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James Dickey
Mother's Pension for Civil War Documents

courtesy of Kathyrn Todd
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James Dickey
The son of John McCrary Dickey & Jane (nee McBurney) Gillespie Dickey
Born on Born about 1838
Military Service - Civil War :
      Co. F, 10th Regiment, Missouri Volunteers
Died on October 3, 1863 in Missouri
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Mother's Declaration for Pension
State of    Illinois   
County of    Perry   
} ss.  
      On this       9"       day of       Sept       186 5 , personally appeared before me, a       Clerk       of a Court of Record, in the County and State aforesaid,       Mrs. Jane Dickey       a resident of       Grandcote       County of       Perry       and State of       Illinois       aged       76       years, who being duly sworn, makes the following declaration, in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress approved July 14, 1862.
That she is the widow of       John Dickey       , deceased, and mother of       James Dickey       who was a
      Private       in Company       F       commanded by       Capt Frazee       in the       10"       Regiment of
      Missouri Inft       Volunteers, in the war of 1861, and who died or was killed in the service aforesaid, at       Lawson Hospital St. Louis       in the State of       Missouri       on or about the       3c       day of
      October       186 3 , of       Cronich Diareah      
That her said son, upon whom she was wholly or in part dependent for support, left no widow or minor child under sixteen years of age; and that she was married to said       John Dickey       at
      Harmon Crook Ireland       in the State of             on or about the       1"       day of       July       18 10 ,
by       Mr Alton       that she knows       of no       record evidence of said marriage, and that her husband died on or about the       8th       day of       September       18 58 , and that she still remains a widow ; that she has not in any way engaged in, or aided or abetted the rebellion in the United States ; and that she is not in receipt of a pension under the second section of the aforesaid act, or under any other act.
      She hereby appoints Edw I. Eno, Claim Agent of the Illinois State Sanitary Commission, or his successor in office, of Springfield, Ills., her lawful attorney, and authorizes him to present and prosecute this claim, and to receive and receipt for any orders or certificates that may be issued in satisfaction thereof. My post-office address is as follows :       Grand Cote   Perry Co. Ill office in Percy      
S. M. Woodside       Jane (her X mark) Dickey      
      Also personally appeared before me       Robert Stewart       and       William Craig       residents of
      Perry       County and State of       Illinois       to me well known as credible person, who being duly sworn, declare that they were present and saw said applicant sign her name to the foregoing declaration, and they believe, from the appearance of the applicant and their acquaintance with her, that she is the identical person she represents herself to be, and know that she was recognized by said       John Dickey       as his lawful wife, and that she was so recognized by the community in which they resided ; and that they have no interest, direct or indirect, in the prosecution of this claim.
      Robert Stewart      
      William Craig      
      Sworn to and subscribed before me, this       19"       day of       September       186 5 , and I hereby certify that I have no interest, direct or indirect, in the prosecution of this claim.
      David M. Hoge, Clerk      
Co Court / seal thereof

Adjutant General's Office,
                  Washington, D. C.
                                                      May 24th       , 1866
Sir :
      I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt from your Office of application for Pension
No.       126 651       , and to return it herewith, with such information as is furnished by the files of this Office.
      It appears from the Rolls on file in this Office, that       James Dickey       was enrolled on the       1st       day of       Aug.      , 186 1 , at       Coulterville       in Co.       "F"       ,       10th       Regiment of       Mo.       Volunteers, to serve       3       years, or during the war, and mustered into service as a       Pvt       on the       10th       day of       August      , 186 1 , at       St. Louis, Mo.       , in Co.       "F"       ,       10th       Regiment of       Mo.       Volunteers, to serve       3       years, or during the war. On the Muster Roll of Co.       "F"       of that Regiment, for the months of       Sept. and October       1863, he is reported
      Died of Chronic Gonhausorfs Oct 3". / 63.      
I am Sir very respectfully,
                Your obedient servant,
      Aisus Precls                      
Assistant Adjutant General
The Commissioner of Pensions
                Washington D. C.

1866 /1867
State of Illinois
Randolph County
} ss.  
                  On this Twenty Fourth day of December in the Year of our Lord One thousand -- Eight Hundred and Sixty-Six. Before me, a Notary Public, in and for the County of Randolph and State of Illinois, personally appeared John Stevenson of the County of Randolph aforesaid, and Samuel L. Campbell of the County of Perry + State of Ills. who being duly sworn according to Law, on their oaths Say that they are personally acquainted with Jane Dickey the Mother of James Dickey, Now deceased. That said James Dickey was a Private in Company F, commanded by Capt Morris Frazee in the 10" Regiment - Missouri Volunteer Infantry : that said James Dickey died {while in the service of the United States} on the third day of October A.D. 1863, in Lawton Hospital, City of St. Louis, State of Missouri.
      That John Dickey, Husband of said Jane Dickey, is dead. that he died on about the Eighth day of September, A. D. 1858. That said Jane Dickey has remained Single and unmarried from the death of her husband as aforesaid to this date, and still is single and unmarried. That said James Dickey, Son of said Jane Dickey, left neither widow nor minor child, but was during his lifetime the sole support and dependence of his Mother the said Jane Dickey. That he - the said James Dickey previous to his Entering the Service of the United States, provided a home and maintenance for his said Mother. that when he Entered the said service as aforesaid, the said Jane Dickey was deprived of a home and became dependent upon the kindness and charities of friends to furnish her with the necessities of life Needed and recognized over and above the Sums of Money from time to time forwarded by the said James Dickey to her - his said Mother for her support and Maintenance. That the said James Dickey, did at different times Send Money to his Mother, said Jane Dickey, while in the United States Service as aforesaid. Sometimes by letter and sometimes by a comrade soldier who was going home on furlough. That said Jane Dickey does not own any property. That she has not since her said sons decease. Nor has she now any Means of Support, but is depending upon the charities of friends. That said Jane Dickey is now about Seventy - Eight Years of Age, and is unable to procure a livelihood, and these affiunts further say that they are disinterested in the claim, and reside at the Counties above named, and further they say not.
John Stevenson      
Samuel L. Campbell
Sworn to , subscribed and Acknowledged before me, the day and Year first-above named. And I certify that I believe the affiunts to be credible persons and that I have no interest in the above application.
John Michan           
Notary Public
State of Illinois, Randolph County --- ss.
      I,       R. J. Harmer       , Clerk of the County Court of said County, do hereby certify that
      John Michan       , Esq., whose name is subscribed to the above Certificate, was, on the day the same bears date, as acting Justice of the Peace Notary Public for said County, duly commissioned and qualified, and that as such, full faith and credit are due to all his official acts, and that his signature thereto is genuine.
Given under my hand and Seal of Office, at Chester,
this       3rd       day of       January       A. D. 186 7 .
      R. J. Harmer       , Clerk.

(Pensioner Dropped.)

U. S. Pension Agency
      Chicago, Ill.      
                                    Mch 4       , 188 2
      Hon. Wm. W. Dudley      
                              Commissioner of Pensions
Sir :
      I hereby report that the name of       Jane Dickey      , who was a pensioner on the rolls of this Agency, under Certificate No.       91630      , and who was last paid at $       8      , to       4 Sept       , 18 78 , has been dropped because of       Limitation      
Very respectfully,
      Ada C. Sweet      
Pension Agent
Every name dropped to be thus reported at once.

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