.




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