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Probate Records

Elijah Vancil

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Elijah Vancil

Estate Records
Elijah Vancil of DuQuoin, Perry County, Illinois.

Perry County, Illinois - Courthouse
Circuit Clerk's Office
Probate Case # 226

Died : December 4, 1907

Spouse : Sarah (nee Holmes) Butler Vancil    See : Obituary


        Petition of Sarah Vancil
In the matter of the Estate of Elijah Vancil
Deceased, for Letters of Administration.
      To the Honorable M. C. Cook
Judge of the County Court of Perry County, in the State of Illinois.
      The Petition of the undersigned Sarah Vancil
respectfully represents that Elijah Vancil late of the
County of Perry aforesaid departed this life at Du Quoin
in the said County, on or about the 4th day of Dec. A.D. 1907
leaving no last will and testament so far as your petitioner know or believe.
      And this petition further shows, that the said Elijah Vancil
died seized and possessed of Real and Personal Estate consisting chiefly of
One horse and one Cow
and 14 acres of land

                                 about $100 and the real estate is worth
and all of said personal estate being worth about ^ Seven Hundred
and fifty
That said deceased left surviving him Sarah
his widow and William P. Vancil,
Florentine Vancil
(Marked out as she is deceased already) Annie Vancil McCollum
                                                                     in margin Son Henry McCollum
Mary Houston, Alice Adkins, Two children of Floretine Smith

his children, as heirs. That your petitioner ( being widow
of said deceased,) and believing that the said estate should be immediately
administered as well for the proper management of said estate
as for the prompt collection of the assets, by virtue of his right under the Statute
therefore prays that your Honor will grant letters of Administration to her in the
premise, upon her taking the oath prescribed by the Statute and entering into Bond
in such sum, and with securities, as may be approved by your Honor.
Witness: I. R. Stilman (?)                              Sarah her X mark Vancil
          County of Perry }ss. ... Sarah Vancil
being duly sworn, deposes and says that the facts averred in above petition are true, according
to the best of her knowledge, information and belief.
      I. R. Stilman
(?)                              Sarah her X mark Vancil
            Sworn to and Subscribed before me,
Isaac R. Stilman, ^ Notary Public, Clerk of the
County Court
Perry County,
this 4th day of Sept. A.D. 1908
                                  Isaac R. Stilman
                                                   N. P.

       That the deceased left him surviving him, Sarah Vancil
as his widow, having a dower and homestead interest in his real estate and the following named
children, William Vancil, his son, Mary Houston
and Alice Adkins, his daughters, Henry McColum
only son of Annie McCollum, a deceased daughter
Alber Smith and Elmer Smith, sons of
Florentine Smith, a deceased daughter,
the said Henry McCollum has a minor named John Williams

having a guardian resident in said Perry County, the said that
one H. E. Kimmel Choosing to have bought the
interest of Albert Smith in said premises
The said Elmer Smith and henry McCollum being minors

     Wherefore, in consideration of the premises, your petitioner pray that this court may appoint some discreet
person as guardian ad litem for said minor heir to appear for them and defend their interests herein.
     And your petitioner pray that the writ of summons in sale of Real Estate directed to the Sheriff of
Perry County, Illinois, for William Vancil, Alice
Adkins, Henry McCollum, Albert Smith, Elmer
Smith, H. E. Kimmel and John Williams
________________________________________________________________________ STATE OF ILLINOIS )
          County of Perry }ss. ... Sarah Vancil Admix
of the Est. of Elijah Vancil dec'd
as aforesaid, being duly sworn deposes
and says that the statements contained in the foregoing petition are true according to the best
of her knowledge and belief.
Subscribed and sworn before me this
18th day of Feb.1809
Isaac R. Stilman
         County Clerk
         Notary Public
Sarah her X mark Vancil
Witness to signature of
Sarah Vancil above,
Houston Lanum

  Vouchers on file in this Court will more particularly appear, and that there is a deficiency of personal
property to pay the debts of the said deceased.
      And your petitioner further represent that the said Elijah Vancil
died seized in fee of certain real estate in said County
described as follows to wit:
                  The East one half ( of the
Southeast () of the Southeast
Quarter (Qr) in Section Thirty (30)
Township, Six (6), South Range, And
West of the 3rd Principal Meridian.



          Perry County

} ss
In County Court
       In Probate, March Term, 1909.
To the Hon. M.C. Cook Judge of the County Court of Perry County:
          The undersigned, Sarah Vancil Administrix
of the Estate of Elijah Vancil deceased, herewith
submits his account as said administrator, showing the condition of the Estate of said decedent, to wit:
Amount due Widow on award. . . . . . . . . . $745.00 
"           Claims allowed38.00 
"           Claims yet to be allowed50.00 
"           Costs due and to accrue30.00 
                   Total Liabilities $ 863.00
Amount Cash on hand at death. . . . . . . . . . $  
"           Notes and Accounts inventoried.  
"           Personal property taken on word$118.75 
                   Total Assets $ 118.75
                       Deficit $ 745.25

          Perry County

} ss
Sarah Vancil Administrator
of the Estate of Elijah Vancil deceased, being first duly
sworn on his oath that the foregoing is a just and true account of the Personal Estate of said decedent
Houston Lanum
                 Sarah her X mark Vancil Administrator
Subscribed and sworn before me this 18th day of Feb.1809
                 Isaac R. Stilman
                 Notary Public

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