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Shook's Country Store
From the Collection of Roberta B. (nee Shook) Boyett
Furnished by : Robert C. Boyett
Shook's Country Store heading
painting of Shook's Country Store
A painting of Shook's Country Store prior to Rt 14 being a paved Highway.

Lemuel Green Shook
1842 - 1915
early photo of Lemuel Green Shook Lemuel Green Shook
      Lemuel Green Shook's father Sidney shook purchased one hundred acres of land in Section 27, Perry County and he farmed and operated a grocery store. In 1875 Lemuel and his wife, Sarah Jane (nee Van Horn) Shook came to Perry County from St. Clair County, Illinois to assist his father with the farm. In the late 1870's Lemuel took over operation of the store and it was then known as : 'L. G. Shook and Sons'. L. G. Shook continued to operate the store until his death in 1915.
Lemuel Green Shook's Funeral Notice
Funeral Notice

      L. G. Shook, born in St. Clair county, Illinois, in
1844; died at his residence in Old Du Quoin, April 23,

Funeral Services

will be conducted from his late residence, on Sunday
April 25th, at 2:00 o'clock P. M. Interment in Old Du
Quoin Cemetery.
      Friends respectfully invited.
Du Quoin, Ill., April 23, 1915.
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Robert Sidney Shook, Sr.
1877 - 1953
Robert Sidney Shook, Sr.  
      Upon his graduation from 8th grade, Robert S. Shook, Sr., joined his father in the operation of L. G. Shook's & Sons. He took over operation upon his Father's death in 1915 and operated the store until his death in 1953. In later years it was known as 'Shook's Country Store'.
1949 Campaign Card for County Commissioner
 Roberts S. Shook campaign card 1949
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Robert Sidney Shook, Jr.
1926 - 1990

Robert Sideny Shook, Jr.
      Upon graduation from high school, bobby assisted his father in running Shook's Country Store. After a stint in the United States Army in Europe during World War II, he returned home and assumed his duties at the store until his father's death in 1953 and after that he and his mother ran the store until 1955, when he went to work for Standard Oil.
Grace Belle Shook
1889 - 1974

Grace Belle Shook
      Grace Belle Bryant Johnson Shook, second wife of Robert S. Shook, Sr. and her son, Robert S. Shook, Jr., operated the store from 1953 - 1955; and Belle ran the store until its final closing in 1955.

Shook's Country Store
Interior, 1920's
Shook's Country Store interior, 1920s
Shook's Country Store
Interior, 1923
Shook's Country Store interior, 1923
Shook's Country Store
Interior, 1939
Shook's Country Store interior, 1939
Shook's Country Store
Interior, date unknown
Shook's Country Store interior
Shook's Delivery Wagon
This is the first delivery vehicle used by Shook's Country Store in Du Quoin. IL.
That is Harry Peuterbaugh the delivery man looking out the back door.
Shook's Country Store Delivery Wagon
Shook's First Delivery Truck
This is the first motorized delivery vehicle used by Shook's Country Store in Du Quoin. IL.
Shook's Country Store First Delivery Truck
Shook's Last Delivery Truck
This is the last delivery vehicle used by Shook''s Country Store in Du Quoin. IL.
Shook's Country Store Last Delivery Truck
Robert "Bobby" Shook Jr., driving
with Robert Boyett

Juciy Fruit wrapper
No Substitute for Aluminum in Airplanes
      There is no substitute for aluminum in airplanes. that is why, as
you know, we gave up our stocks of aluminum ingots some time ago.
      There are many good substitutes for wrapping Doublemint Gum.
      These packages use no aluminum foil. We have substituted tin foil
on the single sticks and a composition foil on outside wrapper.
      But remeber - frills in packaging are not important. Your cus-
tomers enjoy the gum, not the wrapper.
      Please explain to your customers: While Doublemint Gum will
keep its same high standards, we will have to change the packaging from
time to time - to save materials needed for Defense of our Country.
                                                Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company
Spearmint wrapper

Shook's Country Store
Zeigler, 1912
Shook's Country Store Zeigler 1912
Shook's Country Store
possibly at Dowell, date unknown
Shook's Country Store Dowell

More Shook's Country Store Photos
Shook's Country Store winter 1940 Shook's Country Store front and gas pump
Chet Keyes' son, at Shook's Country Store gas pump Chet Keyes' son, at Shook's Country Store with dog
The gentleman in the pictures is the son of Chet Keyes,
who either lived with or near the Shooks.


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