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1869 - 1873 Excerpt from the Diary
(USA entries)    of
John Atkinson Pendlington
Courtesy of Sandra Pendlington
March 8This morning my father (George Pendlington) left South Shields in the County of Durham England for the United States of America.
March 10He sailed from Liverpool aboard the "City of Paris" s/s of the Inman Line.
March 21and at 4 o'clock p.m. arrived at New York
April 10he arrived at St Johns in the State of Illinois having stopped a few days at Pittston in the State of Pennsylvania being very unwell and lodged with some friends from England; at St Johns he lodged with his sister, husband & family who had been there some years,
April 12and began work digging coal in St John Colliery.
May 16Brother Benjamin born at South Shields.
Sept 7My mother (Mary Pendlington) brothers (Joseph & Benjamin and self left South Shields for St John's (mentioned above) my father having been there now five months and received good remuneration deemed it desirable to have his family with him, as he intended staying a few years in America, it being his intention when he left England only to visit the United States for a short time.
Sept 9My mother & Children left Liverpool aboard the 'City of Boston' steam ship of the Inman Line
Sept 23and arrived at New York and
Sept 26reached St Johns at midnight, which is a colliery village with a population of about 600 persons situated on the Illinois Central Railway 80 miles S.W. of Chicago.
Sept 27The sun shone brilliantly, making the air enjoyably warm. I was taken by some friends never before seen to an apple and peach orchard nearly all the apples were just ripe of rich quality but the peaches had ripened and were taken some time before this.
Aug 27Sister Mary Annie born at St Johns U.S.A.
OctoberWe removed from St Johns to a very small village called 'The Eagle' about one mile distant.
NovemberFather contracted with W. Gordon & Prs to sink their pit to the coal at Pinckneyville which had been left by a previous contractor some feet above the desired coal seam.
Note :'The Eagle' possibly refers to the Old Eagle Mine which was located :
Perry County; Township 6 South, Range 1 West, Section 5
which is just to the east of St. John's.
JanyHe removed from 'the Eagle' to Pinckneyville about 9 miles west.
AugustGordon's Colliery being now opened for drawing a fair compliment of coals and trade very dull we shifted about 10 miles east of Pinckneyville to Du Quoin.
DecrFather accepted the post of manager at Kampansville pit on the Tamaroa & Chester Railroad about 20 miles west of Du Quoin and we removed there. At Kampansville I assisted the screeners to clean the coals as they were run into trucks for which I received 75 cents per day of 11 hours being only 11 years old.
AugustMy father resigned his position as manager at Kampansville to return to England, we had 1100 miles of Railway travelling, the scenery during this transit was of every description, the Niagara Falls were a wonderful sight the roar and flow of water was awfully grand, our train moving slowly over the suspension bridge. We stayed all night at New Jersey and
August 11sailed from there aboard the Baltic s/s of the White Start Line.
August 20Arrived at Liverpool all in good health.
August 21Reached So. Shields at midnight and stayed a few weeks with Grandfather & Grandmother Pendlington.
SeptFather began stone work at Boldon Colliery
Octand removed there.
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About author of the above diary    John Atkinson Pendlington
      He was born in 1861 in South Shields County Durham, and died 1914 in Newcastle upon Tyne Northumberland.
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Benjamin Pendlington
excerpt from
Shields Gazette and Daily Telegraph,
South Shields, England; Thursday, December 26, 1867; Page 2, Deaths
December 4, 1867 -- Killed by a fall of stone on the 4th inst., at St. John's, Illinois, U. S., America, Benjamin, son of Mr. Joseph Pendlington; deeply regretted.


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