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Dippel - Burk Marriage
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Walter William Dippel and Jennie June Burk.

clipping from unknown newspaper


Pinckneyville, Illinois
October 6, 1912

      Mr. Walter Dipple and Miss Jennie Burk were married at the Baptist parsonage Sunday afternoon at three o'clock, the pastor, Rev. J. H. McCord, officiating. They departed on the evening train for Moberly, Mo., for a visit with the bride's sister. After they will probably take up their residence in this city where they will live happily ever after.

      The groom is the second son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dipple and is a very industrious and energetic young man and has the respect of all. He comes of one of the best families. He has been employed with Harry Culley, the granitoid contractor, for several years.

      Mrs. Dipple is a daughter of Samuel Burk of Carterville, and a granddaughter of the late Uncle John Burk, and like her husband commands the respect and admiration of all who have the pleasure of her acquaintance. For some time past she has made her home with her sister, Miss Claude Miller of this city. May peace, good luck and prosperity attend them as they travel down the pathway of married life together.




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