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Medeker - Ross

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An Autumn Wedding

A beautiful home wedding occurred at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Greo, Ross, on East North Street Thursday afternoon, November twenty-two, 2:30, when their daughter Miss Edna, was united in marriage with Mr. O. E. Medeker, of Madhattan, Montana.

The ceremony was preformed by Rev. M. Teague, who had officiated at the marriage of the bride's parents, twenty-five years before. The happy date also marked the 67th anniversary of the wedding of Miss Philena Ross and the late Mr. Geo. M. Binckley, the former being the eldest aunt of the winsome bride of Tuesday.

The rooms of the residence were decorated with a wealth of frost-tinted leaves which come at this season, when Autumn in his leafless bowers is waiting for the winter's snow. And feathery large Chrysanthemums, which bloom at this beauteous time while the morn is cloudy with the whimsy wreaths of cloud and feathery vapor which marked the Red Man's summer. These gorgeous blooms crown with splendor the royal beauty of the dying year.

The candelabra and darkened rooms added a touch of beauty to the scene. Southern smilax trailed in graceful festoons, and lent an added charm.

The decorations were the loving handwork of the bride's most intimate girlhood friends, Misses Fernie Fallon and Jennie Offill. Miss Rose Mann , the fourth of this galaxy of special friends, is sojourning in Los Angeles this winter. Her place was filled by Miss Anna Kennedy Martin, the beautiful young daughter of Hon. and Mrs. James H. Martin of Murphysboro, and a favorite cousin of the bride.

These young ladies, with Mr. Carlie Rogers, were the only guests other than the immediate relatives witnessed the nuptials.

The beautiful ring ceremony was used and the significant little circlet of gold rendered more impressive the sacred words spoken in plighting the troth of this manly lover and his lass.

After congratulations, a wedding supper was served.

The bride's cake, a beautiful creation, was made and presented by Mrs. R. E. Brown, a close friend and admirer of Miss Edna.

The tall fair bride was attired in a lovely and becoming white costume, the soft, exquisite material bring out the loveliness of the fail winsome face and stately form, she carried bride roses.

"The bride come forth! Her tears no more are falling to leave the chamber of her infant years. Kind voices from distant home are calling. She comes like day-spring---she hath done with tears. Now must her bright eye shine on other flowers; her soft smile gladden other hearts than ours."

The traveling costume was a stylish suit of blue cloth, made in the prevailing mode, with picturesque hat and gloves to match.

The young people were driven to the depot, taking the 5 o'clock train via St. Louis for their distant home in the northwest.

A merry gathering of young friends were at the station to bid the popular young couple au revoir, amid showers of rice, laughter and congratulations; and the trunks in the baggage room were suitably inscribed for the wedding journey.

A number of the young people went to Pinckneyville, accompanying the bridal couple on the first tem miles of their journey.




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