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Perry County, Illinois

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Soldiers' and Sailors' Home Residents (1887-1916)
from : Perry County, Illinois

Photo of Soldiers' and Sailors' Home   This database indexes the names of male residents of the Illinois Soldiers' and Sailors' Home admitted from its opening in 1887 through September 1916. Female residents are also included from their first admissions in 1908 through September 1916. The database contains more than 14,000 entries. The 1st -16th Biennial Reports of the Illinois Soldiers' and Sailors' Home are the sources of the names included in the database. In 1885 the General Assembly created the Illinois Soldiers' and Sailors' Home at Quincy to provide subsistence and a home for honorably discharged and disabled veterans of the Mexican and Civil Wars. In succeeding years Illinois veterans of all wars and veterans' wives, mothers, and daughters became eligible for admission. In 1973 the General Assembly changed the home's name to the Illinois Veterans' Home. Since 1976 the Department of Veterans' Affairs has administered the home.
The database was created and donated to the Illinois State Archives by Fred Delap of Kansas, Illinois.
This Roster provided by : Mike Jones
Additional data :
Admissions to the Soldiers and Sailors Veterans Home in Adams County, Illinois
from March 1888 to June 1892
      Source; Transcribed by Genealogy Trails Hosts :
            4th Biennial Report of the Board of Trustees and Officers
            of the Illinois Soldiers and Sailors' Home at Quincy, June 30, 1892;
            Springfield; H. W. Rokker, State Printer; 1892

Perry County, Illinois is listed for all of the following
BAYER, John February 9, 1892 2171
Gun shot wounds
both arms
G, 4th Missouri Infantry
D, 9th Illinois Infantry
BRYANT, Ralph May 7, 1889 1196
Nearly blind
B, 99th
Illinois Infantry
COX, Jefferson November 17, 1891 2084
Injury to
B, 4th
Indiana Cavalry
CUMBERLAND, Chas. June 17, 1892 2253
Disease of lungs
I, 6th
Illinois Cavalry
EMMLER, Gottried November 30, 1891 2094
& asthma
Indiana Infantry
GUNN, Nehemier October 6, 1890 1716 64 ILL INF
HAWKINS, Asa June 2, 1892 2244
Injury to foot
I, 60th
Illinois Infantry
HOVEY, Hezekiah November 11, 1890 1770
Chronic diarrhea
A, 136th
Illinois Infantry
JONES, Willis February 14, 1889 1148
G, 32nd
Illinois Infantry
KELLER, Francis May 28, 1887 318
Paralysis, left arm
and hernia
I, 31st
Missouri Infantry
January 27, 1890 1467
A, 31st
Illinois Infantry
NEHEMIER, Gunn October 6, 1890 1716
Disease of
lungs & heart
C, 64th
Illinois Infantry


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